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Recent changes on Jigidi

In this News section of Jigidi Post, we will draw the curtain on significant changes we make along the way. This blog post concerns a change we made regarding how one can follow puzzles on Jigidi and the change from manual to automatic pausing. (And, if you enjoy large puzzles, there’s a little treat awaiting you at the end of the blog post).

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Recent changes on Jigidi (News)

So, as announced, this blog post will address a couple of changes we have made on Jigidi, but first, let’s get it out the way:

Change, thy name is !#@!ARGH&?!

Changes require focus and energy for us to adapt to them. And, adding insult to injury, they can give us an unpleasant feeling of being distanced from something with which we are usually quite familiar.

Going forward: More information on changes

Magnus recently wrote the following to a puzzler who gently reminded us that it isn’t always a picnic being at the receiving end of the changes we make on Jigidi:

There is really no way around them (changes). We, as a website, have to adapt to the changes around us - which come in all shapes and sizes. Of course, we can debate if the changes should be made one way or the other, but we have to try things out to really experience how well they fit. We get feedback, we make adjustments and then release updates. Rinse and repeat.

We have, in fact, received an increased amount of kind reminders on this subject lately. Typically, the message you convey to us is that without insight into our thought process, one can come to wonder whether the change is a glitch or on purpose.

We hear you, and in the future, we will try to be more transparent about the changes, and also give a fair warning when possible before a significant change is released on Jigidi. This way, we get to share with you the intention behind the add-on or change.

From there, let’s move on to the 2 changes we’re here to shed some light on:

  1. How to follow the conversation on a puzzle
  2. How to pause a puzzle while solving

First, we’ll address the change we made on how to follow the conversation on a puzzle.

Follow puzzles

When you “follow” a puzzle, it means that you receive notifications about new comments on the puzzle.

Previously everyone could follow any puzzle; but as of a couple of weeks ago, we made it so that to have the option of following a puzzle available to you, you have to leave one or more comments on the puzzle.

Several have reached out to us, asking why we made this change? The main reason is transparency.

Make it known you are in the room

When it comes to the social aspect of Jigidi, we often use the analogy of a puzzle being a room. And present in the room are the people with an interest in interacting on account of the puzzle and each other. Following a puzzle without making one’s presence in the room known somewhat throws off the analogy. Now, this part we could probably get over, but more importantly, it throws off the feeling of transparency for those present in the room.

Beyond the argument for transparency, we thought of the added benefits of participation - whatever the scale.

Follow through on your interest - and reap the benefits of participation

An essential aspect of Jigidi is the scalability of the different challenges we can indulge in while enjoying ourselves on Jigidi, and the social side of Jigidi is an important one of these.

The mere option to silently follow a conversation on a puzzle one finds interesting, can stand in the way of leaping to participate. Thus, we all miss out. The ones present in the room are missing out on a ‘hi’ from all with interest in the puzzle and conversation. And we miss out on our fellow puzzlers responding to our presence and perspectives.

Lastly, we considered the puzzle creators.

Make your appreciation known to the puzzle creator

As a puzzle creator, it is generally gratifying to receive reactions to the puzzles you share. You get confirmation beyond the solves that someone out there appreciated what you took the time to create for them today.

New shoes

Having said all that, and in the spirit of Magnus’ reply on the subject of changes on Jigidi, we’ll say this: Down the road, we may reconsider this change - but these are new shoes, and new shoes have to be worn in.

So, while we promise to continue to consider your feedback, we hope that you’ll consider the purpose(s) behind the change when enjoying your Jigidi-time with favourite puzzles and puzzlers ♥.

(The return of) the manual pause button

As the subtitle suggests, this is a change we are actually looking to roll back on. But, let’s start at the beginning here.

Avoid cheating

In the Flash Player version of the puzzle player you pause the time clock manually, but in the new HTML5 version of the puzzle player, pausing is done automatically (after 20 seconds of inactivity).

We made this change because we saw an increased amount of cheating* with the manual pause button which made it possible to achieve #1 positions on the leaderboard with unlikely scores - this, in turn, was a real nuisance for the rest of us.

So, the purpose of this automatic solution is to make the competitive part of Jigidi equal for all. The obvious downside is that you do lose manual control and the time you get can come to feel less like the time you ought to get.

Balanced solution under way

We have received much feedback from you all on this, and it is apparent that the nuisance it’s causing many of you not to hold power over when to pause the time clock is too substantial. Therefore, we are now looking for a way to bring back the manual pausing while also taking into account the problem we were looking to fix.

In other words, we are looking at a balanced solution. This is our problem to crack (and we will ☺).

Now, onwards toward the treat for those of you who enjoy large puzzles!

Big just got bigger

As we’re moving away from Adobe Flash, we updated the puzzle creator a few months back. At the same time, we adjusted the creator to match the fact that computers today are capable of handling much larger images than they were 8 years ago, (the last time the creator was adjusted).

What we did was increase the maximum supported image resolution to 2000x1500 pixels (from 1600x1200 pixels) while keeping the maximum number of jigsaw pieces, which resulted in more detailed puzzle pieces.

It turned out that the visual benefit was no real match for the grievance of having puzzles created with fewer jigsaw pieces.

We listened, so as we post this blog entry, we also push the button on the following:

  1. An image of a given resolution will result in the same number of jigsaw pieces, as it would before the update.
  2. It is now possible to create jigsaw puzzles up to 600 pieces on Jigidi.

Now, this was a relatively long blog post (even for me), but we hope you stuck with it as we had some catching up to do. We will try to keep these news section posts shorter in the future and have them deal with just 1 change at the time ☺

Happy puzzling, all!

Much love,



Thank you all for your responses and continued feedback on this. ☺

Since posting this blog entry, several have asked how one can go about cheating with the manual pause button?

Here is the how-to (we do not mind disclosing this method as most of us would very quickly tire of this tedious process):

  1. Take a screenshot and pause the puzzle.
  2. Study the screenshot and find the next couple of pieces to move.
  3. Unpause, do the planned work and repeat from step 1.

It stands to reason that the result of this method is a relatively fast solving time, many pauses and a very long actual solving time.

Admittedly, it is hard to determine if this method has been involved in a very fast score. Some solvers are incredibly fast.

Now, we had already tried calculating what would be a reasonable number of pauses to identify this type of puzzle-solving. This turned out to be very tricky, as there are many reasons for pausing.

An idea of ruling out pausing all together came to mind, as it would make the competition equal for all participating (and remove a bit of technical complexity along the way). Although a drastic move, we found that rules in offline jigsaw puzzle championships support this approach as no breaks are allowed in such competitions.

Obviously, Jigidi is not the equivalent of an offline competition with physical jigsaw puzzles (we're all here somewhere on the spectrum between competitive and more casual solvers), so we need a pausing methodology that also takes into account the casual solver.

Looking to achieve this, we implemented automatic pausing in the new puzzle player while at the same time making the preview image visible while solving.

As mentioned in this blog post, we have since received much feedback telling us, that some version of the manual pause button is needed. Therefore, we are now looking into ways of configuring a 'balanced' solution that will enable manual pausing - but in a more limited fashion than in the Flash puzzle player.

Lastly, some of you write that there are other ways to cheat than with the pause button, and you are right. We are aware of several cheating applications which present us with different kinds of challenges. And we rather suspect that we’d better not get into how we deal with these in this open forum. ☺


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I am so happy to see the new "page forward page backward" feature. I like to go back and redo some puzzles, and it would take many,many keystrokes to get where I wanted. This new feature makes it so much easier. Thank you.

when I got back to my puzzles, I went to the leaderboard, I got 100% instead of my time. How can I change this? I like to see where I rank with my other puzzlers.


Last weekend I had the same problem as nomomuny. I was doing a puzzle of wolves laying together and had to quit. When I came back to resume the puzzle it was not in the "puzzles not completed", was not in the "completed" and it wasn't in the "bookmark" where I had got it from. So then I have been searching for that same puzzle to do again, but cannot find it even though I use the "search" for "wolves". I was thinking someone removed that puzzle for some reason?

After reading through the posts below i can see what i thought was my computer playing up is in fact some type of change to jigidi puzzling. Such a shame that the changes included removing the puzzles unfinished. like the person who said it below, it was fun while it lasted. Off to find a site where i can come and go to the puzzle and also sort by number of pieces easier. I liked to find challenging ones (not sort by type) and also the greater number of piece the better. Disappointed i have to find somewhere else to puzzle.

Is it one of your changes that have made the Jigidi opening page fit completely on the screen and therefore too small to see the puzzles properly, or have I somehow altered a setting without realising?


I got the "PUZZLE"ING gene from my Grandmother on my Daddy's side of the family. She ALWAYS told me to ENJOY working a jigsaw puzzle. Not to work one so fast you miss that enjoyment. Now that that's been said occasionally I do indeed work a smaller puzzle to try to achieve a spot on the leaderboard. Otherwise I just try to better my own time!!!

I agree with sjg too! I never thought that there was some sort of a race to complete a puzzle. At the speed I work a puzzle, I'd never win!

I agree with sjg, every single word of the message.

The whole cheating thing seems ridiculous to me -- my pleasure comes from enjoying doing the puzzles and making them last as long as I can. I'm always sort of sad when it is done! So I fail to get why anyone would want to rush through the beautiful puzzles that we have access to...


I am so confused about the "cheating" thing. I guess I must have been because I would pause the puzzle while I ran to the kitchen and turned a timer off or put something in the oven. When I returned no time had elapsed and the puzzle was in the same configuration as when I left it. Was that cheating?
Also, anybody know why we can't continue with the same puzzle after we turn our computers off? I am told that I either have to restart the puzzle or go to another one. You can't imagine how disheartening this is when I am working on a particularly intricate puzzle and have completed half of it.


To nomomuny I was running into this all the time. I am a paid subscriber, don’t know if that makes a difference. The solution, when I remember to do it (!) 🤪appears to be to pause, then hit the back key. A full screen ad pops up, I dismiss it, and the blue progress circle registers my “new” progress. I am up & down constantly sometimes. Also, I really love super large, super difficult puzzles.

I state honestly I do not cheat unless the above is cheating. I have noticed I seem to make the leader board frequently. Truly, if I could turn that off I would because I don’t care what my time is. I think I inherited the super puzzler gene from my mom - it was the one time she slowed down.

I wish you better luck saving! Best wishes, tiger bug mom

I would like to know if Jigidi has ended the ability for non-paying customers who are members, to have a puzzle saved and go back to resume solving it? Everyone I have tried in the last few days has been wiped out before being completed. It is not in any of the other folders like "completed" or others either. Makes me so angry to have a puzzle 3/4 done and then go back and it is gone!


Must have been an error, everything seems to be like it was before & working okay now! :-)))


I don't know if there has been a new change or an error today... :-/

While creating puzzles the 'show message on completion' & 'attribution' typing fields do not open anymore (so you can't type in the credit names or message), though you still can turn the buttons on green.

However when posting an (earlier created) puzzle, the attribution button suddenly turns grey by itself as soon as you press the 'publish button'... & also does not show the creditfield anymore but yet on the public page it does show the credits (which has been typed in before the change/error)

Does anyone have/had the same experience?

I miss the ability to pause puzzle for a day, or even a week. Those of us with arthritis, and spinal stenosis can only sit so long. It was fun while it lasted.

I am glad to see that I am not the only one who is having a problem with the small pieces and the pieces scattered to the edge of the screen.


Okaaaaay. So I just finished solving my first puzzle with your new player, now that Flash will no longer work. It was a 600 piece puzzle of words, that the puzzle-maker posts a link to an image of, so you can check the words as you go.
All the fiddling about to pause, minimise and then unpause and maximise is so clunky now.

And the pieces are so much smaller, and edges of the pile are so much more scattered then they used to be.

All in all, it was an incredibly frustrating experience - rather than the relaxing pleasure, that solving puzzles should be. And used to be.

It's made me realise that I may not be able to solve huge puzzles anymore. Which, along with the difficulties in finding the puzzles that I like with the new categories, is starting to reduce the things that I enjoy on Jigidi, rather than increase them.

Whilst I understand that I'm not a computer programmer or anything, I really wish that when you designed the replacement for Flash, that you replicated the functionality of it - including where the buttons were and the same keyboard shortcuts.

Perhaps I will adjust. But I also hope that you will consider the feedback left here from the people who are struggling with the new puzzle player, and can make some improvements. Thanks.


Cakononi56 makes a very important point about when the puzzle first displaying in the HTML5 player as a solid pile of pieces that have to be then dragged off the pile to separate. This is totally unnecessary. Adobe Flash did this automatically. If there is any way possible, PLEASE, adopt this feature!! Pulling pieces off the pile to separate is, for me, THE least enjoyable part of Jigidi's HTML5 player. Correcting this negative, new feature would be a really BIG improvement!

sigh, not happy with new format. will try to get used to it. I loved Jigidi over the other puzzle apps cause they were hard to see, now Jigidi is difficult. Might have to go back to just playing solitaire or talking to my husband and cats.

Thank you so much for your continued efforts. The higher resolution on individual pieces makes it much more enjoyable for me, and it also allows me to more easily work the puzzles with the fine detail, and a higher number of pieces on my single monitor.

There are two things I wonder about being possible.
First , is there a way to quickly scatter the pieces as opposed to dragging them one by one from the pile?

Secondly, would it be possible for this software to offer a select-a-size option? I'd imagine a creator submitting a picture, but not specifying size. The user could then choose a size from what the software determines to be an acceptable range based on photo pixel count. Such a feature would negate the need for the duplicate accounts/puzzles in varying sizes.

Thanks for listening.


The greatest thing about the leaderboard is knowing that you are the greatest puzzle solver in the room. Whenever I come first, which is every time, I love to gloat at my position on the leaderboard and see how much cleverer I am than everyone else.

Jigidi puzzles have always been fun to do with a great variety of subject matter.
It's acceptable to see ads as we select puzzles, it's another thing to be forced to have an ad posted permanently as we complete a puzzle. The ad in the lower right hand corner overlaps into the puzzle & is not pleasant.

I just like to play a puzzle. I am not in competition with anyone else except myself. It is fun to be on the leaderboard but so what. Some solvers must very serious. I had to change my name because, somehow in the transition and changes of Jigide, I lost my user name. Have no idea how. This morning I couldn't find the pause button. It was just gone........Hopefully, all will be sorted out and I can go back to just solving the puzzles with no problems. I truly looked forward to solving Jigide puzzles but unfortunately transition has left me puzzled!!!!! I'll keep trying but "it ain't no fun" MochiPeanut.

Am I the only person who misses the ability to make a puzzle full screen? Also, since I access the site from a laptop with a touchpad, instead of using a mouse, I find the new platform much more difficult, especially that I can't seem to drag a piece across the entire screen without having it drop randomly, the entire screen will zoom or shrink in the middle of solving, the pieces don't join unless they are perfectly aligned. I'm fine with change, and I realize Adobe is going away regardless of how I feel about it, but the new platform isn't an improvement.


I've done a couple of puzzles today using the new platform. I've studied the Pause issue and appreciate the shortcut. I do miss the link to get back to the puzzle's page when it is completed.


Well I'm on several leader boards and think that's fun, when I'm in the mood to race. When I'm not, well I still like to beat my own time on favorite older puzzles. I wouldn't change anything about the Flash player version, except I would love to have folders for saved puzzles, of which I have many many many. Also, I don't like seeing the puzzle as I work, I'd prefer to look now and then just as I would if I had a "hard copy" puzzle on the table. It helps keep my brain guessing and working hard ... and it needs that! Thanks for everything you do.


Gracias JIGIDI... Esta es mi entretención y des estresante favorito, es tanto que compre un monitor de 1 metro de largo para que la actividad sea más placentera...En cuanto a los cambios debo decir que Flash Player tiene mejor resolución de imagen y es de mi preferencia. En cuanto a las trampas con el reloj eso es cuestión de actitud y cultura de cada quien...para el tramposo no hay ley que valga. El mejor cambio es el de aumentar el numero de piezas de los rompecabezas y lo estaba esperando y espero que se pueda aumentar aun más el número de piezas....Nuevamente GRACIAS...!!!


I like the button you added so I don't get notified of new comments. Previously there was an "unfollow" button, but that never seemed to work for me, I'd select it and still I kept getting the puzzles, I didn't want to follow anymore.
Thanks! I know you can't please everyone, and I appreciate all you do to provide such a fun puzzle site.


I dont pause a puzzle if i need to be elsewhere for a while, I turn my iPad off.I started an 80pc puzzle, did the edges and turned it off. It took 10 mins to complete and my timing is 4:35:30. Apparently turning off doesn’t register. I don’t care about timing but wondering about the glitch.


Oh, okay, thanks :)
I hadn't seen that before! I like the old system myself, but I've only seen the ability to pause. I'd far rather turn off the clock because I'm not interested in being a competitive player :)


@Kyrin I had turned it off in the old Adobe Flash mode, and it carried over to the new mode. I think you now have to get the screen where you go to full screen, and at the top is a little clock to turn it on or off.


I will try to keep this short.

I doubt you will increase the 'transparency' (or participation) by making people leave comments. The internet culture follows a 90/9/1 ratio: 90% view or lurk, 9% participate, and 1% participate and contribute. (Even sites that have a more specific targeted audiences might see a bit more participation and content (possibly more of a 80/15/5 or even the looser 80/20 rule.)

I did an unscientific survey based on the link included above (the link: leaping to participate). Using your 40000 hits, 4000 participant, and estimating 400 posters per day you are on track with the statistic. I arrived at the 400 number like this: Content count: about 50 pages per day X 25 puzzles per page = 1250 puzzles posted per day. It appears to be average of 3 puzzles per poster = 416 who participate and provide content. Therefore: 40000 viewers/3600 participants/400 content providers. It's an unscientific analysis, however, the numbers track the statistics.

I seriously doubt you will move the needle much. You might run a risk of losing few people on the site. Bottom line: most people aren't here for a 'warm hug.' They visit to pursue their interest in solving puzzles. If they like the puzzle, or user, they will make it known.

I disagree and not supportive of forcing me to leave a comment to follow a puzzle.


@Wylie how do you turn off the clock?


While I enjoy this app immensely, I think a greater challenge could be made if, as if you're using a real puzzle and having to turn the pieces around, which could be accomplished using the arrow buttons, because the way the pieces are presented sort of gives it away how they should be placed.

The only time I pause is to either change the TV channel, make a cup of tea, answer door if someone knocks, etc. I look for a jigsaw picture I like the look of, I click on it, then I forget exactly what the picture was like so I do the jigsaw blindly, which is what I enjoy doing :-)

I love the change that leaves the picture visible on the screen... we old folks tend to forget what the completed puzzle looks like (LOL)


I had wondered how some people managed to get those low scores. I knew there had to be some trick, and now that I know what it is, the big question is "Why ?". So pointless. I turned off the clock feature a long time ago, so there is no urge to race to complete and can just enjoy putting pieces together. The Pause feature is important because it used to be, I could pause and have the picture of the puzzle come up to see what it is I am working on without having to find and set the puzzle back up.


So why do we have to engage in competitive puzzling at all?!
Just make the option available to those people who do want to compete, but please, for heaven's sake, let the rest of us - the majority - simply enjoy our time-out thanks :)


OMG I always use flash so did not get some of the comments about pause. So tonight I decided to block flash so now I can´t replay a puzzle I have played before and I can´t pause. This would mean my undoing on because I love to do puzzels more than once to beat my time.
Plus I get the message every time that f+ash is blocked and I can use the html based puzzle but it is still in research form.( something like that)


@montuos When you leave a comment there is an unfollow link at the top of the comments.


I wish very much for a way to show my appreciation for a puzzle without having to make words to do so. I STRONGLY dislike getting notifications forever after just because I took the effort to say I enjoyed a puzzle.


I forgot to mention, that auto-timer that you call 'pause' is darned annoying for those of us who like to look at the puzzles for a while before piecing them. We don't want our screens abruptly shutting us out when we're in the midst of contemplating what piece to put where.


Firstly, thank you to Magnus and the team for their efforts in bringing us an enjoyable - free-to-play - jigsaw puzzling site. I first began playing as an anonymous visitor, then signed up to further satiate my 'habit' making puzzles of pictures I liked in a format size that suited me. When I saw how easy it was to share them with the public, and particularly when I started receiving positive comments, I dived full-time into making puzzles on a daily basis.
Well, after emailing H.Q. with feedback and generally getting 'knocked-back' on some relevant changes I suggested, I really hope - after reading the above - that the changes ARE for the better.
Some pointers...

1) I have consistently heard how many, many people don't like the clock/timer/Leaderboard. It actually even deters people from playing a puzzle! We don't need a timer at all. However, as a few folks here suggest, let's have the option to play in competitive style, or simply be able to show our name to the creator so they can see we have played it. Simple as. I only (nowadays) try to complete a puzzle on-line to prove to my friend/creator that I have indeed played their puzzle. I hate the clock! It can - and does - make many folks feel inferior!
I happen to be a fast player, and definitely NOT a cheater, and it does sh#t me when I want to make the leaderboard just to prove my presence was there, as a comment alone doesn't prove you've played it (this is a little courtesy I like to give to my creator-friends). In other words, how do I show my loyalty if I don't appear on the board?

2) KEEP the PAUSE function, please! It's clear from these comments that everyone needs to pause play on their puzzle, often with good reason, not for cheating.
...if people want to cheat, then bugger off, we don't want you here.

3) The FOllOW this conversation is dumb, no offence. Some people prefer to remain anonymous, (also for good reason), so let them. If commentors don't realise their words are visible to the broader public, then they're daft, or they don't care. Perhaps a simple notice at the head of the Comments section could say that this is a public platform. The 'blurb' about missing out is simply rubbish.
I agree that leaving a comment, however simple, is wonderful, and it can be especially rewarding for the puzzle creators who have taken the photo or who made the picture that has just been played. Still, you can't make a person respond. It is also a bit rude of creators who do not respond to people's comments, so maybe something needs attention there, too.

4)A couple of people here have suggested being able to choose their own puzzle piece size - great! Why not? That way the creator only needs to provide the image, rather than going through the efforts of selecting sizes. I always make 4 to 5 different sizes of my pictures because I know that there are those who want very small puzzles, other want a medium format, while others, like myself, enjoy the extra large puzzles (because the play-time lasts longer than the 5-second 12 pc ones!).
On that note, I choose the big puzzles for that reason, however the iddy-biddy piece size really strains the eyes. So THAT's a thing to consider in making changes. Instead of the puzzle piece shrinking in size per the larger the piece count, keep all pieces about the same size, whilst allowing the zoom function to provide the greater working space, huh??

5) I definitely agree with @ngoude1 re the bookmarked puzzles. It goes to say that, even more so with our puzzle creator pages, listing our puzzles via category, or puzzle size, makes for an efficient system! So please and thank you for this feature :)
On that category thing... would you please include "Fantasy" and "Sci-Fi"? Both these genres have huge followers!

6) I hate the sound of the pieces when they match in the newer format! It sounds awful! Would you please change it (the Flash audio is much better; can it be brought into the newer system?).

Lastly, although there's room for other improvements, (e.g. background screen colour), may I thank everyone for taking the time to read this feedback, especially Jigidi staff. It has taken me quite the while to compose (that I could have put to use with my next digital art picture destined for our puzzling fun), so I sincerely hope my thoughts will both be heard and put into use as we "wear in those new shoes".
I also wish to acknowledge the hard work of the Jigidi team and the positive social platform they encourage. May you know that, in all my social platforms where I display my digital art, I am promoting you - just a little means of giving back :)
Sincerely, Kyrin

I hope you will use the 'big brother' opportunity you are creating, by tracking all followers of a puzzle or puzzle maker, to finally nab the guy and his followers, who is posting puzzles with numbered Asian teens, because they are most likely for sale. Likewise, if I have exposed an international sting operation feel free to redact this post. However, if it isn't a sting operation, then please, rethink your plan to force people to participate or be excluded because your reasonings for doing it are somewhat ridiculous and fraught with potential negative consequences. PS. I really liked the idea posted below of being able to create a puzzle of any size from any image provided. Future maybe?


I absolutely love Jigigdi and have recommended it to many friends (especially during isolation with too much time on our hands). But why cheat?? I can't imagine what pleasure that would bring to anyone, but then I guess some people just have to cheat cause they can. Thanks, Jigidi, for many many hours of fun. It's also a wonderful way to take one's mind off all that's going on.


Ještě chci dodat JIGIDI je můj koníček od doby kdy jsem zjistil že tady je, až později jsem si přeložil angličtinu do češtiny a zjistil že si můžu udělat i své skládání a tak jsem začal i já pro další jigidi postižené lidi jako já skládanky .. Čas za jak dlouho složím skládanku potěší ale víc mě těší že si můžu v klidu třeba u kafíčka odpočinout, tím že si něco složím a to mě moc baví,, přeji všem v této době, hlavně zdraví a hodně elánu. Tvůrcům za JIGIDI děkuji


I want to begin by expressing how much I LOVE this app!!! It’s the most amazing puzzle app I’ve found. As for pausing to cheat, that would’ve never even crossed my mind. I only pause my progress when I have to stop for whatever reason.

The only other thing I’d like to discuss is the possibility of creating categories within bookmarks, so I can organize the many puzzles I’ve bookmarked. There could be a holiday category, art, animals, etc. That would be extremely convenient and helpful.

Thanks so much for an awesome app! Stay safe during this trying time :o) Nikki


Thank you so much for expanding the size of your format.J
Just enjoyed my first 600 piece puzzle
Thank you again

I tend to be a very competitive person but I guess I'm like a few others here that just do the medium sized puzzles that look interesting for relaxation and fun. Who cares how long it takes for the most part. Really do like this site and only used the pause button for bathroom, snack, etc breaks since I'm retired now. It's mostly about my connection to different "friends" here and just having a good time.


Krásný den..Už několikrát jsme si s manželkou říkali, že není možný, že skládačku někdo vyřeší za půl hodiny,pokud je tato skládanka velká, když většina lidí ji složí za delší dobu. A co se dozvídám? Nemýlili jsme se. Víte nebaví mě podvádět, pokud dám pauzu, tak jen pro to, že si musím odskočit, nebo proto že do toho mého skládání přijde návštěva. Nevadí my to a líbí se my, že si můžu skládanku uložit na pozdější dobu. Moc Vám za to děkuji Milan Telč Česká Republika


I think most of the fast solvers are fast because we do several different bits simultaneously and don't just work from the edges in. So we don't just move lots of bits around to find a few bits. We sort them into recognisable parts and do them while we go. For a landscape with a building, I personally would do the edges, the roof, the walls, that red bit over there etc all at the same time.
And If I'm not fastest that's also fine, I never redo puzzles to improve my time and congrats to whoever is ahead of me.
(This technique obviously doesn't work on very small puzzles.)

Goodness. People cheat? What is the point of that? I use the pause button if I get a phone call while I am doing a jigsaw or if OH comes into chat to me. To be honest, I don't look to see where I am on the leaderboard. Being fastest has no interest for me. I simply enjoy doing the puzzles. Thank you for the enjoyment!

Hi to all the followers of jigidi and to Jigidi. Thanks for the choices and fun of doing your puzzles. It would be greatly appreciated if a choice in the number of pieces in a puzzle could be offered. There are so many small-piece puzzles that I would enjoy doing, but it's not a challenge or fun for me with a puzzle under 60 pieces, and I find it to frustrating to try the ones over 200 pieces on my small computer screen. Thanks again for all the enjoyable hours you've given me. Sincerely Barb

I paused because my boss showed up! LOL


I wasn't even aware of "cheating" going on. Quiet frankly, it sounds like stress and work to cheat. I go on here to relax and unwind. What is the point of cheating anyway? It's not like the fastest time gets a prize or something. Thank you for this site. It is my, non-prescription, free, insomnia relief medication.

@bbvrlc the only time this has happened to me (using the Flash version) is when I lost internet connection while solving. Frustrating - but such is technology. If you're using the HTML5 version and/or not having connection interruptions... perhaps someone else has a better thought. I hope this explains something to someone, anyway :) Good luck --

Is the algorithm you use to display puzzle pieces when you start a puzzle hard coded or is it randomly generated. If it's hard coded I wonder if this one of ways the "cheaters" use to get to the top of the leaderboard. But I appreciate that designing a random algorithm would be hard work. (I only speak COBOL.)
Apologies to all you non code cutters out there.

To those of you who worry about being at the top of the Leaderboard I say
"Get a Life".


Love the site and love completing the larger puzzles. Looking forward to trying one of the gargantuan ones! I tend to gravitate to the larger puzzles as they help my focus and concentration - helpful after a stressing day at work. As another poster said - tend to be one of the faster solvers but know I'm not cheating. I have seen a variety of ways to "beat the system" but as noted - that really takes the fun away from it all. A huge thank you for all you do!


How do you save a puzzle? I have had a few go back to zero pieces played after I was almost done.


i have always wondered about the inhuman completion times but never thought people would go that far to cheat. it's just a puzzle.... i've always thought the point was to enjoy the process not rush to the ending.

I never understood why people would want to compete with how fast they can do the puzzle. I guess there are some who like to see how fast they can, but I feel if I try to do that, I miss the beauty and fun in the midst of tedium of seeing the image emerge from the work. So I work at my own pace, and I think I did a 500 piece puzzle in 3x the average time doing so. (13 hours as opposed to 5 I think?)


I have an iPad Pro and puzzles larger than 250 pcs are too big.
I NEARLY always make a comment, but some presenters never answer, I find that just as bad as the puzzler not giving thanks.
I have been clocked at 17 hours for doing one puzzle, I started it, went to bed and completed it next AM, I reckon I was timed for my Dreamtime too. LOL.
Love jigidi. It is my lifeline too. Thank you wholeheartedly.

No worries here. I am not in this to compete. I just enjoy puzzles.


Thank you for the updates, I do try to let a fellow creator know that I have enjoyed their puzzle or puzzles if they created a set.


Thanks for the updates. I like the put puzzles together and was not aware that cheating could be an issue but after reading that, I c that i was wrong. In fact, i wondered how some would be so quick to finish some puzzles. That will never be something I could accomplish with the tremor in my arms. Some times it's so frustrating.


Hi there. I am also one of the fast puzzlers. Well on some puzzles that is,not the large ones but I know I do not cheat and that's good enough for me. . If you cheat how can you enjoy being number one I wonder? I did notice some people suddenly having very fast times but then I just let it go.

Don't need negativity and thankfully for Jigidy it is a lovely place where I can hang out with my fellow puzzlers and puzzle creators.

It is such a great community with the best of human kind for the most and we also have the best website owners. Big hug for everyone.


I agree with mjay 5 spots below, well said!


I do jigidi because I just love being able to choose the format of the puzzle the person has created and I am retired and its a great hobby and past time..

I see some puzzles are now 600 pieces, though I can't actually create one myself (588 being the max). Also, how about adding an additional higher filter range of say 500?

One feature that has disappeared for me is the total puzzles I have completed over the years, Also the total amount of life time pieces are not visiable anymore. I know I had completed over 1 million pieces but then it quit tracking them after that. Thank you, I love the site.


Coming on here is my way of down time for myself i love all the different jigsaw puzzles you can pick from thank you


I have been doing puzzles on here for years and never gave thought to the competition side of it. (although I like to be on the leader board!) But I can see where cheating would occur. I like the pause button because I have a family and need to stop now and then. Keep up the good work with this site. It is my outlet to de-stress!

Your explanations are so long I lost the thread of everything except "600"
Terrific I prefer the bigger ones. Who cares how long it takes Just enjoy.

Solving puzzles has always been fun for me, a method to calm down and think about things while solving. Pausing the puzzle, while away on other errands or looking at the picture, seemed to be totally normal. Frequently I got #1, which was nice, but nothing more. After this post I feel badly, because I've learnt that other user suspect me to cheat, as soon as I have a good time AND use the pause-button.
Personally I would prefer a button to choose/unchoose visibility on the leaderboard, so it would be possible to solve puzzles for fun again.


Much ado about nothing. I compete against an arbitrary time I give myself at the start of each puzzle. What's a leaderboard?

I hate to seem negative about the new changes, but, of course there's a but, could we get rid of the part with the jigsaw as the opening, Once a day or each time we log in for that day is ok, but every time I come back to start where I left off, it's too much. ALSO, is there anyway to get the picture smaller so we could keep it open as we work. It's way too big now with the large count puzzles. Still do not see how to stop the timer from stopping when I break, it's counting down 10 - 20 seconds.


Thanks for the updates!!
Love your comment (Tiger Cat) ;)


Like some, who have left their comments, the Leaderboard is not important to me. I have a number of wonderful followers and we like to joke around. One day we were wondering this.....if there are 10 names on the Leaderboard where is everyone else who has completed the puzzle. In our great wisdom we decided that there must be a hole below the Leaderboard where everyone goes. Now we also decided that in the hole there is fabulous live music....a marvellous bar. So we all work hard to NOT be on the Leaderboard because the hole is so much fun (we are holers). Occasionally one of us makes the mistake of being on the Leaderboard and we have to send food up (by balloon) so they don't get too hungry on that pesky Leaderboard until they, hopefully, slide off. Jigidi is just so much fun!!!!!! ❤️⁀‿⁀❤️

Thank you for your post, I am one of those non-jumpers who has never followed the crowds. I find it quite irksome that society is on a rampage to conform everyone to the same thought conclusions nowadays while disregarding any possibility that the conclusion might be inaccurate.

If you want comments made: I can't find any "comment" option button available when I've completed the puzzle. I have to go the the "completed puzzles" to find the puzzle again in order to add a comment.

You started with "no adds" then went to adds but not on the solve page. You now have adds on the bottom right hand side of the solve page, which is the main solve side for righthanded people. If I put the solve page in full screen the add gets even bigger. Your solution is "be a lifetime member". Well, there's no such thing (I don't see those yellow stars anymore), there will be a loophole for that in the future.


I totally agree with the suggestions that user Audacious has proposed below. I had the same thoughts (pauses per pieces in order to qualify to leaderboard), but he had even more elaborated plans :)
It seems to me also that time management and leaderboard are two sets of problems that should be separated.

Once again from my perspective.
Solving the puzzles is 100% background activity to me, my attention lies in elsewhere (= listening/watching TW-news, podcasts). Hence the frequent pausing. I don’t care about being on a leaderboard although 99% of times I end up as #1 there and my solving times seem probably superhuman to some. But I just can’t help being fast solver and it seems ridiculous to justify this…

However, I care about my time in that sense if the clock is already there and I can’t choose option to be invisible/timeless in the terms of leaderboard then the clock could measure my solving time not the time logged in (what was the impression of automatic pausing because this 20 sec feels like eternity to me).

PS: English isn’t still my native language…


Several of my 'followers' have commented on the change regarding the "follow" button. You say " . . . but these are new shoes, and new shoes have to be worn in" but remember that new shoes can also cause painful blisters.

I am one of those people previously mentioned whose posts are an ongoing game and I know that there are those who just like to read the comments and/or see the results who are now missing out unless they leave a banal comment making it awkward for the players to read through previous answers. I don't see why it is necessary to know that someone is reading the comments . . . if you leave a comment that you are unsure about then you shouldn't be making it on a public puzzle.

I also post my own designs under a different profile and the argument of showing appreciation by solvers to creators doesn't really work for me either. I personally do not post my work to garner thanks etc so do not expect any form of acknowledgment which I then comment on and I don't think I am on my own in that. I recently posted a kaleido that attracted more than 500 solves in a couple of days . . . thank goodness they didn't all leave a comment . . . I would probably still be reading them!

I appreciate that we all have to adapt to changes but I always maintain "don't fix it if it ain't broke" and in this case I don't think it was "broke".


Jigidi is great fun and a game for me, so I have no reason to cheat. The important thing is to have fun, to win on your own by putting the picture together. Thanks for being you, Jigidi.

I for one do try and beat the number one person by consistently doing the puzzle over and over achieving a faster time by memorizing where pieces go and have never done the cheats way. In saying that I enjoy the challenge of puzzles and do appreciate all who create them.

I too use the manual pause when I need to walk away from the puzzle. I get most frustrated with the slow internet service makes this even more frustrating. I don't understand why people try to cheat... Thanks so much for this puzzle program! It has saved me while spending several weeks in the hospital while a family member was recovering from a major surgery with multiple complications. So glad I found you!!!!


Thank you, @JigidiPost , for clearing up the mystery about how people can cheat using the pause button. After reading how it is done (the 'screenshot method') I am tempted to say 'if they need it that badly, let them'. I mean, this is just pathetic. How can anyone feel accomplishment that way?
Anyway, I live in the US, and there are many people I just cannot understand...I'll leave it at that.
But I do use the pause button, and doing medium-sized puzzles, any automatic pause would add up considerably, so I do appreciate looking into ways to keep the manual pause.
This is a great site, used by wonderful people from all over, and I am glad to know serious work is being done to not have it spoilt by the few who just have to spoil things for others, as it seems.
The transparency with which you proceed also does the site great credit - thank you so much!


As a long time member of Jigidi (joined July 2008), THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the greater puzzle piece size. Like many others I only do 400+ puzzles and the new 600 size is such a treat!
Jigidi is a wonderful source of fun and I have made so many friends from around the world through it. I think we all appreciate it so much, particularly at this difficult time for everyone.
I am totally disinterested in the leaderboard. I think I am reasonably quick at solving puzzles, but the times on almost all leaderboards are clearly impossible! I can't see what pleasure someone gets from cheating, particularly when it is obvious that they have cheated.


I've really enjoyed the automatic pause: it means I don't have to think about pausing any more. Like others have mentioned I've found so many benefits from puzzles independent of any competitive leader boards. I can choose how involved to be, trying to optimise different strategies or just casually drifting along while listening to a podcast. I also really love puzzle games of all sorts. This site has helped me a lot over the years. Thanks so much :) and I'm excited about these bigger puzzles. (Already opened my first 600 piece one.)

Now in more detail:
The automatic pause has been pretty great for me with my ADHD. I only bring up ADHD because for people with ADHD it can be hard to tell how much time has passed and easy to feel bad/anxious about being bad at this pretty basic ability. It affects your day-to-day life/work/school/relationships so also having to deal with it in hobbies - you may imagine - can be the opposite of relaxing. I can't really care about being competitive as I find it too unpleasant. But I am curious about how long I take on puzzles and happy to share that with others, so I got into the habit of pausing a lot as I tend to get distracted a lot. I've really enjoyed the automatic pausing (once I realised it was actually pausing) because I don't have to think about pausing any more. I can just get up to go to the bathroom and then accidentally end up cleaning the whole house and come back to a puzzle that's been paused that whole time. It's nice not to have to think about (and still get a decent estimate of puzzle time). I'll try out a manual pause feature but I suspect I might just stick to automatic pausing if that's an option. (More pauses available per time spent on the puzzle sounds good though.)

That method of cheating sounds so time-consuming and really exhausting, to be perfectly honest. But I suppose putting winning above sportsmanship is something we're often immersed in. Although it doesn't apply here as it undermines our current leader board system, I will say that if it's transparent and open and not duplicitous, cheating can be fun and beneficial. (Like with speed-running games for charity :) )

I cannot believe that anybody would go through the hassle of taking a screen shot and then studying it for just a couple of pieces, and then repeating that process 200 times. Doing puzzles is supposed to be fun. I cannot think of anything less so. I have seen a couple people with ridiculous times (like 15:00 for a 540 piece puzzle) that I know is not humanly possible under normal circumstances, but I have to dispute that this is the way they are doing it.


Thanks for the explanation.

How about
1. Pauses to pieces ratio. Under 100 pieces = 1 pause. Add an extra pause per extra 100 pieces.
2. Pauses to time taken ratio. The longer you take the more pauses you get.
3. Two solve buttons or a pauses toggle. 1 button with pauses, 1 button without.
Those who want to compete can do so without pauses, those who don't can have unlimited pauses. Your choice will appear next to your time on the leaderboard.

Speaking of leaderboards, many puzzles have a lot of solvers so consider making it a full scrollable instead of limited to top 10. Then people who want to compete with friends can see how they compare.

Maybe even have a timeless option for those that just want it registered that they've completed the puzzle but don't care about or don't want to publicize their time.


Thank you all for your many kind responses and continued feedback on this ☺

Several have asked how one can go about cheating with the manual pause button. We have updated the blog post with more insight into this.

@parkerc36 @shell345 @susie38 @Noulelle @Rainiqui @Bruinguru @uulimuuli @ChuiViv @Audacious @me55 @fammyjim @downonthefarm @JohnA @Lia @meggie @Trenchman @jals @RaynaGrace @colvi @mercedes500 @Juice1 @matahari @Lipizzan @JokersAce @tuppence @lynettebaker298 @teribono @Jabuticaba @eleanor_de


Thank you, Jigidi, for the info :) I always wondered how certain puzzles were "solved" in such a short amount of time...

In response to smaller vs larger puzzles, I will often put together puzzles from users I follow that are smaller - they can be fun to do if you're short on time, but want the satisfaction of completing a puzzle. However, I also enjoy completing larger puzzles as well, so variety is great!


Comments tl;dr, so I hope I'm not rehashing . Some people post riddles. Following the puzzle is the only way to see the solution the next day. And if we have to comment to follow, their comment threads would look like this mass right here! Trying to find the comment with the answer would be such a chore!


There are so many comments that I cannot read all of them so I may be repetitious. I am glad you are considering bringing back the pause button. Sometimes the phone rings or nature calls or something else happens. I am sorry to hear there are cheaters. If prizes were involved, cheating might be a problem. Cheaters never win and winners never cheat. If someone does cheat (I don't know how) they lose. The leader board is a gauge, not a reward.

I love the bigger puzzles, and rarely solve anything under 400. The upgrade to 600 pieces is awesome, and maybe we can go even larger in the future. I also agree with macsenj's comment below, that another feature I'd love to be able to choose how many pieces from a picture. There are frequently great images that I'm just not interested in because they have so few pieces. Thank you for all your hard work and for this great site!


I agree with Audacious. I cannot see the fun in doing puzzles with only 12 pieces or even 30. I like the challenge of bigger ones. But it would be nice to be able to choose the size of puzzle from a picture.

Thank you for filling my days, especially during the pandemic!

Personally, I lay the puzzles for fun and relaxation, and couldn't care less how long I use. Never look at the leaderboard.
I'm happy the puzzles can now get bigger :)
I do puzzles at work too, and save them when I have to do actual work, so hoping to be able to still do that.


"And, I yearn for the day when you can choose, within a range probably, which size you want to do a particular puzzle in. I see so many really small puzzles I'd like to do if they weren't so tiny... "

I absolutely agree with that. I appreciate some people do offer different sizes of puzzles as well but the ability to choose your size would be a huge improvement.

I pause bigger puzzles because I only work them for a maximum of 15-20 minutes at a time. I don't know how this is cheating. Doesn't matter, I'm still gonna pause when I need to! Thank you for such a fun way to recharge!

Thanks for your thoughtful update. Never having known there was a pause button surprised me. I always enjoy looking at many of the various submissions, though my favorite to do is scenery, followed by animals.
I often wonder how (some of them) get placed into certain categories...
And, I yearn for the day when you can choose, within a range probably, which size you want to do a particular puzzle in. I see so many really small puzzles I'd like to do if they weren't so tiny...

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