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Jigidi puzzle creators: Impie

We are designed to be curious, kind, and creative - to bond and build new tomorrows. A few weeks back, we embarked on a short series featuring 3 puzzle creators. We wanted to explore the creativity and generosity that flows on Jigidi as it comes to life in creators who share their photographs with us all. Today, we take the last dive (for now). Meet: Impie - and Goofie, the soulful stunner ♥.

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Jigidi puzzle creators: Impie

Photographs literally take us places.

Being equipped with this incredible human mind, we are able to build upon the facts we learn and reach beyond them; to envision new ways, experiences - even worlds. And fellow puzzlers’ photographs are a particular treat to our imagination and creativity.

During this series, you’ve met Lia and Chillfiltered. Today, ending off, this series - meet Impie.

Why do you share your photographs on Jigidi?

- I just love to show my photos, in particular of the beautiful flowers growing in my garden.

When do you grab your camera?

- I'd say: "when NOT?":-)) I'll always take it with me in my pocket!! Since I joined Jigidi I became a real "Mammarazzi" and took every opportunity to photograph my dear handsome kitty boy in 'his' garden where he guided many a garden tour showing off my beautiful flowers!:-) Since September 2017 he's sadly no longer here but I still enjoy taking photographs of my garden and interesting things I come across to share with this lovely community here on Jigidi.

What's the best shot you've ever done?

- Of my dear late cat Goofie...with his curly tongue sticking out during a big yawn.

Has posting photos on Jigidi brought you something?

- It most certainly has. First of all, the opportunity to show photos of my sweet shy cat to the world for over 5 years (his fans even crowned him "King Goofie" ☺) and also making lots of friends, of which some I've met personally when they visited my country (The Netherlands)!

♥ If you're curious to see through Impie's lens, you can visit her puzzle page here.


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There's sharing of one's photos, which is lovely and social. But there's also 'sharing' of other's works without true permission, which is not only NOT nice, it's illegal.

I only recently joined, and even more recently started exploring other submissions which is when I discovered that copyright infringement is shockingly common on this site.

At first I considered reporting these infringements but I quickly realized that there were far too many violations to make that practical.

Also, I don't believe that the majority of users understand that simply stating the owner's copyright in the submission field is NOT the same thing as obtaining legal permission to use it for a public posting here. Many times I've read in comments that the puzzle 'creator' simply 'discovered' the art they put up in a Google search.

Jigidi admins, please make an effort to clarify this in your guideline page and make it clearer and upfront on the submission form of just what is legal and what isn't. And make it an awareness campaign that includes a way that gently and positively reminds and explains to people of the rules whenever a piece is created -- or reported.

Minimally, you must redesign the submission process on the create form so that everyone is much clearer about what constitutes a legal transfer of permission and that it is not simply stating who created the work.

A simple way to encourage this would be to include a decent-sized copytight text tag on all puzzle previews and finals.

Artists (and yes, that really includes photographers) deserve to control the properties that they've worked hard to create.

And Jigidi contributors who allow their own works to be listed, deserve to be respected for their generosity in the spirit that underscores the community here.


When I first joined, Goofie was the one I sought out to brighten my days. I loved his strolls through the garden. I enjoyed the friendships he and his mom, Impie, have brought together by reading their posts. I am happy to see you recognized for all the love and enjoyment you that have brought to this site.


I don't see how the update on the site is helping, I have not found a puzzle to work since you changed everything. What a loss. Need to go back to the way it was, at least I was finding puzzles that was worth working, now nothing.


I am very late finding this posting
Congratulations !!! Bev. 3-25-2020...7:40p.m.


Oh my, parkerc36, thank you for your kind words. I see you joined Jigidi one year and 2 weeks after Goofie crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I kept all the puzzles with his antics for everyone to enjoy and I'm glad you read all the comments, that way you've come to know my sweet boy too!☺
Yes, besides fun, Jigidi is also a wonderful learning place. It's nice to know there is also someone in Hawaii, who appreciates my photos, Thank you! ♥


Impie, you and Goofie "pulled" me into the Jigidi family. I rarely comment on puzzles, but I read all the comments on yours and know you have followers around the world. I live in Hawaii. I learned about garbage collection in the Hague and Egyptian geese. I am glad you are being recognized.


Thank you, Misanu, yes Goofie was a real beauty and a very sweet natured kitty boy too!♥

Hello, Brightspark and sparklightie, thank you for your nice comment and congratulations.☺

Thank you very much, Judy, I'm feeling very proud and honored that I was chosen for this series. You may have noticed that every once in a while I'll still post a photo of Goofie as I know his fans appreciate that, but the 'silly' captions I often gave to his puzzles don't make sense anymore. It was always fun to have Goofie 'talk' to his fans but that would be odd now, very odd, I'd think! I'm glad you like my flowers too, thank you♥

Impie, congratulations on your well-deserved honor. I still miss your photos of Goofie and your wonderful captions "explaining" his thoughts at the moment! Best wishes to you and to your flowers. Judy


Hello Dear Impie, Congratulations from South Africa. I love your beautiful pics ☺ Hugs from brightspark and sparklightie




Thank you so much, Jaklien, I'm very honoured with this recognition.♥
Dankjewel, Jaklien, ik ben heel vereerd met deze erkenning! ♥

Thank you, Ardy. It is a real honour to be one of the three Mette has 'chosen' to be put in the spotlights!
Yes, Faye is still in awe that she actually met Goofie. When in 2016, she and her hubby were here for the first time, she met my shy kitty boy, who would never show himself to 'strangers' and always would run upstairs when the doorbell rang or heard strange voices in his home!!! When they entered my home he ran upstairs to the loft, but after we had gone out for the day and got back to my home later, we sat at the table for dinner, he then surprised us all by coming down the stairs, walked to the garden door and back to the table and looked both Faye and her hubby in the eyes. He then went to his scratching board and in a long stretch, scratched his board, then jawned a very big jawn and went upstairs again in a very relaxed pace! ♥


Lovely, Impie. Gemstone talks about you often and I see you in Alcina's postings. Congratulations on being spotlighted here.


Kind regards and congratulations Impie! ♥


Thank you, grandmapegs. I'm glad to hear you enjoy my floral photos and I'm very honoured I was also chosen for this series. It means a lot to me to get so much appreciation to something I love doing, like taking macro photos of my beautiful flowers and share them with you all. ♡


Impie, I always love your beautiful floral photos. So colorful and bright. Glad you were chosen for this interesting write up. Looking forward to many more of your beautiful photos.


Thank you very much, Isaly.


Congratulations Impie.


Thank you, Lynetteoz. It was a lovely surprise for me when I was asked to participate, I feel very honoured. And yes, I remember how you enjoyed Goofie's garden tours and his've always also been a loyal fan and I'll never forget your admiration of his special and lovely tail ;-)


Impie I have just come across this interview it was a lovely surprise to see you honoured in this way. It also bought back some lovely memories of gorgeous Goofie on his garden patrols. Congratulations :-)


Thank you so much for your kind words and congratulations, GG,Lia,Val,Olya and roseheather. ♥♥
I was very honored when I received the request to participate in Mette's Jigidi Post blog and I am very excited she chose a photo of Goofie to go along with the interview...I'm very pleased with the recognition but it's also almost a kind of posthumously tribute to my sweet boy (who I still miss very much)....after all, when I joined Jigidi I could show my sweet boy and tell the world about him. Never did I realize by posting his photos and antics that he and I could 'meet' so many nice people and make friends with.♥☺♥
I very much appreciate your friendship and your comments at my photos over the years and I do hope we'll all be able to continue to enjoy Jigidi for a long time to come.
Thank you for being a friend ♥♥


Thanks :-)))


Oh, Impie, so excited to see this just now. So nice to see that you were selected. ♥♥


Congratulations, Impie, on a well-deserved honor!


Congratulations Impie it is so nice to see you being recognised and Goofie looks to have been such a sweet cat Val from New Zealand


Congratulations Impie. How wonderful you are in the Jigidi Magazine. How good you did sign in on Mette's request to be - perhaps - in the Magazine and that then you were one of the three selected ones!
I too surely remember Goofy and all the pictures you took of him in your garden. And I love the picture you made shortly of the rainbow and the 'golden appartment building'!!
as many of your other postings too!
I don't make puzzles any more, but sure do enjoy all the postings you and others send and I spend my early mornings enjoying them. So: please keep on posting!


How wonderful that you have been chosen to be in this Jigidi Post! You and dear Goofie are such a special part of Jigidi, and I'm so glad I discovered your wonderful garden and all of your photos. Thank you for the extra effort you always seem to put into creating great puzzles for us, and please, keep surprising us with more of those puzzles of sweet Goofie! He will always be in our hearts! ♥♥


Thank you, Faye.♡♡ I'm glad you found it in the end....Mette has put a lot of work in it and I'm really honored I was chosen with 2 others out of thousands of puzzle creators to participate in her blog.
We too have such good memories of meeting you and K. twice, but especially of that special moment in 2016 when "the king" came down the stairs and looked you in the eyes! I'm so glad you got to meet him in real life....who would've thought..... he pleasantly surprised us just as much as it did you.♡♡


Glad you mentioned this article, Impie. I was aware of jigidi Post but as I noted before, for some reason when I click on my jigidi icon it doesn't open to the title page. Our computer is "vintage" and it started doing it months ago when work was being done on the website. I tried changing it a few times but it always reverted to a puzzle I had solved. So, when "Goofie Remembered" was the puzzle that popped up, I left it. So now I don't see the "Jigidi Post" unless I deliberately click on the title page...but I always see Goofie...which is wonderful...but not as wonderful as seeing those beautiful green eyes, his little ear tufts, and the tip of his tail in real life! Oh, and mustn't forget that king-sized stretch and yawn! ❤️❤️❤️

P.S. Congratulations on being a "chosen one". :)))


Thank you again, Anne....yes he was such a darling....looking at this photo makes me feel all warm....the snow in this photo almost melts♥♥♥

You've always been a great fan of King Goofie and I'm sorry you lost your Atsutsa so recently at a relatively young age, but I'm happy that he and Goofie were good virtual mates....I bet they're sharing memories of the parties they've been together down here and probably will have kitty parties with all their Jigidi kitty friends, who've also crossed the Rainbow Bridge!
Thank you for being a friend ♥♥


Yes, Impie, I'm viewing this again. He really was a wonderful and very photogenic Kitty-Boy, our King Goofie. I can even remember doing this puzzle.

Thank you Mette for highlighting our dear friends.


Thank you for your kind words, Marilyn, I value you and your friendship very much too!♡


Oh Wow! I am so glad you are recognized and published in a world jigidi post. You are a friend to many. I know I value you and your friendship.


Thank you, Anne,Nancy,gogogo,Ella and Betty. I'm really honored that Mette also chose me to participate in her blog!

Congrats! And Well Deserved!!!


Oh Impie, I'm so excited for you, congratulations!! What an honor! You desreve it!


Impie, It's a pleasure to see you featured as #3 in this series, by JigidiPost. :-))


Wonderful recognition for Impie! Her magical garden and most-beloved cat, Goofie, have been a source of joy and delightful banter to Jigidiers worldwide.


Thank you, Impie....well deserved recognition!