Solve, create, share and talk about jigsaw puzzles

About Jigidi

With Jigidi we wish to give everyone a place where they can take some time out from everyday life and challenge themselves - at their own pace - while playing, communicating and sharing moments with each other.

How Jigidi came to be

One night in 2006 - rather sleep deprived after having become a first-time father to a beautiful boy - Magnus stumbled upon an online site with jigsaw puzzles and thought to himself: 'What if I could take a picture of my baby and send it to his grandmother as a puzzle?'.

Magnus created the functionality and the website (this website), and sent a puzzle-photo of the beloved sleep terrorist to his granny. She loved it! And the rest is history.

Jigidi has since grown in accordance with the general idea that playing, communicating and sharing moments with each other makes our lives richer. These are the values which have embodied Jigidi from the get-go to today.

A bit of company facts

At Jigidi we solve, create, share and talk about jigsaw puzzles - and we continuously strive to combine the fun parts of putting together a physical puzzle with the obvious benefits of a digital solution.

Jigidi was founded and launched in 2007 in Denmark by Magnus and Stefan soon joined. Today Magnus and Stefan maintain and develop Jigidi alongside Charlotte and Mette, who primarily focus on the communications aspects of Jigidi.

By the beginning of 2017 Jigidi proudly offers:

  • A large number of puzzles within any given category - 2.2 million public puzzles and 900,000 private puzzles. All created by Jigidiers!
  • A vast community of committed and generous Jigidiers (36,000 active accounts and more than 400,000 monthly unique user visits)
  • A highly user-centric design and an easy to use interface.

The ultimate goal of Jigidi is to be the world's best online puzzle experience for everybody. The most important inspiration towards this goal is you - our users. Your actions, remarks and wishes guide us in this endeavor.

Giving back

Jigidi has users from all over the world. This has given Jigidi (and us) a still more global perspective and we care about giving back. Every year we make a donation to one or more humanitarian organizations whose aims and goals we support.

In 2017 we have made our donations to The Danish Red Cross and The Danish Refugee Council. Both organizations are non political relief organizations with a global reach. With our donations we support their fight against the dehumanizing hardship that so many people across the world find themselves in today.