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Dear Jigideers,

We have decided to make some changes to the Jigidi All-stars program. From this day on, the Jigidi All-stars program will change to Jigidi Plus.

Jigidi Plus is a permanent, one-time-puchase option. With Jigidi Plus there will be no advertisements on the website and in time, more features will possibly be included.

This is what will happen:

  • Current All-stars will be automatically converted to Jigidi Plus as of now
  • Current All-stars will keep their star and favorites until the change date, January 1st 2016
  • All-stars can no longer be purchased or extended
  • We hope you'll all say a heartfelt goodbye to Jigidi All-stars and give Jigidi Plus a warm welcome! :-)

    Magnus & Stefan

    P.S. Do you think this is a strange decision? Here is a little background:

    Jigidi All-stars has been a success. We have received so much love from you and the sense of community amongst the All-stars has generally been strong and supportive. But we simply don't feel the benefits are strong enough to defend the downsides and the effort required to maintain the program. We realize that some of you might think this is an odd or rash decision, but we hope you'll understand that we act in the interest of the site as a whole.

    June 16. 2015