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Jigidi is now mobile-friendly

You may notice that the different pages on Jigidi have slightly changed their appearance? This is because we have made the design mobile-friendly. We launched the new design today, along with the option to create puzzles from your phone or tablet. And we have so been looking forward to sharing this with you!

2:26 JillianB 10 best to approach this...

We wish to stay around for you for(ever) many more years to come. And therefore, we must accommodate a steadily rising demand for mobile/tablet-friendly websites.

The numbers speak to this fact.

While most of you enjoy Jigidi from your computers - 72% to be exact - this percentage has dropped from 98% in 2012. Thus leaving a still rising number who enjoys Jigidi from other devices like tablets and mobile phones.

Up until today, this has presented a problem due to our non-responsive design which made it tricky for you all to get a reasonable view on, for example, your phone or a tablet.

These days are now over.

With this new design, Jigidi will adapt to the size of your screen, and in that make it a lot more pleasant for you to check Jigidi when on the go (or couch) with your phone or tablet.

Are the same things still on the same pages?

Yes, they are 🙂

Even though the different pages on Jigidi have changed slightly in appearance, you can still find the same functionalities on the same pages as before.

You’ll notice that one page has been organized differently, though.

We have long wanted to simplify the page where you edit your puzzles, and we took this opportunity to make some adjustments to the flow of how you publish a puzzle.

But much as we’ve aimed at making Jigidi even easier to use, it would be a wonder if we had not missed a point or two about how best to accommodate your preferred usage of Jigidi on the specific pages.

Therefore, should you come across something you cannot find or something that seems broken (or something you just find is truly bad), please do send us a message in our support system and make us the wiser.

Now you can create puzzles on your tablet

We’ve also snuck in a long-missed feature.

Up untill today, creating puzzles was only possible when on a computer; this because tablets are not able to run programs based on Adobe Flash. But as part of the process of shifting Jigidi completely away from Adobe Flash we’ve now switched the puzzle creator away from Flash and onto HTML5.

This means that from now on, you’ll be able to create puzzles on your phone and tablet as well.

(Maybe you've wondered why a pretty cat is acting as poster-girl for this blog post? Earlier today, as part of the very last series of testing this new function, I took and posted a picture of our cat, Lilly, while out in our garden ♥).

However little of this we do these days, we hope you’ll give this new function a try and create and share puzzles when on the go. 

What lies ahead

So, can you expect more beautifying anytime soon?

Yes - some.

Gradually, throughout 2020, we’ll make the complete transition for Jigidi from Flash to HTML5. And - just as we have done now with this mobile-friendly design - we will take the opportunity to make minor adjustments along the way aiming to create a still better user experience for you all on Jigidi.

We’ll make sure to keep you updated on relevant matters.

Thank you all for being here ♥.

Stay safe, much love,



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Oh, I'd never do a jigidi puzzle on my Tablet nor cell phone! Being a senior, I prefer the big screen of a DESK TOP computer. Just got my desktop hooked back up again after being silent for several years. Was using a died, and I decided to return to the magnificent DESKTOP. Best move I ever made. Now I can enjoy the many pictures you all put up.


love the pic!

Miss full screen image....


@spires285630 i love your profie image it is salam from the origanal sabrina the teenage witch *love it classic*

Seit ein paar Tagen muss ich das Spiel pausieren, um das Bild anschauen zu können, und kann es nicht mehr wie früher rechts oben einblenden. Bei manchen Puzzles war das sehr hilfreich. Bei meinem Sohn ist das gerade umgekehrt. Kann man das irgendwo ändern?
Danke für eure Hilfe!

Definitely not a fan of the new look. I have several puzzles saved and will solve them but will investigating other onlines sites. I WILL NOT pay to have ads removed and cannot work puzzles on full screen because the ad is a major distraction.


Would still love to have a light Terra Cotta color. The
current background colors are hard on our old eyes.
The light green is the best. thanks for Jigidi!


I am trying out the new HTML5 version, which I am eager to use; Flash is a bad thing and needs to go away. But I have found one thing I do not understand. You say in the introduction that once I finish a puzzle and press the "Jigidi" logo button, I will return to the page I started the puzzle from. Not true. I start the puzzle from the page with comments and the leader-board, which I consider the "homepage" for the puzzle itself. I hit "solve puzzle" and solve the puzzle (by the way, the pieces are too big and too thickly stacked). I then hit the logo button. I am returned to the page where I bookmark puzzles for future use. The puzzle I just did has disappeared from the bookmarks page, and to see or create comments I now have to hunt around for the puzzle's homepage. Am I doing something wrong? I use Firefox or Safari on MacOS. Thank you.

Good morning to you all and thank you for all the great things you are doing. A special hello and scratch behind the ears to Miss Lilly who is doing a purrrfect job as poster girl??

I will mention a very strange thing I noticed this morning when I got back into a puzzle I had been working on last night. I'm probably a bit OCD in sorting puzzle pieces into lines by shape, but I find it makes completing puzzles so much more organized and easier.
This morning the pieces were still all in lines but it looked like a mischievous someone had shuffled them around so the pieces were all over the place. Also one of the frame pieces was in the lines which I'd only added after I had started sorting the pieces, but all the parts I had completed were still in the frame so that cannot be accounted for by the work saving at an earlier time. Most curious!!
No harm done though, as I now have completed it and am about to start on another which is very naughty of me, as I really should be doing other things.??
Well that is the addiction of Jigidi!?


Definitivamente mi vida cambio cuando encontré por accidente a mi mayor y mejor pasatiempo...Gracias por alegrarme la vida y hacerla mucho más placentera...!!!


Artful wrote that she broke her wrist and now has to use her other hand. Years ago I decided to be become bi-dextrous and have been doing puzzles with my 'non-dominant' hand just for this reason.....accidents happen all the time. So I am preparing for the worsts so I can continue on.


Thank you for all you do. Your reply to the comments will be most helpful when there's time to read through all that's been posted.
Lilly is adorable, by the way.
Stay well.


Thank you so much jigidi, for making it possible now to use my mobile phone or tablet for getting my puzzles ready without having to get on the computer. I absolutely love jigidi. Thanks a million times spunky!


Listen, I don't *mind* the new format but I absolutely despise that the new design means the pieces can't go as small as they used to and that puzzles can't go as big as they used to.

Puzzles with bigger pieces don't appeal to me at all and I absolutely adore the x-large puzzles the best so unless you keep the feature that allows you to create puzzles using the old system, I'm definitely not coming back to this website.


Love the new, clean web pages, but.... How do we change the background? My default background (dark grey) is useless with the jigsaw i am trying to solve. I guess i'll have to find another puzzle with brighter colours for now.


Thank you for responding to the issues I and others have pointed out as the new jigidi rolls out. Everything is working as well as previously now, EXCEPT-- those of us who crave huge puzzles have to revert to posting with adobe flash, as the html process reduces the largest possible size by a third. I'm sure you'll figure this out so we can get our humongous puzzles back again!


I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the Jigidi staff for replacing the features and re-organising the posting buttons as mentioned in my previous posting . . . I am sure I am not the only one who has mentioned this but with so many comments here I can't go back and check . . . ;-)
These changes have really made things much easier for me and no doubt for others . . . thank you . . . ;-)


PS: the pictures are bigger, clearer than ever and easy to see!


I spend so many happy hours doing your puzzles. I'm so grateful you continue to do this and wish many more happy years of these when time weighs or when simply looking forward to fun. Thank you thank you thank you!

Having an issue saving my progress. When I return to a puzzle from Ïn Progress"tab, I lose all I hav done.
I find this most annoying!


The puzzles do look blurry now on this new board. I also like the title on top of the puzzles in the old bold letters.


Have you thought about forming a millionaire's club? Something like: those who have assembled 1-5 million pieces; those who have assembled above 5 million up to 10 million; and those who have assembled over 10 million pieces?

Can't wait to try it!


have appreciated Jigidi for many years, invested 2 different years and appreciate this site - I am from US and have met more wonderful people here than I have anywhere else, thanks for the forum, keep it up please



I was sure there is something different about Jigidi. The pictures doesn't have the same appeal for me. They aren't vibrant anymore. No matter what picture I choose,it seems to be dull. I am 89 years old and you are still the best. I fell and shattered the bones in my right wrist, and I don't have a wrist any more . I am using my left hand, the best I can. You have no idea how much I appreciate Jigidi.

I'm sorry but the changes are not convenient for me. I have to go back and forth to find my completion time.and then back again. I really do not like that part.

Thank you. We need puzzles.


I LOVE all the different puzzles. I love the wonderful people that take the time to post them for us. This site has filled a big hole in my life. Thank you each and everyone of you.


Sounds purrfect!


I absolutely love jigidi. It's always fun but even more important right now when there's more time alone. My only problem is I find myself spending time on jigidi when I probably should be doing other chores. I get totally involved in the puzzles and lose track of all else. Too bad, not sad. Thanks so much.


This is my go-to fun site- Helps with concentration. Thanks for making it available to us all!!!

Σας ευχαριστω για τις πολυ ευχαριστες ωρες που μπορεσα να περασω κανοντας puzzles,και ελπιζω να μπορεσω να συνεχισω κανοντας το ιδιο........

jigidi is one of my favorite pastime activities. I love cats and gardening. Lillie is lovely. Thank you for the many beautiful puzzles I have solved and looking forward to solving many, many more!


Thank you for everything you doing for all of us.

my adobe flash player will no longer work now. I have tried everything to fix it. Will I loose all my data if I uninstall the program and reinstall?

Thank you all for making this site not only pleasurable, but safe. Your love for what you do and for your devoted "customers" is felt with every visit! Wishing every site had this feeling. Just wanted you to know. And your Lilly is a gorgeous treasure. Our Lilly has departed for her well-deserved cattery of glory. We miss her. Please stay safe and well.


Eu também, Lenora, e adoro comentar em Inglês para não esquecer tudo que aprendi. Dear friends of Jigidi, I confess that I don't like "changes", but as you don't ask us whether we want to change or not, what we can do? "Accept"!

Eu amo o Jigidi! Não fico sem um dia sequer sem entrar aqui! Abraços pra todos!


@nes Most libraries now offer e-books that can be read on your Kindle, tablet, or (I assume) smartphone. If you want to use your computer to read, enter "Kindle app" in the Amazon search box and you can download software for free. I looked at your profile and saw your puzzle of a Husky on the Rideau Canal. Do you live in Ottawa? Here is the page for "Overdrive," the source for e-books and audiobooks, at the Ottawa Public Library. If you don't have a library card, you can apply for one online.

If I switch away from Adobe, can I still expand the puzzle to a full page with no sidebar ads?


Very enjoyable and interesting puzzles. Love it.

Thank you. I love Jigidi !!


Hooray!!!! My laptop crashed a while back, and I struggled with using my tablet. I quit solving for a bit, but missed it so much I decided to try again. I'm so glad I did! Loving every minute of solving again, thank you so much for thinking of us tablet users :)

If Jigidi wishes to censor, fine, but leave my completed puzzles alone.

Thanks for all you've done. Love doing the puzzles. Oh, by the way, Lilly is BEAUTIFUL! Wish she was mine. :)


Thank you...I am an old aged pensioner and I spend a lot of my day doing jigsaws on my computer. I just love your program..If I wake early hours in the morning, it becomes my silent friend. I love creating my own jigsaws too, which is very satisfying... I wish you every success in planning the will be a great feature on my mobile too... Take care and keep well...Betty J.
PS...What a beautiful cat you have ...




I do not like changes. So many things changes have ruined the computer. The new windows is a pain in the you know what. I like Jigsaws and you had a good one. I will being here as always.

mag het ook in 't nederlands aub?


not happy with the changes. It is always locking up and has slowed down a lot. Wish it was back to the old days.


Oh, my. I've just had a really frustrating time uploading my puzzles today. I've emailed you the dets. Hope you can sort it out. I don't want to go through that again.

great job


I just tried a small puzzle on my IPhone for the first time. It works very well for me and will use it on occasions while staying to the smaller puzzles. Your web site is greatly appreciated and has become an important part of retirement life recreation over the past few years and certainly present day as a stress reliever. Thank You.

Good luck. I can't imagine how you'd work a 540-piece puzzle on a phone--or even a large tablet.

very poor resolution


I enjoy posting technology and discovered friends :-))


WOW! I haven't tried the new version yet, but I'm amazed at how much you folks at jigidi do for us lost souls in the world! You are rockstars! Thank you, ~Pam


Just love Jigidi, the best stress buster ever.


I would love to commit puzzles smaller than 100pcs to

Your site is keeping me sane while I shelter in place. I do miss backgear's wonderful mosaics. I hope backgear is ok.


Thank you for bringing so much happiness into so many homes. The wonderful jigidiers who put the puzzles onto the site are much appreciated. Thank you all so much. I always leave a comment when I complete a jigsaw just to show my appreciation for all the hard work that goes into producing these puzzles. I have also made some fantastic friends. Ruby4 xxxxx


Thank you so much for keeping this wonderful site going. I've published and solved puzzles on Jigidi since 2015, and like @chtrek I too hope it'll be around forever. As a small token of my appreciation I've subscribed to Jigidi Plus today. ❤

blijft de grote 540 puzzel of kan je nog groter van eigen fotos dan


Gorgeous cat, you have explained why the comments box comes up whether I want to use it or not, so thank you. Like everything always tentative with something new but I will get there☺☺

Several of my favorite puzzle posters are not happy with the changes. The new system only allows 5mb or smaller causing them to no longer be able to post the pictures they took in high resolution. Some of their puzzles no longer look clear and sharp losing a lot of beauty the we enjoyed before. If this a product of letting folks work puzzles on phones then it is an unwanted change. (and I can't imagine working a puzzle on a such a small screen but to each his own). How about letting us use the old system and a link to another server for the phones, etc.?

Dear Jigidi, You are saving me from utter boredom as I am old live alone and now my TV does not work and I am tired of reading books that i have read before. love, nes

Surreal_Heidi you're not the odd man out. I also only my desktop and have a 29" monitor so it's really wonderful. I love this site and hope it stays around forever. It's especially good now because we're all grounded and it's such a good way to pass the time plus it keeps the brain working. I have my favorite music downloaded into Windows Media Player to play while I do the puzzles and so I'm a happy camper.


@abli You can go to any page you wish to be selecting a category say “Animals” and going to the second page. In the address bar of your browser you will see ( The number 2 at the end can be changed to any number you would like. There are 9999 pages in the Animals category.

I miss the page numbers on the top right of each page.


Even though I use a desktop computer only, I understand that I'm the odd one out. I'm glad that you're making changes to let more people enjoy this wonderful site. You stimulate our creativity and brain cells and help keep us happy and mentally healthy, besides all the friendships that have started on here. That's easily worth getting used to a few minor changes in format. Thank you.


I am SO SO happy to see the SEARCH function right on the front page! I cannot tell you how many times I've walked folks through the steps to look for more puzzles by the same artist. (I use the keyword function). Thank you!!


Thanks so much @robf for the tip about creating but not posting a puzzle and then tagging someone directly. I hadn't thought to do that and one doesn't always want to message to go publicly.


Thank you for all your feedback to us. This is exactly what we need to lure out the errors and design faults we cannot test ourselves. This is a status update on where we are.

Please know that we read everything you write to us on the blog.

But mind you; we will not get back to you on your feedback here on the blog. This because ‘customer support’ in a thread like this one quickly becomes quite chaotic. When you write to us via our support function, we can get better organized at our end, and we get the required information, via the system, to be able to spot errors.

This is the reason we ask that you direct your feedback to our support system. From there we’ll address any issues you may have. You’ll find it here:

Also, to help us out, we would like you to think about what we need to solve the problem.

Some write different variants of “I like the old way better”, but as Flash, for instance, is going to expire at the end of this year the old way has to be renewed, and this feedback in itself does little to tell us, what the problem is. Therefore, when you write to us, please try to be as specific as possible. Maybe (if possible) include screenshots and do a little troubleshooting yourself like try in different browsers and disable ad-blockers.

The most important to us is that we are able to replicate the problem. If the problem is caused by something outside Jigidi, we need to figure out what it is before we can do anything about it.

Now it’s been roughly 24 hours, and we’ve corrected a handful of errors already along with identifying others that need more work.

So, where are we? Magnus has written the outline for you all below ☺

These are the topics with most feedback:

-> Graphic elements overlap description text / leaderboard is outside the view.

It turned out that you can change the default font size for all websites in your browser (a blunter from our part as I only considered browser zooming as a factor). If you have changed this setting in your browser, some elements will become too big and break the layout. We’ll try to adjust the layout to accommodate this setting to be changed. Until then, try to set the font size to ”recommended” or 16 (which is the default) to see how Jigidi is supposed to look.

-> Cannot use high-resolution photos to create jigsaw puzzles / uploading is slow.

We have never used high-resolution photos on Jigidi as these would require a huge amount of bandwidth to download, and almost no one has monitors large enough to display such images. We have always resized the image to something more appropriate for online use (1600 x 1200 is our default max size). The difference is that now we do the resizing of high-resolution images on the server instead of directly in your browser. We do this for a couple of reasons, one of them being our resizing algorithms available on the server are better. Another one is a security measure to make sure that any purposely malformed data cannot end up in other users browsers.
Unfortunately, this means that the original high-resolution image needs to be uploaded which take far longer than before and often the amount of data is more than the server will accept (that’s the 5MB limit). The work that is required to get this resolved is more than I can do in a weekend, so until then we may choose to re-enable the Flash-based creator for those who have Flash installed.

-> The image quality is not good

When creating a puzzle, the preview image is not in the same resolution as the final puzzle. As explained above, the original high-resolution image is on the server, and only a smaller one is downloaded to be presented when choosing the number of pieces. When a number has been selected, and the puzzle is created, the high-resolution image is resized to the final image used in the puzzle.

-> We have no ‘cut lines’ when creating new puzzles.

We weren’t sure if the cut lines was a nice gimmick or something valuable to you. Now we know :-) We will add these later on when we find a way to do client-side resizing of high-resolution images.

-> You are forcing me to write a comment.

Nooo, we would never do that. The add new comment box is now always open. We thought that the extra click to open it was unnecessary especially when the standard these days is to have the comment box ready for input (take a look at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for instance). Just leave it if you’re not in the mood for writing comments.

-> Things look weird in old browsers.

Yes, they do. Sorry. We haven’t tested in Internet Explorer 9 and below. These browsers are quite difficult to support, and only 0.07% of you still use one of them.
They have numerous security vulnerabilities, and Microsoft has mostly ended support. For your own safety, please update to a newer browser as soon as possible if you are using one of them.

Now, ending off this status - please know, if you have written to us in the support system raising another issue than the ones mentioned above, we will get to it and address it with you. With this reply, we simply wished to give you a status, including the most mentioned issues.

We know there are bound to be some issues when entering with a new layout, and we thank you all for helping us by pointing them out. Have patience with us as we work through them alongside you all ♥.

Much love,


I like the slider, but it no longer shows a preview of the puzzle pieces, which, with some puzzles, can be helpful in deciding how many pieces to go with.


I definitely miss the cutting up of the pieces during the creation of a puzzle because it would show you what size the puzzle pieces would be at the various sizes. Now, you can’t tell.


Oh dear . . . I have just posted under both profiles and it has taken me much longer than usual . . . not just because of having to get used to the new look but also the lack of some of the automatic features on "Attribution" and "Title". "Attribution" is very important to those of us who create our own designs as the entry there would normally be the same but now we have to cut and paste or write our name etc.

I also feel that the "Publish on Jigidi" button is not in the logical position. I think that it would be more logical for it to be the last "button" as I think it important that the other boxes are completed before publishing.

On a positive note I am pleased to see the return of the single click when choosing the number of pieces for one's puzzle . . . I find it much easier to use than the slider control.

Like RandomWorship I will be transferring these details over to your support pages

I look forward to using the new feature to solve the puzzles on my phone when I get to leave the house sometime in the future.... hopefully the near future. Lily is beautiful! ♥).


The resolution sux! AT first I thought it was my eyes but now I see its the image quality that has been compromised.


It's a bit 'messy' but we will have to get used to it. These are the glitches I have found so far (using a PC).
1. There are two and sometimes three of the same puzzle in notifications. All in different locations on the screen.
2. It sometime says someone has left a comment and there isn’t one.
3. When you go to create a puzzle and it is slightly too small. You cannot resize the photo in 'edit' and repost the new size, as the create page doesn't 'notice' that the size has been changed. You have to come out of 'create' and go back in.


Look forward to trying the new type puzzles


Agree with LORAZG the leaderboard scores are now cut off, hope you can adjust this. Thanks!


Thanks for the work you do for this app. I can't start the day without my morning coffee and a jigidi puzzle


I don't use my phone or a tablet for Jigidi, so am comparing the new environment to the old on a computer. The only changes that don't work for me are that I can't see the outlines of the pieces when I'm uploading an image. My preference for my puzzles is to post them in sizes where each of the squares break-up into mini-puzzles, so being able to see the outline of the pieces in any given size is important to me.

Also on the posting front, how the information has been arranged in the description area etc doesn't seem very intuitive to me. I don't know why the "attribution" and "publish" areas have been put in separate areas, and could all be part of the same. The sliding buttons also add an extra unnecessary step in my view. They are just one more thing to click on when filling out all those fields.

Other that that, I find it weird to see my profile pic against a comment box, when I haven't made a comment yet. At a quick glance, when I'm trying to speed through my notifications and reply to any comments, I keep thinking I've already replied.

I'm aware that you have asked for feedback to be posted to your support email address, which I will also do. I have deliberately also posted it here so that others who have similar concerns or different ones feel confident to provide that feedback too.


I posted this morning in the new layout. Worked well.
Today I am going to try and see if I can use Jigidi on my mobile phone / smartphone!


I can't find it on Google Play or Samsung for tablets. Is it just available by going to an internet search engine? I've tried to use it that way in the past but couldn't do more than a 20 pieced puzzle.


Thank you, now I can enjoy Jigidi whenever I am away from my PC


I have a kindle fire and the new larger size layout of everything is ruining my enjoyment of this site. Is there anything I can do within jigidi to change the view size to something smaller as I had before? This may drive me away actually.

Is it me or is the print lighter and smaller? Having trouble reading it.


LOL! I feel like I'm using my jumbo kindergarten crayons :-) We will all adapt to the new layout once the glitches are worked out. To those that posted funny comments, thanks for cheering up my night!


Seem like a good change. Thank you. I do 4 or5 puzzles a night and love it.

leaderboard sizing needs to be readjusted 'cause it cuts off the seconds


I love the puzzles on here and really enjoy putting them together. Such fun and great to see when completed. Thank you.

Thank YOU for being here! Every bit of sanity preservation counts, and you're one of my first and favorite go-tos for that.


I like creating and posting multi-line emoticons on my profile page. Now the editing field can no longer be stretched out, to the original profile page width, adding or re-arranging emoticons has become an impossible task.
    ⧸ ⧹


Oops! Apparently emojis missed the train! Inserting them into a comment brought up a surprise: A string of ????


Thank you!! Looking forward to working with the "New and Improved" site!


i wonder if I can persuade my Kindle fire to open the app.


@Woodowly, to message a particular user (as I have just done to reach you), make a comment. In it, type an @ followed by the username, then your message! This, I've learned, is called *tagging* a user.

To do this privately, create a puzzle but don't publish it. Then add a comment exactly as I said above... since it's not published, only the users who are tagged will know about it. Unless of course you, or they, publish a link to it somewhere.

I've found it to be awfully convenient. It's a clever use of an existing feature that I learned from others a few years ago... maybe Jigidi should mention it in a page of Features, or Frequently Asked Questions; what do you think?


Awesome; Love me some Jigidi

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