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Love your CEO

The health crisis we are all currently experiencing draws us closer to each other but also entails divisive features. The first because we are threatened by the same matter at the same time. The second because we get the infection from each other and need the same resources to get by (yes, that includes toilet paper).

In this blog post, we pay homage to the CEO we all hold within - he's our personal (overworked) hero through this. And also, we have something to ask of you.

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Love your CEO

We are designed to be curious, kind, and creative - to bond and build new tomorrows.

While the health authorities worldwide are instructing us to practice social distancing, you all continue to come together on Jigidi.

Here you induce life into life in these challenging times.

Thank you for that! ♥

Our statistics show that we right now have about 15% more Jigidi puzzlers than we usually have on an average basis. And we will do our utmost to be here in the best possible manner during this crisis also.

This blog post is about how we have to take extra good care of ourselves and each other at this time. This involves being sensitive to each other's trials while tackling our galloping stress levels.

We'll open with a message, that we hope you'll take it in the spirit it is meant.

Filter on humorous Covid-19 puzzles

We all suddenly find ourselves amid this crisis caused by the global Covid-19 outbreak.

Being humorous about your circumstance can be disarming and generous to the heart and mind - and a wonderful way to release stress. But only if you're in a mental position to pick up on the humorous angle.

And we're just not there at the same time on this subject.

At the time of writing this, news is reporting that China and South Korea seem to have gotten the virus under some control. Spain and Italy are in the midst of an outbreak, feeling the consequences very present and violently. And many of us are somewhere at the beginning of an outbreak with the freight train in sight - en route our way.

This crisis is stressful, and many have already experienced painful losses and find themselves in anxious, desperate situations.

Honouring the spirit of our guidelines, we ask that you:

  • Generally, approach the subject with respect for each other's different circumstances and feelings.
  • Respect that going forward humorous puzzles concerning Covid-19 is not for unfiltered puzzles on Jigidi. This concretely means that when posting a humorous puzzle concerning the outbreak, we have to un-check the box that says: "I'm sure this image is appropriate for all users".

React or respond?

The pressure we're all suffering under stresses us. And that particular state of mind tampers with our ability to hold the reins on our instinctive behaviour. Our reactive ways.

In a physical environment, for instance, we're instructed to stay at home, not to socialize to almost any degree, to keep an awkward distance when out and so forth. Restrictions like that require us holding the reins on ourselves extra tight because they comply so miserably with what our instinct is telling us.

And also, we have to hold the reins on our frustrations. Keep an eye on that we do not lash out - just to let out the bottled-up steam.

But our societies need us to do just that. And we need each other to do that ♥.

Think about our thinking

Due to the required social distancing, many of us find ourselves sliding in between a feeling of an internal love storm toward our surrounding human world and an astute awareness of the fact that we do not want to catch the bug from anyone.

It is a state of a generalized love wave combined with a self-protective snarl.

The teeth (presumably) stays behind the lips. But the knowledge that we very concretely have to keep our distance is such a powerful behavioural driver that it - if we are not very aware and awake - can take along with it more than mere physical contact.

But when we stop and see ourselves and the situation from an outside perspective, we can maintain eye contact (in a manner of speaking) and a sense of each other.

How do we do that?

We think about our thinking.

Once we acknowledge that we're under substantial pressure and that this affects our mental state, we activate our frontal lopes.

We think about our thinking. And then we stop reacting and start responding.

Love your CEO

(No, not that one - the one in your head).

Our frontal lobes are our rational CEO who is in charge of making smart decisions. Those beneficial on a long-time basis.

We need that CEO, but as nothing is easy - neither is the matter of our CEO. It is a severely inconvenient circumstance that our frontal lopes have limited capacity and a tough time overruling stress.

And because it is hard to maintain the necessary stamina to fight our more reactive ways when under intense pressure, we unconsciously look for reasons to give in to our instinctive desires and needs.

Meet reasons: His name is Post Hoc Rationalization.

Post hoc rationalizations

We, humans, love congruence. If things don't add up, we're frantically working on getting the dots to add up.

This includes us continuously making post hoc rationalizations to make our behaviour match the way we see ourselves. A logical byproduct of this is that we may not acknowledge if we're indulging our instinctive desires and needs rather than doing the right and often hard thing (established by moral codes or other instructions).

Now, the antidote to letting post hoc rationalizations allow us to get on that slippery slope is to be aware that we are making them. The rationalizations. And recognize them when we are making them.

Hello again, CEO ♥.

We'll end off with the basic protective measures against the new coronavirus as laid out by the World Health Organization:

  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Maintain social distancing
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  • Practice respiratory hygiene
  • If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early
  • Stay informed and follow advice given by your healthcare provider

Please all, take very good care of yourselves and each other, on Jigidi also.

Much love,



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Thank you so much for your wise words. Yes, we are ALL stressed, worried, and oftentimes "going it alone" just now. A perfect time to come here to Jigidi and relax. But we don't want our relaxation or blowing off steam or "destressing" to harm others. It's so easy to get wrapped up in our own reality and forget that others' reality, even in this shared pandemic, might be very, very different now. Good guidance -- thanks!


I can't say many things about that, because I'm Brazilian, and my English isn't good enough to express what I think of the way of life we are having now. So, I congratulate with you from Jigidi, for this important explanation. Jigidi is an important part of my life. Thanks! Wanda Ribeiro from Rio/Brazil.


Thank-you for this, even though I had to Google the definition of a lot of your words, but I got the gist of it all. We started out 2 weeks ago w/1 case of Covid-19, then last week case 2 popped up, then today 13/31/2020 we have now 5 confirmed cases in Stephens County Oklahoma. Even though we are a very large County (it is mostly Farm land), it just shows us how fast it spreads. This site is a great stress release, just as baking Cookies is. Do any of you know how hard it is to make Cookies wearing disposable gloves? LOL I still Believe that Jesus is in control & His Dad (God) has His reasons why this or anything bad is going on. As His Word says, these are just birthing pains, Matthew 24:6...

Thank you! Beautifully said, and I'm so glad I read it - too easy to just look for a puzzle and ignore the metadata. But truly, we are all in this together - albeit separately.
Best wishes for all your tomorrows.

THANK YOU very much for your beautiful and truthful note to all of us. you reminded us that there is really someone human behind here. everyone follow the guide lines during this intense terrible moment of history. those whom think this all is hogwash...just play along and follow so rest of us can get this over with. my greatest gratitude CEO , thank you. love you all and stay in touch with playing puzzles here. i am from the northern Midwest U.S., stay healthy.

My heart goes out to Carolina, who is feeling the isolation challenging. She's right about smiling and thanking others. When you thank someone, especially someone who is not used to be thanked for what they do, and you see their face light up, you know you've given them some joy. Bravo, Carolina. I hope the next week sees some more freedom for you and that you are re-united with your love soon! Keep well for him. Ellie, in Western Victoria, Australia.


Thanks. Well said. Stay safe.


Very well said. Jigidi is a wonderful way to remain sane.


Thanks to the Jigidi CEO and to my internal CEO. Being on Jigidi daily renews my sense of self. I am in touch with people who don't know me from a can of paint but who thank me for my comments. I am sending hugs and prayers to my Jigidi family--the puzzlers, the solvers, the commenters, all of you. Be safe. I don't care about your race, creed, beliefs, etc. I love you all just for who you are as children of whoever you see as your creator.

Hi All, I live in Spain but am British. I applaud you CEO and thank you for your lovely open letter. You put it all so well. Generally I am a very happy go lucky kind of girl but I am finding this situation very difficult. I am on my own in my little house and find the 4 walls enveloping me so that I might disappear. We are in self isolation nearly 3 weeks now. We are allowed to go out to the food shops or Farmacias or to a hospital or doctor's appointment. That is it! No walking around - the beaches and public areas are closed. I take myself up onto my solarium and walk back and forwards for an hour daily. If you have a dog you can take it out 30 mins max and ideally within 50 metres and you must carry I.D. and receipts at all times! This is to try and stop the spread of this terrible virus that spreads like wildfire - we are hoping for a breakthrough this week. There are Police roadblocks everywhere and ideally you should use the supermarket nearest to you. I live in a little village - Santiago de la Ribera - such a great name!! Today I had to go to the Bank and the Post Office and went into the local supermarket there - not one I use often, they sell fresh fruit, veg and meat - bought myself a steak for dinner tonight. Sorry I am getting to the point - eventually - I like to try and speak Spanish as much as possible and the girl understood and complimented me but I thanked her for working and looking out for us - the Public. They come into work every day to serve us and deserve our thanks and gratitude. Her face lit up - I thank the Security staff at the doors too of every building I frequent. They are always surprised and almost invisible but their faces light up and they thank me for speaking to them!! They are putting their lives at risk for us. So although we are thanking the Police and Emergency staff and the wonderful Doctors and nurses - give a thought for them too.
The smiles and thanks that they showed me made my heart sing. There are good people in the world and as said, at the end of this horrid tunnel hopefully we will emerge better and more thoughtful and caring people. My boyfriend is stuck in the U.K. and couldn't make it back before all the airports and planes were grounded so thank goodness for Internet and Wifi. Not sure when we might be together in Spain again and I have no idea when I can travel back to the UK to visit my elderly parents in Scotland or my 2 daughters and families in England, hence my loneliness. It is funny, if you are alone you are lonely and if you are a family you want to have some space and then there are the couples who have nothing to say to each other any more. My final words to everyone (and I love all you Jigidi folk) - BE KIND! Love, light and hugs. Carolyn Harris, Murcia, Spain xx

this has changed the world for so many of us ,if not all. It is up to us as individuals and as a species to enable our circumstance to improve and strengthen ourselves in whatever way is real to us. All the best to my fellow travellers.


Great blog post! I am so glad I found Jigidi, it helps my anxiety and especially now with being on lockdown alone with my cat. It's great to know people are still out there and enjoying puzzles and connecting with each other. I appreciate all my fellow puzzlers!

Thank you all for giving us jigidi. I like your caution & am sure it will be heeded. I have always had a relaxing time on jigidi and you "behind the puzzles people". . have helped me when I needed it. Thanks to all the puzzle makers also.


To our dearest Jigidi Powers that Be and all our Wonderful friends here on Jigidi - thank you for endless hours of fun and games and friendship - even more so now in these very trying times - May God bless us all and the Health workers and Community Servers who are out there every day in the thick of it - Jigidi is a true platform for Unity and Goodness and Social Networking via many countries and oceans from the safety of our own homes - we in South Africa are in total lockdown until the 16th of April. Jigidi is our playground whether it be night or day - there is always someone to keep us company - sure you all agree with me - when i say THANKYOU JIGIDI from the bottom of our hearts - your kindess and your concern mean the world to me ♥♥♥♥ love from brightspark and sparklightie xxxx

Thank you.


Rock ON Jigidi! Your kind and "spirit generous" words are much appreciated. Stay well to ALL.


Thank you Jigidi for giving us access to these great puzzles. I, for one, try to do one every day. With these stay at home requests, jigsaw puzzles are a great stress reliever. I am so happy my daughter showed this site to me. In these very stressful times, I think it is nice to be able to do something creative without putting anyone in harm's way. People also "talk" to each other on this site. Great! Let's all hope this too shall pass. God Bless.

Thanks so much !!!


This comment thread shows how wonderful people are - how caring wherever they live. Jigidi provides a kind and caring space for those of us who love puzzle making and solving and interacting with others from all over the world. I have made such good friends and their interactions often cheer me up or make me think. Many thanks to the angels who first thought of the concept and turned it into reality and who continue to keep it running smoothly. Bless you all, Jayne (East London, South Africa)


Thank you JIGIDI for being there. And, thank you for this letter. Have loved Jigidi for years now and since I am 74 Jigidi is not new for me - have loved doing these puzzles every night. Even made an ongoing friend through Jigidi - so, thank you for allowing me to relax with these beautiful puzzles, finding a new friend and enjoying all the nature scenes (which I place myself into-as if I were there like a lake, brook, meadow or mountain range) and those adorable animal photos/puzzles. Judi

Bless you!! Thank you for this thoughtful and caring post; and I thank all the grateful commenters who've given so many good responses; and, I thank all the people around the world who provide us with such interesting and beautiful puzzles to solve. This is a Wonderful site!! What a great group to be part of!


Thank you so much from Trinidad, West Indies where I came to live 29 years ago. Discovering Jigidi through a friend some time ago was a blessing as it has kept me sane in times of pressure of work, loss and all the other aspects of a sometimes unpredictable life. Whilst I have a serious side, I'm one who tries to see the humour in most things but there's no humour, apart from some very funny circulating memes, in this global tragedy. To all those on this site whether creators or solvers, keep safe and remember, like it or not, that we are all in this together. Try not to think about what may or may not be, treasure those dear to you and rememeber too that worry is like a rocking horse as it get you nowhere. (And now whilst writing this, I burned supper!!).

You have a peculiar way of putting things.


not really a new comment, but Thank You!


Thank you for these words of wisdom. We shall get through this angry storm together. Thank goodness we have Jigidi and people who care. ♥♥♥


I just want to add my thanks frome Rome, Italy, and subscribe - almost ; ) - every comment below.


From the heart....Thank you everyone for us all being able to be together on jigidi

I echo other Jigidi users' thanks for your post. I won't try to repeat what others have said so well.

But I had to laugh at the accompanying picture of a CEO -- a white man standing in an office in a suit who doesn't look at all like my CEO. If I could post a picture of my CEO, it would be an image of myself in my professional gardening days--jeans, T-shirt, baseball hat, gloves--everything covered in mud and happy as a clam to be digging in the earth.

I also laughed because just the night before your post, I had been reading about "frontal lobes" (a trending topic!). I had been re-reading a 2003 book The Secret Dowry of Eve: Woman's Role in the Development of Consciousness. And yes, as your post described, the frontal lobes are central to our consciousness.

Thanks to Jigidi, for many things -- not just a puzzle place.
--Debbie (in Chicago area)

Thank you for all of the CALM that Jigidi brings to everyone.....cheryl


Thanks, Jigidi, for reminding us that in a time when we are inclined to turn inward with our fears we need to reach out with mindfulness, compassion, patience and awareness toward others. The world will heal and we'll get through this and be stronger. Thank you for being a source of comfort for those who may need a respite from the storm, a connection to the outside world and a way to find some normalcy in an otherwise chaotic existence. Your wisdom and kindness is much appreciated. Be well.


Thank you for sharing so much wisdom.

Jigidi is a very nice outlet, especially for people like me and many with me who have to endure that nasty period on their own. And the bad thing is that me and many others are the target group of those naughty viruses.
We can't be too careful.
Thank you, Jigidi, for being there for all of us ♥♥♥


Dear Jigidi, Mattem,
Thanks for you wise, positiving and loving words.
It is so needed to read such words.
I had tears in my eyes which got worse by reading all the affirming comments below.
Like nearly all of you, I to am one of the elder endangered persons. Alone at home.
Keep safe. Hold on to the rules. Find new ways of communication and pleasure. Jigidi is surely one of the best of them!!
Lets get on with life, even now!

Thank you for the blog post. It explained a lot about some of the feelings I've had during the pandemic. Thank you for jigidi puzzles.

Thank you Magnus and everyone there. I'm retired now and live In Indiana. I have been doing you r puzzles for more than 15 years now and I'm on it a lot. Thank you for all the comments .


A heart-felt "Thank You" to all at Jigidi, & to all fellow Jigidiers, for helping me feel less isolated over the years, & especially at this time.

I have loved your great puzzle for sometime. My grandson "helps" me when he is visiting. He is in 1st grade. Thank you for your caring words and stay well.

Thank you for your comments and caring has been a stress buster for me for a while..I love all the GREAT puzzles..


@tkrtr - I think, amid all these comments, yours is the only one that shows an understanding of the post. Thank you. We all approach trouble differently - some of us prefer to post funny comments and show this crisis who's boss, but since we've been scolded, it's better to not show up. I wish you well.


Ditto to all the comments below! We're all in this together, and "hopefully", most of us will come out of it together. I am thankful for Jigidi...I love puzzles, and interacting with other puzzle lovers, and sharing a lot of laughter with them!


There are two ways to face problems, including this crisis. You can be somber and dour or you can laugh and joke about it. The fact you choose the latter road does not mean you do not take the crisis seriously. It simply means you choose to rise above it. As someone in the sever risk pool (male, over 70, compromised lungs, compromised immune system) I take this virus very seriously and am taking every step I can to avoid risks. But I appreciate it when someone posts a puzzle that is humorous and gives me something to smile or laugh about. These are suitable for all!


doing the puzzles provides mental exercise and helps prevent us all going stir crazy indoors! Well done Jigidi and Thanks a Million.XXXX


Many thanks Jigidi for this reminder to us all to help defeat this virus


Thank you all at Jigidi for your wonderful and thoughtful message. I agree with it wholeheartedly and will certainly keep my CEO (Cranial Empathy Overseer) fully maintained and operating.
Thank you also for providing us with a safe place to come and meet friends old and new in these difficult times and help us keep our sanity during any isolation periods that many of us are having to take.
To everyone else . . . there will always be idiots out there who do not take any notice of the instructions and guidance being given. Please don't be one of them. You are not only putting yourself in danger but could be quickening the spread of this virus and endangering the health and lives of others.

Take care and stay safe and well . . . Su (Chorley, Lancashire, UK)

we can do this guys together we are stronger.xx

Everyone, no matter what religion, ethnic group, political views, etc.... We are all human and we are in this together.
Stay strong and healthy.
Deb from Ottawa, Canada


Thank you for this reminder that 'We are all in this together', Worldwide. I think it's very hard to remember that outside of our own bubble, our own thoughts of stress at the crisis we find ourselves in, that everyone else is going through the same thing. I love Jigidi, and have made many Virtual friends over the years, I don't always know what Country they are from, but it doesn't matter anyway, they are there everyday, posting and chatting just like me, it's the start to my day with my cup of coffee, and somewhere I pop back to throughout the day too and I am grateful for them all. So please, stay safe and keep posting and remember, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to look for it. :)


Thank you for all you have said and done, stay safe.


We LOVE our CEO. Yes, let us all remember to be KIND to one another!


Jigidi is a safe space to meet and share a love of puzzling. Thx for that.

Thank you.

Thank you ... not just for this wonderful Jigidi (which continues to give me hours of entertainment as I stay in my home and in years past) but for your kind words. Your concern shows through, is welcome, and is thoughtful. To you and your Team, my appreciation! Stay Healthy! PzzlGrl in Oregon, USA

Thank you for your concern. and Thank you for keeping this going and giving me something to occupy my time.... Stay well......

Thank you for your insightful comments, your encouragement and especially for giving us "stay at home-ers" something to look for each and every day....well in my case.....each and ever hour. jigidi can be a respite in this chaotic world.


Thank you for your care and concern.

Jigidi provides mental relief from the constant stream of bad news. Am grateful to you and CEO for your offering and care.

Thank you for your words. They do remind me that others are not reclusive artists whose lives have not really changed - except not being able to buy requirements from supermarket as others have gone nuts - Nature does this sort of thing every so often and at this time our reaction to it is giving her a healing reprieve, if only for a month or so.


Thank you for this very intelligent and thoughtful post!
We all need to be reminded to take this seriously. One wishes this epidemic was not real, yet it is. And the only way to beat it is to stop the contagious spread. Please, be careful, be safe and just hang in there (at a distance) until we can go back to normal ways of being with each other.
There is no shortage of goods, neither food nor toilet paper, just delayed deliveries. Even truck drivers get sick. So be patient and considerate.
May we all stay healthy!


Thank you so much, Jigidi, for your wonderful comments in this difficult time. You (and your CEO) are appreciated more than you'll ever know!

So wonderful to hear some kind and encouraging words.
Bless you and thank you Jigidi for providing us with momentary distractions away from the news.


Good read, thank you. About toilet paper - - - It is one thing we all have in common! I had to stop at my son' apt. one day after leaving a meeting and his girlfriend said, "sure, but we don't have any toilet paper". I had a tissue in my purse so went in anyway. Upon coming out of the bathroom I said to them "What do you do when you walk past the TP isle-pause and think 'no, don't get that we'll never use it all anyway'" LOL* To this day, they remind me of saying that and they have never run out of TPsince.

Thank you for your words and understanding, in these difficult worrying times..
Jigidi..many happy hours spent on this site, and hopefully to continue, thanks to all who contribute.

Stay Safe..

From Bonnie ( But Quiet) Scotland..


Thank you for being the voice of reason in such trying times. Kathie Macchioni


a jigidi addict and appreciate your sensitivity to this crisis. I am old 92 in coastal NORTH CAROLINA and just glad to be well
thanks for all you do
may God help us all

Excellent, thoughtful decisions and comments. Thank you. When I see posts that ask "what can I do while isolated at home?" I always direct the poster to Jigidi!

Hoping this community stays safe and grateful for the compassion that flows.


Thank you - wise and wonderful words and sentiment.


Thank you for your caring and wise words :-)

Keep safe, well and healthy, everyone :-)

Together, we will overcome this nasty virus that is spreading round the world.

Jigidi has taken my mind away from 'what if. . ' to focus on 'now where did I see that piece?' From St Geraud de Corps,France


This site as has been my lifesaver since June 2019. I know it is hard work to keep everything going. I personally would like to thank you all at Jigidi for a very fine job. Stay safe whatever you do.


Thank you for reaching out to all of us across the world who are connected via the intriguing Jigidi platform. From "middle Canada" I wish everyone well in this dreadful fight that we all face.

Thank you very much for your inspiring words. A great site, somewhere to come and take your mind of the troubles. Keep up the good work. From Holmfirth, Yorkshire UK.


Thank you very much Jigidi!
For all the friendship around the world that you have created with this puzzle site.
Keep you safe and sound.
Kind regards from Belgium :-))) ♥


Thank you JIgidi . Keep up the good work . Everyone play their part STAY AT HOME
We will beat the corona virus .


Just a great site. Keep up the good work. This is a life line for so many people. especially now. Just being able to sit down and complete a few puzzles each day, is a great stress reliever.

excellent thoughts of you jigidi . everyone can see your " human face" now , you are not just a game ,you are a game full of love and care for all of us this make us come closer to each other .I appreciate !!! be healthy

Very impressed! Thank you and take care

Thank you for your heartfelt and very empathetic and caring post ! your staff, as well as the beautiful people who contribute puzzles also contribute a place where we can go and reflect on the positive and goodness in our lives ...Thank you and love to each an everyone of you !!


Thank you for this beautifully worded and kind, empathetic message.
May we all be healthy and safe.

just adding one more thank you - love this site - visit most every day & find such a stress reliever and FUN TO BOOT

A huge hug to our jigidi site and all jigidiers, many thanks to you all for the nice puzzles you share and a special one to the creators of such an amazing place, you succeeded in making so many of us around the world enjoy the beauty of putting the little pieces together. I love jigidi ❤️❤️❤️


I agree with all the sentiments here, about the lovely community and the friendships I've made and best wishes for everyone.

The Jigidi post was so thoughtful, and the comments are so beautiful.

PS. @MaxHaxAx, I'm in South Miami. Glad to meet a "local" here.


Thank you very much, your message is beautiful & caring. I have not missed a day on this site since first discovering it - I am retired in Ontario, Canada & have loved doing puzzles since I was a young girl & Jigidi is a perfect way to keep the old noggin working & keeping the cobwebs out. Last night, 1st time ever I started a 500+ pc & it took me 51 minutes to only finish all the outside pieces LOL - LOL
Thanks also to all the people who share their wonderful puzzles.
EVERYONE: Please lets all be careful and safe !!! Love & Hugs, Take care.

Thank you for your understanding and kindness during this time. You are a person with a sympathetic heart.

Thank you so much for your caring message.


Thanks to you Jigidi. You are well-loved and by now you know many of us cannot stand a day without you. We all appreciate you and what you do for us so wonderfully awesome are you and please continue to be. Sending love and hugs galore ♥♥♥ Haze


Thank you!
Much love from....NY

Thanks you, Jigidi, for always taking my mind off of things that are bothering me. Your puzzles keep my mind busy in other ways, and I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I finish one. And thank you for this wonderful note. It's nice that we are all connected. :)

Thank you for your message and your puzzles take care!

Thank you for your words. They help calm the worry and stress some of us feel. The world is in this together. I love jigidi. Keeps us connected with the world. I love seeing and doing the puzzles from around the world. Stay well everyone and keep on puzzling. Regards from Azrizona, USA

Thank you for this calming rational message!

Thank you for your thoughtful words. We are a vast community, and I'm glad to be a part of it. .... Southeast Arizona USA


Thank you Jigidi for this message and for creating this wonderful community of puzzle lovers. You've brought together people of many countries to share a common hobby, puzzles .
It's been the 12th day of quarantine in our homes, in Athens - Greece, following the government's plea to stay indoors. Considering we, Greeks, are used to go out almost every day to work, to hug each other and shake hands, this imposed situation is driving us mad. We can go out to cover our basic needs only if we have a, written or in SMS form, permit to show to the Police, otherwise we pay fines. Staying indoors is rough and boring ; Jigidi nicely covers all these long hours in a nice and soothing way. I'm glad I've found you 2 yrs ago and I hope to keep going on going for many more years. Marina.

Thank you for your care and concern of others! It is heartwarming to be part of such a group.

Thank you, Jigidi, for bringing beauty into our lives!

I appreciate your site and your big hearts! We are being asked to isolate into our own apartments at my senior complex, so has been a Godsend!!! Thank you for keeping your site open. It is stimulating and I love reading the comments from others. It truly feels like a worldwide brotherhood!


Jigidi - my place to come to relax. Kudos to you - you've made it even better with your insightful thoughts. xx

Thank you for your thoughtful comments - and for your lovely site. In addition, I would like to give a shout out and a heartfelt thank you to the food workers who put their health on the lie for those of us who have to eat! From near Portland, Oregon, USA

Your wisdom is so appreciated by those of us across the world. I see myself in many of your kind thoughts and really rely on you every single day, including a beautiful puzzle first thing in the morning and last thing at bedtime, before turning off my computer. You, dear Jigidi, are the answer to many prayers. Love and hugs to all.


We appreciate you! And yes, we need to use wisdom. This too shall pass....


Thank you to everyone at jigidi for keeping this wonderful site going and your words in this nightmare of a time. To all my fellow puzzler's please keep safe. There will be light at the end of a dark tunnel so please keep your spirits up. Thank you to all the nurses, doctors, health professionals and everyone who is continuing to work to keep the world moving. You are all very much appreciated. Everyone keep safe. (from England). xx


Well put. Thank you! from (South Florida)


I welcome and appreciate your stance - thank you. ♥︎


Thank you so very much - a great deal of wisdom in this post. We appreciate it, and you all. Please stay safe! (Florida, USA)

I so appreciate this site, this post, and the spirit of all involved with it - players, posters, and staff. Stay Healthy and Safe everyone - from Michigan, USA


best wishes for all jigidifriends and everyone around, in this strange time. I will asked you to pay extra attention to homeless people and people who are not able to understand what is going on. With love for all of you♥♥ marion from the Netherlands/ Europe♣♣♣

I have been on jigidi for almost a year and it has enriched my life. Thank you to all those that are on the front lines and to all those that are posting puzzles and other ways to keep us entertained and keeping a positive spin on life at this time. Much appreciation and distant hugs.....m.


I'm on the front line, but I will continue sharing puzzles in my rare free moments as a stress relief... We will rise again!


Thank you, much appreciated


I thank the authors for Jigidi who brings together people who like to rest with Jigidi, somehow forget at least a moment, the insidious disease that I hope we will defeat, not only by taking care of ourselves and others, but that someone will soon invent an antidote and again we will be together beautifully ,,, I wish you all from the heart of Milan Telč. Czech Republic


Děkuji tvůrcům stránky Jigidi, s vámi mohu pomocí skládaček cestovat a poznávat celý svět a také se s vámi zabavit a nemyslet na smutnou přítomnost coronaviru v současném životě a těšit se na dobu až to vše pomine a alespoň takhle mohu pozdravit všechny přátele na celém světě. Marie


Thanks for your post,we in New Zealand have all been put in lockdown ,no leaving home so jigsaws are a great way to keep occupied and take the mind off our worries

Thank you for your post, I have loved being able to use this site ever since discovering the wonderful jigsaws. Having an extremely rare disease that is calcifying my brain (Fahr's disease) it sure helps to be able to do jigsaws daily, in the hope that my mind may improve. Thank you for everything you have said re the above post,
Irish67 from Northern NSW, Australia


Very well said. I've been with Jigidi from the beginning and love the simple stress relief and the many challenges that it presents as well. We will all get through this together and hopefully come out better for it on the other side.

Schnibbitymom in Oregon

Thankcyou. Please all take care


So, was the rush to buy unnecessary quantities of toilet paper an example of a post hoc rationalisation?
How does this line up with "making our behaviour match the way we see ourselves"?


I've certainly found myself doing a few more puzzles at this time. Thanks for keeping them rolling on and I love your pro-active post.


I can't be here every day, but love it when I can. Try to post light-hearted material myself, and to pass on a chuckle or two. Thanx for being here.


This was well stated and very kind of you to post. Jigidi is a place where we don't have to be alone in our isolation.
Thank You
☺♥ ~ Tea in IN. ~ U.S.A.


Thank you for helping us to "shelter in place" and maintain productivity and distraction.


Thanks for this thought-provoking explanation. :)


Thank you for your caring post. I love jigidi and have gotten a few people to try it and now they are addicted like I am. LOL Good health to all . In PA. ~ U.S.A.


Thank you from NH, USA
Be well, everyone.

Thank you Jigidi. Love to all those beautiful people I see on here. HUGS


Thank you, Mette and Magnus and your staff. I just celebrated my 8th anniversary here on Jigidi and have been on every day unless I was in a place without internet. I am thankful for all you do. Laughter is a help in a crisis but not when one is living the crisis. I've enjoyed some of the cartoons but after reading your well written request will hope those who have been posting them will stop. I can help by not solving nor commenting on them. Bless you. Stay safe and well. We need you and what you do here. Ardy Maryland USA




Thank you for all you have said and done and will do. 3-25-2020...7:58p.m.

Thanks! I really enjoy the puzzles. They are a stress reliever. Take care

Thanks so much for the thoughtful sentiment. This a wonderful way to relax, and get your mind away from the news for a short time. Thank you for being here. May everyone stay healthy!!!!


Thank you, Jigidi! I've met so-o-o many friends, and love sharing puzzles! Now, in this difficult time, it's good to be reminded to watch a bit what we say, as words can do terrific damage. Hopefully, we can "be kind...and be a bit careful...and share our virtual hugs with other members of our Jigidi family!
Dusty : )


Thanks for your so very well thought-out statements. Through Jigidi, the world has become a smaller place for me - I've made friends around the world and appreciate them and you more than ever with the social distancing that is now necessary. I can still connect with folks and share common interests and not feel so isolated. Thank you again for your wonderful site.


Thanks so much. I live in America and we haven't seen much to encourage us in dealing with this crisis. Thanks for this, julie. I know how much work Jigidi has done to keep it's users happy.


As Covid-19 took over the world, I was wondering ( midst all of the awful thoughts), if the jigidi community would be more active. As I thought, it is. Although we live in rural NY and can easily avoid people as per directive, it hurts to not greet and hug friends at the post office or the grocery store. It's part of what makes us who we are. The streets are fairly empty, and I can't imagine what it's like to live in a city and look out a window at the empty streets. I don't know if you realize how important the jigidi community is to many during this pandemic. It is a life line for so many on a daily basis-and even more so today.
For your thoughtful words and for all you do--thank you. Stay well.

And now I love Jigidi even more!!! Truth and wisdom expressed in a clear, thoughtful way without judgment or "finger wagging." Virtual hugs and/or handshakes, according to your preference=for the Jigidi staff and my fellow puzzle lovers!

i am considered essential (funeral director) and continue to work during this crisis. i really appreciate being able to relax in the evenings with jigidi puzzles. i can let my brain drift away from what i dealt with today what's facing me tomorrow. thank you for this site.

everyone PLEASE practice hygiene ad stay healthy. for your sake and your family.

Wonderfully expressed, with so much love. I have always felt a sense of warmth at being part of the worldwide Jigidi family. I adore doing jigsaws, I am addicted, but it's being able to communicate with lots of other people, encourage them, applaud them, give them hope, that makes this beautiful site so precious. In these unprecedented times, may you all keep well, safe and strong. Thank you, Jigidi. I'll never forget the day my friend Val told me about you.


So what you are saying is I can't see funny cartoons unless I go where the naughty naked photos are?! Ha ha. That's ok, I can get my humor elsewhere. I am a jigidi addict and appreciate your sensitivity to this crisis. I am elderly in Seattle and just glad to be well.


Well said. We are all in this together, and as a daily puzzle poster and solver, I appreciate this site tremendously and hope the puzzles I create help to ease some of the tension and anxiety people are likely feeling right now, as I am as well. If you have not tried creating puzzles here, I suggest you try it. It is kind of addicting and a great way to pass time.

Thank you, Jigidi, for giving us this outlet! I tell everyone about this great website!


Beautifully written and thoughtful reminder. I really don't know what I'd do without Jigidi! I send cv19 gallows humor images to relatives in Seattle, Washington, USA who have been sequestered for several weeks already. They enjoy them, but they remain healthy and so far have no friends with the virus. Don't know how I would mentally survive if I lived in Milan or even New York! Thanks for everything.


I'm on this site every single day and have been for quite some time. It is a stress reliever to think about something other than the daily news. Thank you to all the creators and this site. We appreciate all of you!!


Thanks for providing a platform for uniting kindred spirits from around the world in this time of (physical) social isolation.


Thank you for the sentiment and for the site. I have been a user for eight years and find it a comfortable place to unwind enjoying the variety of puzzles and the gentle people who provide them.


I am a heavy daily user of this site, and I very much appreciate this sentiment.

This was so well stated and I appreciate it. I have not worked any of the puzzle using the virus as a theme and will not. Some may be funny but at this particular time I feel they are inappropriate.

I also want to say thank you to our Jigidi staff who allow us this opportunity to come together as a "family" and as friends - even though we haven't officially met one on one - to relieve the extra stress in our lives right now from this Covid 19. I am usually in here several times during the day. Sometimes I just go to bookmark the puzzles I want to do or think I want to do. We are used to being able to get together for socializing but now that we can't do it physically at least do it somewhat via our puzzling together. I will try hard to be mindful of what and how I say things and would like to apologize right now for anything I may have already said or might say on the future that hurts someone - I never, ever go out of my way to do that. You are all very important to me and let's work together to keep the wonderful puzzling site that has been given to us. Please be careful and safe!!! Love you all!!! Jeri (Maine, U.S.A.)

I am fairly new to jigidi and I love it so much! I share a puzzle a day with my family members, Mom and 2 daughters - and sometime my grandchildren. I am retired now and this has been a life-saver for me at times, having to deal with a new way of life and limited finances and now the virus. Thank you for being here and thank all the people who share great puzzles!

I have loved this site since first discovering it and always puts me in a good mood but in all honesty, you are saving my sanity. No mess to clean up and I can leave & come back at will. Your message is beautiful & caring & I, for one, will do my best to live up to it's expectations and guidelines. Thank you so much for the way you care for your members. Stay well & safe, everyone.


Jigidi has been my social outlet for many years now and I will continue to isolate along with the rest of the world as longs as it takes to heel.
Thanks for the concerns and respect of your users☺

I started jigdi in 2009 when I moved in with my folks to assist in their life and health care issues. Jigidi has always been a great stress reliever for me, and now 11 years later I'm more grateful than ever for my time solving puzzles. Thanks for all that you are and will continue to be. from an almost original member, sunset beach, North Carolina, USA

Jan F Thank you for your observations! It IS a stressful time and after just a few days, I am feeling grumpy. I am a retired Junior High teacher and principal. I have been enjoying my retirement up until now. A part of that enjoyment has come from completing Jigidi puzzles at times during the day. Now, that fun helps me manage the fact that I cannot enjoy my grandkids, daughter or son-in-law, who live just a few blocks away, whenever I want to. We are all practicing social distancing, which is very frustrating, but necessary for everyone's health safety. Thank you for offering this wonderful pastime! I hope that you are well!

Thank you for tuning in on our concerns. We truly are all in this together. As the saying goes, "This, too, shall pass." I wish we could take the word PANIC out of PANDEMIC!


Thank you for this. Jigidi has been such a welcome relief - I am on it now. Caseykay stay safe!


Well said, thank you for this lovely post.
Sometimes we laugh at things that scare us, perhaps forgetting that if you are in the middle of such a crisis, there NOTHING funny about it.
Take care all, try to rein in your fear and be well.

TY for a lovely posting. We are all in the same boat and rowing with all our strength. I am from NYC USA and we are in the throes of the pandemic. Take care and be well. TY

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