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Design update: We have simplified the jigsaw puzzle player

Does the puzzle player look a little different to you? We have made some changes - aiming to significantly simplify the solving experience. In this blog post; we take you through the alterations.

0:17 Orangefox 6
We have simplified the puzzle player

At the beginning of this year, 2021, Adobe pulled the plug on their Flash player. Flash was the technology in which Jigidi's original puzzler player was built; so we picked up the glove and created a new puzzle player using new technology for building blocks.

Upon launching the new puzzle solver, we shook hands with you upon this: you would all give the new puzzle player a thorough go before returning to us with essential matters for you that we adjust. In turn, we would look over your feedback and seek out alterations that would better the system for you all.

So today, we are happy to release an update that significantly simplifies the puzzle player's interface ☺

Your feedback

A general point to much of your feedback was that it was quite tricky to find your way around the new puzzle player's side panel. And we do acknowledge that the interface was a bit too confusing. It was born out of a desire to make the interface more flexible and customizable, but the end result was indeed laborious.

But let's go through the specifics of this updated version of the puzzle player, so we all know what's what.

The new side panel

The most significant difference is that there is no hierarchy of features in the side panel. There are no ‘hidden’ features, and what you see is what you get, so to speak.

The side panel has two modes: one mode while solving and one after completion, (this resembles how the old Flash Player version worked).

We’ll address both modes in the following.

Side panel while solving a puzzle

When you start your puzzle, the side panel is closed. You open it by clicking in the upper right corner.

Once you’ve done so, this is how the side panel presents itself (try to avoid Lilly’s gaze, we’ve got work to do!):

Jigsaw puzzle player side panel

Easy access to zoom and fullscreen

When you look at the top of the side panel, you see these buttons (zoom, full screen and open/close side panel):

Jigsaw puzzle player top navigation

Should you choose to close the panel, these buttons will stay in the upper right corner of the screen - to ensure easy access to these features throughout your solving experience.

Easy access to pause

We have created keyboard shortcuts for several features and pause is one of them.

The shortcut for pause is to press ‘P’. To unpause simply press ‘P’ again or click on the puzzle.

Now, you can also pause via the side panel. You find the option just on the left side of your time:

Jigsaw puzzle player time and pause

Return to the puzzle to comment

Many of you have been looking high and low for how to return to the puzzle to leave a comment on the puzzle. This option is now more salient - you click on either the puzzle title or ‘Exit to comments and leaderboard’.

This feature is available both while solving and when the puzzle is complete.

Keep preview open

To keep the preview image open while solving - but with the side panel closed - you click the (the pin) to ‘make it stick’.

Now let’s move on to how the side panel looks, once you’ve completed your puzzle.

Side panel when the puzzle is complete

This is the side panel once you have completed your puzzle:

Jigsaw puzzle player when completed

Here we have again aimed to create a side panel that is as simple and intuitive as possible. The key is still ‘what you see is what you get’.

How to restart the puzzle

Quite many of you have asked for a more salient way to restart the puzzle. You do this by clicking . This feature is available both while solving and when the puzzle is complete.

That's it for now, Jigidi puzzlers ♥

We appreciate your feedback!

Now, go try it on for measure and let us know what you think ☺ And please note the following:

  1. To be able to address a problem, we need information on the issue. So, please give it a good (explorative) go before getting back to us.
  2. And then, if you find you have problems or suggestions, please write to us via our support function. We read everything you write to us on the blog, but we can get much better organized when handling errors and design faults via the support system.
  3. The guidelines for Jigidi applies to all communication on Jigidi; including here on Jigidi Post and in our support system.

But wait...

How about the puzzle pieces being presented in more of a pile when you open puzzles with a few pieces? Or the issue with the pieces seeming smaller than before on puzzles with many pieces?

The objective is to best present the puzzle pieces while making good use of the available space (e.g., not have them be too scattered or too much in a pile). But the process is tricky as several variables come into play (size of pieces, number of pieces and screen size).

The old puzzle player too had its weaknesses in borderline cases. We have addressed these in this new puzzle player by calculating the necessary space while considering both the number and the size of the puzzle pieces and then zoom so the whole area is visible. However, this, in turn, introduced other unfortunate borderline cases.

Know that we are looking into which satisfactory adjustments to make but as of yet have no clear solution for all screens and puzzle sizes.

And keep talking to us ☺ We are listening and get all the wiser on what works for you and what doesn't.

Thank you all so much for being here, and happy puzzling!

Much love,



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I have a suggestion that would seem to be an easy one. There is a way to go page of puzzles to the next page with an arrow button. It would be nice to be able to go completely to the last page or even skip 10 pages to make going back to older puzzles easier.

I already found a way to do it.

Why can't I save a "puzzle in progress" so I can move on the next day?


I'm a little late to the topic, but I find the new version to be quite nice and I have had no issues acclimating to it. I second sally1952's suggestion for a way to move multiple pieces at once, but that would just be the cherry on the top.
I absolutely adore Jigidi. Thank you for all your efforts!


I liked the prior version much better. For example, I don't like that the side panel needs to be pinned open with each new puzzle. If I select pin, it should remain as pinned open until I change that setting myself.


geen problemen met de puzzels te maken.

can you work out a way of allowing jigsaws to group pieces for a mass move and also to autoselect all the edge pieces, as some other jigsaw sites do


I still have no sound for the puzzle pieces and didn't see a Menu at the top.


And you still haven't done anything about fixing the background colours...
So disappointing :(

I am not sure but every time I do a more challenging jigsaw the damn thing reshuffle, how do I avoid this? I see a lot of the issues Ricrac does, I really enjoy this site but having a 500 piece reshuffle is beyond annoying.

What happened to the percentage? It used to show them i liked that.


The pieces move slowly and jerkily, and when you move one piece the whole puzzle shifts. Not such an enjoyable and relaxing hobby, it was better before the changes.

What has happened to the app? It constantly freezes and resets puzzles in progress. I have had to uninstall and re-install but the issue persists. Was the app updated when the server changed or has it been left to slowly die...?


I don't mind the new look at all, I'm just having issues with it lagging or being really slow to connect the pieces. Has anyone else had this issue?

I enjoy the new format for playing Jigidi very much. I think it's great and thank-you for doing such a fine job.


The new format is quite fine with me. Old and new formats were good and I have grown used to the new format. However, there is a glitch occuring and I don't know if it's something i do wrong for if there is an issue that needs looking at.
Often, the puzzle I am working on (full screen mode) will disappear and revert back to the page with the leaderboard. Clicking to return to the puzzle takes me back to the full screen mode. Sometimes, it will actually undo all the progress and reset the clock to zero. Other times my progress is retained when returning to work on the puzzle. Any comments on this appreciated.

Vous avez beaucoup travaillé pour remplacer le flash player et ça, gratuitement, alors, soyez en remercié. J'aime toujours autant ce site même avec les changements. Merci beaucoup.


Thankyou for working so hard to produce something for all of us the world over that is so enjoyable!!

I hate the new format. The screen is limited and moving pieces is difficult, at best. And, WHAT’s WITH THE ADVERTISEMENTS EVERYWHERE??? I loved the simplicity of the old format. Jigidi was the best puzzle site, but now it resembles other puzzle apps that I tried before I found Jigidi that were disappointing. I am very disappointed with this change. My puzzling has lost its joy. I no longer look forward to my daily puzzle experience. The advertisements bother me VERY MUCH!! I paid so that I would have no advertisements when I joined Jigidi. What happened to that agreement?!! I doubt that I will be using Jigidi much longer. The site is ruined!


Hate everything about it. Works like crap. Can’t have full screen if you plan to move pieces. Lose pieces and sometimes the whole damn puzzle. I have absolutely no positive feedback for this change and therefore will probably not be using it much anymore. Thanks for nothing!

I have 1st gen ipad mini. It is as updated as it can be. I cannot load any puzzle now. I guess unless I want to buy a new ipad I won't be using this app anymore. It is very disappointing. This is the only jigsaw app I really liked. I guess I will go back to old school jigsaw puzzles.

Sorry, but the new site really really stinks. You have taken what was a spectacular piece of entertainment and sent it back to the dark ages. I used my iPad for the puzzles, but now it looks like a computer page from the 80's. I can't use the full screen option, because every time I drag a piece down the page the full screen closes. So I'm left with the iPad banner across the top of the page and words all over the page instead of the clean page I used to have to move the pieces around. The pieces are not crisp as they were before. I realize that programming a new platform is difficult and time consuming, but it's not like you didn't have time to do this. Adobe has been telling us for years that Flash player was going away in December, 2020, and this is the best you could come up with?!!!! I paid for no ads on multiple devices, and enjoyed it for many years, but I'm going to have to quit now. So disappointing, as this was the best one on the web.


@capsaigc I don't know how simple it would be for Jigidi to arrange that. And again, why would they want to spend their time and effort on a tiny group of people who aren't even interested in the puzzles? Surely the geocaching community can function just fine without Jigidi.

@Bluebonnet simple solution: don't show auto-solver user on the record board...


@capsaigc Most of us had no idea there was such a thing as auto-solver, and if we knew how to get it we wouldn't. Suppose 10 geocachers use this thing to solve a puzzle in record time. Then no one else gets on the board. For solvers who are competitive, getting on the board is an objective, just as finding a cache is an objective for geocachers. Why would Jigidi allow a few people to use Jigidi for their own ends—ends that have nothing to do with puzzles—at the expense of the enjoyment of thousands of others? And isn't geocaching a test of skill? Then people shouldn't cheat.

Please stopp blocking auto-solver.
If geocacher wants to solve the puzzles faster, then please let them do.


is er geen mogelijkheid zoals bij andere puzzelmakers om je overige stukjes even weg te bergen zodat je meer ruimte hebt om te puzzelen.

@cschalm: yes that's the reason why I am trying to find if this is a known issue here. Hope this will be fixed soon.

Has anyone else noticed that when you group pieces together, they will often be in almost the perfect order so that you don't even have to look or think ?
My pieces will often be perfectly sequential from right to left, up a row and same thing - within a pile I have created .. takes all the fun away !



Entschuldigung, ich denke, Google Übersetzer hat einen Fehler gemacht.

Wenn Sie die Arbeit am Puzzle beenden und es verlassen möchten, drücken Sie das Pausensymbol (||) oder den Buchstaben P auf Ihrer Tastatur.


@FuRBy06 Stellen Sie zunächst sicher, dass Sie in Ihrem Konto angemeldet sind. Wenn Sie bereit sind, das Rätsel zu beenden, drücken Sie das Pausensymbol (||) oder den Buchstaben P auf Ihrer Tastatur. Wenn Sie dies tun und feststellen, dass Ihr Puzzle nicht gespeichert wurde, stimmt etwas nicht. Verwenden Sie das Support-Formular unter "Hilfe" am Ende der Seite, um Ihr Problem zu beschreiben. Der Jigidi-Administrator wird Ihnen so schnell wie möglich antworten.

In jigidi bin ich schon lange angemeldet, habe schon viele Puzzle gelöst. Dabei kam mir die Speicherfunktion bei größeren Puzzles sehr zu Hilfe, dann musste nicht alles auf einmal gelöst werden, sondern ich konnte mehrere Tage pausieren und dann weitermachen. In der neuen Fassung gelingt mir das Speichern leider nicht, auch die Ad-Blocker bei Firefox auszuschalten hat nicht geholfen. Gibt es die Speicherfunktion nicht mehr oder was mache ich falsch?


I agree with downsman about changes and no frills. However I still find jigidi fun to use and a friendly medium to meeting virtual friends. My only real complaint is the piling of pieces in the centre instead of using the whole screen. However, the computer people in general seem to make things more difficult for people like me who don't care for many changes and new bells and whistles.


Why make unnecessary changes, If it ain't broke don't try and fix it.
Over the years I've enjoyed this site but it is becoming a source of frustation What with the Catergory and pointless pop up when you finish the puzzle.
If there was an option of switching on or off like the filters or where you select other options.
I joined Jigidi some years back as a guest and decided this was the best of what was available at the time, so signed up. The site then was user friendly, no frills just good old puzzleing.
The first time I used the new catergory system I typed in motorcycles, the page that came up had photo that showed was a long distance landscape shot that had an empty road. The only reason it was under that catergory was a remark that the road might be good for motorcycles.
I used to fit approx 1000 pieces a day now a lot less due to the fact it takes longer to find what I want.
If you feel like you need to make changes wouldn't it be nice to know in advance.

Can we have a shortcut for the "pin" feature or an option to make the "pin" feature always on?

Thanks for making Jigidi better & better!!!

I, too, like the old html5 side panel better than the new one. I liked being able to see the leaderboard and comments without leaving the puzzle, and having the choice to see or hide the preview and see the width and height. It took only a very short time to learn the interface. Nonetheless, both old and new interfaces are very usable.

As far as how *I* use the puzzle, I start the puzzle with a small window so that the pieces are a good size and grouped together, then maximize the window and move the canvas to the right so that I have a clear space on the left in which to make the puzzle. I haven't changed that habit for the new interface, but I think I'll try maximizing the window from the beginning, based on the extensive work you put into the algorithm to size and pile the pieces.

Thanks for all your hard work.

I Love the new sureface, this is beautiful. Thank you so much.

I also really like the new side panel when the puzzle is complete, especially with the link letting me compare my time with the leaderboard. (I clearly need to spend a lot more time here if I am ever going to feature on a leaderboard ;-) )


Love the new jigidi, love that the side panel shows the completed puzzle, makes it so much easier. Completely happy. Thank you.


If possible I would like the percentage feature back and the leaderboards. Quite liked to see if I was on pace and how much percentage I did within x amount of time.

Happy Anniversary/Birthday Jigidi!

I like that the completed message is on the right hand side. That way I can still see the puzzle. Have a nice day!

I agree with bdejong. If there was a way to corral a group of pieces to move them, that would be truly wonderful and a great timesaver.


Thank you so much. Love the new and improved Jigidi!!!!


Sorry to repeat myself, but this doing my head in. Please provide a way of pausing without having to open the sidebar, or allow me to open the sidebar without seeing the picture. I like to do random jigsaws without knowing what they are. There was nothing wrong with the old interface, and I see no reason for it to have changed.


Dobrý den a hodně zdraví. Jigidi je opravdu pro mě a manželku, nejlepší odpočinkové skládání. Autorům moc děkuji za dokonalou práci.

Thanks for all your hard work. I really enjoy Jigidi and am so glad to have found it. The one thing I miss from the most recent past version is the display of the percentage completed on the side panel. Before the with the older version I had to exit from working the puzzle in order to see the percentage completed and I was really happy to find it on the side panel with the newer version. Now with the current version (unless I am not doing it right), it is no longer on the side panel and I have to once again exit from solving mode to see the percentage. Can this be moved back to the side panel? thanks for many hours of puzzle solving enjoyment.

I think the side panel popping up is annoying, both on pad and phone.
I would like to have a pause button and a restart button by the + and - button.

Thanks for the clear explanation of the sidepanel. I hope you will keep these instructions available both for newbies and for those of us who forget some of the points.
I would love it if you would work out a way of allowing us to group pieces for a mass move. Some other online jigsaw providers provide "drawers" where we can put pieces away while working on another part of the puzzle; others have a facility to allow us to arrange them around the edge of the puzzle. I do large puzzles and hate the amount of time it takes to spread out the pieces before I feel I can begin to do the solving.
This suggestion is for contributors, particularly those sending in landscapes or buildings. Please, please, tell us other solvers where these places are, no matter what language you use to tell us in.


Thank you for jigidi puzzles! I love them and I'm so happy with the new layout.
Keep up the good work.

Love the new side panel, thank you! I am curious to know if my memory is right...when I first joined Jigidi, I would swear, when selecting the puzzle size, it stayed that way until I wanted to change it. A small inconvenience, but I would love to see that feature return

I really do not like the change. I loved it the way it was. I whoud like to have it back if you can. If that is not changed I will try the Adobe flash player to see if it is better.

Thank you for all your hard work, and I am very happy with all the changes! One thing I do sometimes, which may help someone else, is that I bring up Jigidi on my tablet (iPad) while I'm solving on my PC. That way I have a fairly clear view of the puzzle I'm working on, as I go, and I can pinch to zoom in or out if I need to. I have to tap my iPad from time to time to keep it awake, but that's no biggie. I did purchase the ad-free version, and that's the least I can to to support all you do for us! @Kliim I too had a resolution problem on one of the puzzles, but I think it was the way I had my browser window set resolution-wise. Try pressing CTRL 0 (the Control key and the zero) to set your resolution to 100% (no zoom) before opening the puzzle.


Thankyou for recent improvements you have made to one of my favourite games . I just love my Jigidi . I am almost 93 yrs of age, and I spend many sleepless hours working on puzzles ... such a comfort the puzzles are when all else is silent... I am so happy and contented. . Good wishes to you, and all the team of workers, Cheers...

I like the new side panel, but I think it was also a good idea is, to give the creators the possibility to hide the preview picture or can take an different picture for preview.


Thanks ... better explanations. I was away for a while and had a real hard time trying to figure it out. I really enjoy your puzzles. Thanks again


I love jigidi and spend most evenings on it - the new changes are much better - thank you. All your hard work is very much appreciated!!

I like the new interface very much. I do wish there was a way to "corral" and drag multiple pieces at once.


Oh, I so love the new changes and appreciate all of your efforts in keeping us all happy! Thank you so much!

How do we avoid the side panel popup when the puzzle is completed? We find it intrusive an annoying.


I've been away from Jigidi for a year (dropped my laptop and killed my monitor, so no more bedtime laptop-on-chest puzzle solving). You have done a great job here! The changes are all great, most notably the categorization of themes--wow!


Thank you! Is there a way to hit "quick play" and NOT get a preview? It is fun to work a puzzle and be surprised at the result ....


I love jigidi, and work puzzles every day. It only took a little time to get used to the new format, and I'm now just as happy with it as I was before. Thank you so much !! ♥


Good job! The changes fixed many things that needed improving. It would be nice to be able to select multiple pieces (maybe by holding a shift key) and move them together. Also, a useful capability would be a method to spread out the pile of pieces after zooming out. Thank you for all your hard work. Jigidi has given my wife and I many, many hours of enjoyment.

Thank you for the updates and info, much appreciated, always hard to start afresh when its significantly different to what I was used to.

thank you for the changes , i have again a full screens . and i love the improvement 100% BETTER , thank you again . love johanna


Was able to work it out easily. Would be nice to have an "edges only" option and also to be able to cluster pieces. Still, more than happy with the current state of Jigidi


I love every change. Everything works lovingly! Though starting new puzzles I don't see the pieces packed, but it's not important. I'd like to be able to move a group of separated pieces together - there was this possibility, more than ten years ago.


I like it.. Though the very short distance before two pieces click together could be a bit longer for us with hand tremors :-))


Thank you for the information before I start a new one, I have not been on for awhile as haven't had time.


I would like means of moving a group of pieces. i would prefer a larger refernce picture as my eyes are not good enough to see any details in the present one.


I like it! Love that I can change the background color. And I don't mind the ads. Thanks!!

I wish the exit to comment and leaderboard kept my puzzle preferences. Everytime I go back I have to re-choose what I want to see.

Graphics in HTML5 is much poorer - at least on my PC - than it was in Flash Player. If nobody can give me a hint as how to improve it, I will sign out permanently after several years of good fun.

I have figured out the side panel with no problem but it would sure be nice if I could enlarge the picture of the puzzle on the side panel. I'm getting old and my eyes aren't what they used to be.


I'm not doing as many puzzles now because the newest side panel is more confusing to me than the previous one was. It takes valuable time to figure out which icons I want to use at any given moment. One thing that I find extremely annoying is the keyboard shortcut for pausing a puzzle. It doesn't work all of the time and, even when it does, it triggers my browser's 'find' function. I know that you are working hard to make things better, but the latest side panel is a fail for me.

I stuck with adobe flash as long as I could because you substitute was large and confusing. Your side panel is great.
Great Job!

I HATE the new disappointing for one of your biggest fans.


I think this side panel isn't big and intuitive enough :D- If it ain't broke...
Still the best puzzle side on internet.


Really don't like the pieces stacked at the beginning - little random spreading of the pieces would be better... Also many times after finishing and going back out - it show 67% done - go back to the puzzle - no pieces out of place - back out - says 97% done.... What gives???


I finished a puzzle and should have been on the leaderboard, but was not on it. The puzzle pieces move too slow. Sometimes I try to move a piece and the whole puzzle moves. This new solving is troubling.

I would like the return of the percentage completed on the dashboard.

I love Jigidi but I like the Adobe flash player better than what Jigidi has now !!! I don't care for the clock either


I don't want to see the clock. Can I make it go away? I have selected NOT to show the timer, but it's still there.


I'm totally back in! The changes make puzzles more user friendly for a more enjoyable experience. Thanks for continually improving the the site.


Like the preview image even though I dont like all the clutter at the top right. Can that be reduced to one button like before?


I like the changes. There are 2 things I would like to see: the ability to undo a connection and the ability to move a small group of unconnected pieces at once. When doing the mosaic type puzzles, forming little groups is part of it; but sometimes 2 pieces from different groups connect because they are side by side in the larger group. You move a piece and then click and it changes how the groups have to be worked. Then you have a group of the same pattern in one area and you would like them in a different area, and the only way to do that is to move them one by one. A small circle that can be used to move everything in that circle would help.


Děkuji za tuto příležitost.


Still waiting for the ability to block certain users and their puzzles.

How do you save a puzzle when you're in the middle of it and cannot complete it until later?

Thank you! You addressed some of the things that I was looking (returning to comments for example). But, please, can we have a way to turn off the sound when a piece snaps to another piece? Or make all those sounds the same? A couple times a puzzle I hear a different sound, like a louder click that is echoing a bit, but I have no idea why, and it practically makes me jump each time.

Overall, thank you for all the work you do.

The new platform is wonderful. I'm ok with ads. I LOVE that you offer a relaxing pass time to us all. Great job. Thanks!


The yearly subscription that gets rid of all ads is $18 US. That breaks down to $1.50 a month. THAT IS LITERALLY A NICKEL PER DAY.

A nickel.

However, I can see that some newer users may not yet realize how wonderfully relaxingly addictive Jigidi is, and therefore might not want to commit to a year long subscription.


Now it looks older ._.

I would like to disagree with everyone about the ads. Someone has to pay for our pleasure! If you don't like them, then pay the price and get rid of them. I love your jigidi and the ads really don't bother me............thank you for all you do for us.

Joining the chorus of "ad haters". I actually kept using flash until it completely disappeared a couple of days ago for this very reason. Of course we understand the reason but they take up valuable real estate and are very distracting as they come and go and jockey for attention while solving. Isn't there some other way? I suspect there are a number of us who wouldn't even mind a SMALL fee for ad free puzzles.


It would be great if one could see a larger view of the image, maybe by clicking on it to enlarge it, temporarily, and see details while putting a puzzle together. Love this site!!! :)


Oh and can we get a back button for the Bookmark page? When I finish a puzzle and click the logo, it takes me to the last page of my bookmarks but there is no button to go the the previous page on my list.


Where has the small picture gone from the top right hand corner ? )o:


@JanetF Do you have a scroll wheel on your mouse? That method works very well for me for gradually resizing the puzzle.

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