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Ads on Jigidi

If you think the ads are annoying and unnecessary, or if you're using AdBlock Plus, please read on...

Why are there advertisements on Jigidi?

We agree. Ads are mostly annoying and the world would probably be a better place without them. However, maintaining and developing Jigidi takes a lot of time and resources and we rely on the income from ads for this purpose.

Behind the glossy puzzles, a website as visited as Jigidi requires constant tweaking and adjusting. We must support a multitude of everchanging devices, web technologies and global policies and provide the necessary hardware and services to be able to deliver the puzzles you all know and love. And we want to be accessible for suggestions and help with both content, user and technical issues. Unfortunately, no other monetization strategy can provide us with the economic foundation for these tasks.

If you find the ads too distracting, you can choose to remove them all for $9 by purchasing Jigidi Plus for your profile. We think this is fair price for the many hours of relaxation, enjoyment and socialising Jigidi offers. If you don't have a profile, you can join the site - It's free (because of the ads) and requires no personal information.

Ad blocking software

For the above reasons, AdBlock Plus and similar ad blocking software are essentially the bane of Jigidi's existence. We understand the desire to block ads, but please disable your ad blocker for the sites you actually use or you're effectively starving them of revenue - ultimately causing them to either stop their service or show even more ads to the other users. At best it's antisocial behaviour.

If you appreciate and use Jigidi but don't want ads, there's Jigidi Plus.