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Jigidi Plus is our subscription membership program. When you buy Jigidi Plus, you directly support Jigidi. In addition, you’ll get the full ad-free Jigidi experience.

Jigidi is a much-visited website, and we are very grateful for that! However, a website such as Jigidi requires ongoing development and a skilled and enthusiastic team to make it all happen. The ads help provide us with a sufficient economic foundation for these tasks.

Jigidi ad strategy

We would love to have a show of ads that always stayed within our guidelines.

But Jigidi guidelines are shaped with a stern focus on creating a community free from divisive content. Because divisive content makes us less able to see each other as people and more like representatives of opinions and conviction which in turn creates a ‘them and us’ position.

While the advertising industry to a still larger degree operates on the basis of advanced ethical standards, it does not concern itself with online social tribalism to the same extent we do at Jigidi. Therefore, you may come across ads on Jigidi that conflict with our guidelines. As we will always want to remove such ads from Jigidi, it would be of great help if you would report any findings to us.

Having said that, we do appreciate our advertising partners whom we choose for their high safety standard, their ability to adjust to our guidelines and, of course, strict focus on user-friendliness.

We will say a few more words about this in the following.

User-friendly - how?

The ultimate goal of Jigidi is to offer the best online puzzle experience for everyone. This sets high standards for the user-friendliness on Jigidi and also means that the ads can't interfere too much with the user experience.

We, therefore, continuously work with our advertising partners to ensure safe, relevant, and user-friendly advertising on Jigidi.

This is the reason we have:

  • A maximum of 2 ads on each page
  • No pop-up, full-screen or page take-over advertisements
  • A minimized time for autoplaying ads

If you would like to learn more, please read Google's policies for advertisements on Jigidi. These policies explain the measures taken towards ensuring that content, form, and placement of the ads on Jigidi do not diminish your user experience on Jigidi - or put you at risk of malware or other security or privacy matters.

We continue to make adjustments and appreciate any feedback from you as to both content, form, and placing of the ads.