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Jigidi puzzle creators: Chillfiltered

Every day 40.000 people from all over the world come to Jigidi to both stretch and calm their minds. And many of them create their own puzzles and share them with the rest of us ♥ Grateful for their contributions (and awfully nosy) we asked 3 puzzle creators to select and answer 3-5 questions out of a whole bunch.

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Jigidi puzzle creators: Chillfiltered

In this series of 3 entries, we’re zooming in on some of the many generous puzzlers who create moments of elevation, insight, pride, and connection for us - from their own moments captured through their camera lens.

2 weeks ago, you met Lia. Today you'll meet: Chillfiltered.

How did you get started with photography?

- It started when I was about 13 when I was at school, so that means I have been taking photographs for some sixty-eight years. I started just taking pictures of my family and our holidays as well as landscapes. Since retiring, I have taken more and more as the ones I post on Jigidi show.

How do you choose which Photograph to post?

- I tend to post photos that I find interesting and tell a story. I also post quite large jigsaws as I believe that jigsaws are relaxing to do but should also make you think and keep your brain active. I like to do jigsaws that keep my brain active.

When do you grab my camera?

- Quite simply, I am never without a camera, whether it is just my mobile phone or my DSLR for specific shots, such as holidays, wildlife, and of course, my astro shots.

What do you think makes a good photograph?

- A good photograph is in the eye of the beholder. A good photo is not always taken on the most expensive equipment; a good photo is made in the brain; the camera only records the view. Ok, you need to have the experience to set the camera to record correctly what you are shooting.

Has posting photographs on Jigidi brought you something?

- Yes, it has brought me in contact with other photographers who share their work in the form of jigsaws, which I love to complete.

♥ If you’re curious to see through Chillfilter's lens, you can visit his puzzle page here.


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Chillfilter, so many of your photographs are quite stunning. Thank you for sharing them with us. (This from another aging hippie/graphic designer, among other things.)

Why are there so few new puzzles in many categories? In the dog and cat puzzles, there used to be 15 to 20 new small puzzles on a daily basis. Now I play maybe once a week because there are so few. Why change what is not broken and create the limited number of puzzles?

The puzzles are great, Its then new "system" that is a pain. Why "fix" something not broken?

I m looking for puzzles from Deb1056????



Nice to meet you Chillfilter


Thank you for the smaller puzzles. I use a laptop and getting all of the pieces on there and still being able to find space to solve makes it almost impossible to do large puzzles. If they are somewhere around 225 or less then I can get all the pieces down on the left side and use the rest of the space to solve. Thanks again.


Thank you, chillfiltered! I noticed your smaller puzzles this morning and enjoyed the solves!


Thank you for the comments, I have added some more puzzles for those who like small puzzles.


Thank you for a beautiful puzzle☺☺


Thank you Chillfilter, that along this way we can get to know you (better). I too don't solve big puzzles, but I love looking at the pictures / postings and surely will now pay more attention to all the photo's you have posted.
Congratulations for being in the Magazine. Enjoy it!


I'll soon be in my 70's with a handicapped husband, so I travel in puzzles, without a large expense. I love beauty, nature & , intrigue. I'll do anything that catches my interest at a small or big... thanks for me being able to pause to attend to his needs. Blessings to all who post. Love the short ones from cruises on the rivers! I have many people that I follow. I love Jigidi & tell all I meet about this site. Keep up the good work. Would love to meet many of you. May all have a blessed Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas.

I love the puzzles that are big. Thank you.


I am not a proper puzzeler - I never puzzle, but I love to look at the jigidi-pictures. It is such a pleasure to look at Chillfiltered's collection of travelpictures and I especially enjoye the bird-photoes (which I have notised before) - there are all kinds :-) Thanks a lot


From birds to ship bells to exotic places around the world; you have created and shared some wonderful puzzles, Chillfilter. Although I am a "small puzzle solver", I will be sure to visit your posts and enjoy the puzzles without solving. Thank you!


Thank you, Mette, for introducing us to Chillfiltered. I visited his pages and was pleasantly surprised by such beautiful photos. I stayed for a while by just watching them as I'll usually only solve puzzles with a max. of 140 pcs. but I really enjoyed the tour through his puzzles! :-))