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What is "Messages"?

"Messages" is where you'll find messages from Jigidi to you. We send you a message here when we need to communicate directly with you.

You'll have access to your message history back in time, as it can be helpful to be able to review our communication.

What messages will I find here?

If, for instance, you were to buy Jigidi Plus to get rid of the ads, or if we made a change in our Terms of Service, you would receive a message from us here. You may also find information from Jigidi regarding your Jigidi account, content associated with your account, or how you use your account.

The message history goes back to October 2018. Before then, Jigidi guidelines were significantly different from today. Thus, any messages before this date will likely have little relevance today.

Can I write messages to you or other puzzlers?

If you need to respond to a message from us or wish to share your thoughts, you can get in touch via the support page - a message from Jigidi will always include a link to the support page.

You will not find messages from your fellow puzzlers in "Messages" – this communication always takes place on the puzzles.

What if I have no messages?

If your message box is empty, you have not received a message from Jigidi since October 2018.

Where do I find my "Messages"?

When you click on your username in the upper right corner and select "Messages", you will go to your messages from Jigidi.

How will I know if there is a message waiting for me?

You will always receive a notification when you have a message from Jigidi waiting for you.

If the message requires your immediate attention, a notice on top of the main pages of Jigidi will tell you to read your messages (once you've clicked on the message in your message system, the note will disappear).

Can I remove a message?

Yes, you can delete any message in the message system. You do this by clicking "Delete" below the message. After this, the message will disappear from the overview.

Last revision: 2 December 2021