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Is your Adobe Flash Player blocked?

Don't worry. You can unblock Flash Player and continue to use it till December 2020, or you can switch to our new HTML5 version. In this blog post, we explain how and why.

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Technology coming of age

I'll get right to it (sort of).

2006 in round numbers:

  • The life expectancy globally was 69 years
  • The number of people worldwide living in extreme poverty was 1,31 billion
  • Jigidi was born with a wish to let people connect globally via an interactive creative outlet – using the Flash Player as a technical engine for this purpose

Today in round numbers:

  • The global life expectancy is 72 years
  • The number of people worldwide living in extreme poverty is 731 million (2015)
  • The Flash Player is running out of time as the engine for Jigidi (and anything else)

We know, all but the Flash Player seems to be going in the right direction in that lineup…

This post is about what's going on with our technology, what it means for you, and what we're doing about it.

What is the Flash Player?

Flash is a roughly 20-year-old technology created to make so-called rich content possible on the Internet.

Before the Flash Player browsing the Internet meant mostly reading a text and viewing images. With Flash came the opportunity for us to make games, watch videos and many other interactive experiences for a broad audience.

Although Flash was a fantastic tool that pushed the boundaries for what was technically possible for many years, it has also, rightly, been criticized by many. Performance and security among the most common points of criticism.

Apple kickstarted the transition away from Flash in 2010 by deciding not to support Flash on the iPhone and iPad, pointing to HTML5 as a better alternative.

HTML5 as a replacement for Flash was finally established when Adobe in July 2017 announced that they would end support in December 2020.

Why is the Flash Player blocked for some users?

To make sure the end of Flash takes no one by surprise, major browser makers create obstacles for websites that still use Flash, to make them switch technology in due time.

Google's rollout of Chrome 76 (the latest release of Chrome) a couple of days ago is an example of this.

When users of Chrome 76 attempt to solve or upload a puzzle on Jigidi, they receive the message that their Flash Player is blocked.

Many of you are writing to us about this – of course, annoyed with being blocked, but also expressing concern about the prospects of Jigidi if this was so.

So, what are my options?

When visiting Jigidi, you can choose to either continue with the Flash Player or switch to the HTML5 version of Jigidi (which is still in test mode).

Despite the tone of the message in Chrome 76, Flash Player continues to run until December 2020. Therefore, if you prefer to wait with the switch till the HTML5 version is all finalized, you can continue to use the Flash player.

Your other option is to switch to the HTML5 version of Jigidi. It's important to stress, that our HTML5 version is still a work in progress, and also that creating puzzles still requires Adobe Flash Player.

It so follows that if you have a low tolerance for ''bugs'' and creating puzzles is something you enjoy, we recommend you wait with the switch till the HTML5 version is finalized and as capable and smooth operating as the Flash Player version.

If you prefer the HTML5 player (taking the above into account), you can make it your default version by going to your profile settings on Jigidi under "My Profile" and turn on "Use HTML5 instead of Adobe Flash Player".

Should I worry about continuing to use the Flash Player?

It much depends on your online habits and preferences.

Exploring all corners of the Internet while having your Flash Player active, increases the risk of your device catching malware.

Dodgy websites are prone to have malicious flash programs. If you only use Flash Player on websites you trust, your risk is quite minimal and no higher than using all sorts of other technologies.

Think of it this way: Flashing a Rolex in a dicey neighborhood makes you more at hazard to robbery. You should only enable your Flash Player when you're in a safe neighborhood.

Why is the HTML5 version of Jigidi still in progress?

Like many other websites, we followed the trend for a long time. Continuously assessing when the spread of HTML5 was large enough that it made sense for Jigidi to switch technology.

We did see the writing on the wall and started the development several years ago. But for various reasons, the project has been quiet for an extended period; and we are not as far along as we would have liked.

Hands down, Google making another hurdle like the one that has just been rolled out with Chrome 76 took us a bit by surprise. We thought we were past the last one and things would be maintained as they were until December 2020.

We are, therefore adjusting the development plans to meet Google's desire to phase out Flash as soon as possible.

So, by December 2020, the last dot in the list will say that Jigidi has moved entirely from the Flash Player (while thanking the technology for what it's brought us over 14 years) to HTML5 for many, many more years of creative and social outlet for all people across the world. ♥

Happy puzzling!

Lots of love, Jigidi


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Thank you for being proactive in this change and explaining it well to those in the world of jigidi.


THX SO MUCH DEAREST JIGIDI for solving the flash problem - you are amazing in your quick response and i have the greatest respect for you ☺☺ will continue using flash until html is sorted out and we have to change. God Bess you and everyone here and happy Puzzling and chatting ♥♥♥ love brightspark and sparklightie xxxx


With Firefox you can enable Flash per site. That means you can enable it for Jigidi while leaving it blocked for all other sites. For me, that is the best of both worlds.


No problem. I'm sure you'll work out the bugs in HTML which I worked one puzzle with. It was a bit of a struggle. I'll stick with opening flash on the title line. Click on the little lock, folks, as soon as you get on Jigidi.


Hi, I notice there are a host of new issues using flash today. Especially when creating puzzles. All very frustrating.


I cannot create puzzles whatsoever in Chrome. I detest Microsoft Edge.


Thank you for this clear and concise explanation. Flash seems to work perfectly well for me alongside my protection software which I ensure is up to date.
Like others I will be continuing to use Flash for the time being, after all it is only a minor inconvenience to turn it on each time I come to Jigidi.


Thank you :)


Thank you for your explanation I am staying with Flash for now, really appreciate what you do would miss my Jigidi family if things do not work Val


Thanks for your prompt response to what was happening to jigidi on the demise of flash player. It is good to know that someone out there cares about the end users rather than just cutting us off!
Keep up the good work


Herman Karper, Dutch living in France.
I found the HTML5 version less then Flash Player. The pieces are too wide spread out, so i have to zoom out to get the total into the screen, the total view is then too small with tiny pieces. For many reasons i dont use Google, this action is one of them.


Your way of showing in one picture what to do to get Flash back is simple and clear!
I had been trying via Google: didn't work!
Now, just 'clicking' on the 'lock' at the top of the jigidi page!! I can put new puzzles on jigidi again.
Thank you, thank you!!!!

I have always used Flash but when I started getting blocked - just a few days ago - I had no idea of what was going on until I had received a notice about what was going on with Flash. I also Googled how to get unblocked, I think I am going to stay with Flash until all little kinks have been unkinked. I am not very computer literate so if things don't work right I usually don't know how to fix them and being in a nursing home it isn't easy to get family/friends to come in to help me. Jigidi, what you have done here with the explanation of what is going on with Flash has increased my thanks and respect for all the hard work you do for us all!!! Thank each and everyone of you who are working at Jigidi for all you do to give us such a wonderfully fantastic site where we can do our favorite past-time and get to meet so many folks from around the world!!! God bless each of you!!! Jeri


Thank you so much for the easy to understand explanation! So superior to Google's. So much time was wasted (as well as frustration) trying to follow Google's explanation for unblocking - when all along all that needed to be done is click on the padlock icon on the URL bar! Publicly admitting I'm locked in the 'technology sandbox' so the 'dumb-downing' of the language the better for many of us! :-D

HTML5 puzzle solve was OK in a PC Chrome 76 world. Just missed a couple key elements - saving a partially solved puzzle and scrolling to change the size of the display - it jumps to preset sizes.

great explanation: rolex in a dodgy neighbourhood, even I understand! Cheers.

Just a couple of small whinges - I have the same problem as unitymountain, I miss the solid little click when I put in a piece, I don't like the change of background and I find it difficult to log off when I'm part way through a puzzle - will continue with flash and thank my lucky stars that my problems are all so trivial. Thanks jigidi - very helpful info! =D

Cannot get on my puzzle at all or on HTML.


No se cómo funciona HTML. intenté usarlo pero me cambia el color de fondo, agradecería información.


Thanks to the developers of Jigidi for the good attitude to the players,quick response to the problems.I'm from Russia and I really like your site! All the best to you ,prosperity and further promotion on the Internet!


I don't use Flash at all, and the HTML works fine.
The only thing I can't do at the moment is upload my own pictures for puzzles.


I am having the same problem as @TigerCat and I can't figure out how to the puzzles I have bookmarked. I guess I will continue with the flash until all the bugs are worked out. Enjoy your site so much it has been a saver for me when overstressed :)

Thank you so much for posting this info. It was very easy to understand, and very much appreciated!


Thanks for keeping us informed on the situation that we all will be facing in the future.
Your outcome with HTML5 trials have been working.


I have just moved to Windows 10, and found I was blocked. Thanks for the info.


I'm with TigerCat for the exact same reasons.

Your explanations were very clear and understandable, thank you.

Loved all the facts and details. All is much appreciated from my little corner of the world in Idaho, USA.


Thanks for this explanation. I've had a couple of instance where Flash required some attention. I'll be watching this site for the go-ahead for HTML5.




I cannot find out what y'all have done to fix this problem! Would somebody tell me, please???


I was pretty concerned, but it was an easy fix. Thank you!!


Right now I'm not a fan of HTML5. I have a desktop Mac with a large screen and I solve one 540-piece puzzle a day. With Flash, when I press solve, the pieces are all on the screen. I then adjust the screen to allow a small space on the left and I begin lining up the pieces by colour from top to bottom until all pieces are lined up.

With HTML5 when I press solve the pieces are widely scattered. When I minimize the screen in order to get all the pieces on the screen, (as they were with Flash) then the puzzle pieces are much too small. :-((


Thank you for this helpful, informative blog. :-))

I tried the HTML5 version. I missed the sound that comes when the pieces are locked in place. I hope when your transition is complete that we will still hear the sound when our jig saw pieces fit together! Thank you!


I wan to add that I am really happy that Jigidi is on top to this brave new world we live in and are doing their best to keep the changing world in perfectly running order, thank you.


So, we just wait until HTML5 is ready and then what torcher do we have to go through to upgrade? I am just a bit worried I am going to loose Jigidi in a few months, agh.


Thank you to Jigidi's humans. You have made a forum that takes us around the world and back again. So many acquaintances made, so many more to meet thanks to this site.


wow! you are too cool! what business is this thoughtful of its customers? love you more than before.


Thanks for the heads up !!


Thanks for explaining. Now I understand better what's happening.
I discovered how to unblock flash and now I use it again. And I'll keep on using it until you say that Jigidi is completely ready for HTML5.
Thanks again for this great site. Ank ♥

Thanks for this blog. Makes sense to me now. :)

Merci beaucoup pour ces explications.. J'étais inquiète pour la suite car je suis addict à Jigidi. Hier, j'ai essayé la version HTML5, mais j'ai eu du mal avec le zoom, j'espère que d'ici décembre 2020, cette version sera bien opérationnelle.
Merci pour la qualité de ce site, que de plaisir!

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