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Welcome to Jigidi!

Hello, and a warm welcome to Jigidi

Jigidi is a free online community for puzzle lovers from all over the world. Here, you will find a community driven by curiosity, creativity, and empathy.

On Jigidi you can solve and create puzzles and communicate with other users

When you share puzzles on Jigidi, other users from all over the world can see and solve them. If they have a user profile on Jigidi, they can also leave comments on your puzzle.

This last part is one of the most enjoyable and keeps our users returning daily!

It's incredibly gratifying to receive a friendly comment telling you how others have received your puzzle. It's also nice to be able to greet others you're in a room with and share what's on your mind ☺

And over time, you will find that you will develop a relationship with many of your fellow users on Jigidi if you participate in the social part of Jigidi ♥

The Jigidi culture

Jigidi is a prosocial and global platform.

On Jigidi, people worldwide meet through user-created puzzles that create valuable and positive connections and stimulate learning and understanding across borders.

Behind Jigidi is Social Minds, a family-run, value-oriented Danish company. Our vision is to ensure that when you and your fellow puzzlers log off Jigidi after a visit, you do so with a sense of being in a better mental and cognitive state than before you logged in.

We achieve this by fostering an environment where positive interaction and cognitive development go hand in hand ☺

We have built a strong and highly loyal community through our dedication to creating a platform that actively supports the development of positive relationships and provides a safe, nurturing environment.

Every day, around 40,000 users from across the globe engage on Jigidi - and they're waiting for you ♥

  • Tip

    You can read about our community guidelines and the thoughts and science behind them on our blog and local newspaper, Jigidi Post. You will also find interviews with some of our users, which can be fun to read ☺

    You can also meet our users here, who generously share their experiences on Jigidi. It gives you a good idea of what kind of community you, as a Jigidi user, will be a part of.

    And if you have questions about Jigidi that you're eager to get answers to, you can find help in our Guides & Help section.

Create a user profile

If you want to create puzzles yourself and share them with others on Jigidi, you must first create a user profile. Once you have made a user profile, you can communicate with others on Jigidi.

Fortunately, creating a user profile is easy ☺

You create a user profile on this page, where you will be guided through the creation with small help texts under the different points.

  • Tip

    Jigidi puzzlers are delighted to meet new users!

    If you leave a few comments on puzzles that speak to you, other users will typically click on your username and go to your user profile page.

    If you write a few things about yourself that you want to share, they will get an idea of who you are, and it will be easier for them to come up with something to write to you. For example, many people write where they are from in the world and maybe also what they like to do and the like ☺

Make your own puzzles

When you make your own puzzle and share it on Jigidi, you will experience the joy of others solving it. And if it sparks something in them, they'll be bold enough to leave a comment

So, try to think about what interests you. What sparks your energy, curiosity, or warmth?

Our users share art and images they have either created themselves or found online.

It's quite common to try out many different styles before settling on a style or theme that suits you well on Jigidi

  • Tip

    The best puzzle experiences on Jigidi are the ones where you use the description field to write something about the puzzle.

    This will help people understand what you think and experience about the puzzle and provide an entry point for them to leave a comment.

    When sharing puzzles on Jigidi that are not your own, you must respect copyright. To help you out with this, we have made a video guide on how to Be Copy-right on international platforms like Jigidi.

Communicate with other users

When you're on Jigidi, you'll notice that other users communicate with each other on the puzzles and that the comments are friendly, curious, and generous.

Jigidi is a prosocial community. This means that we have special community rules on Jigidi that ensure a good tone and a warm interpersonal approach, and you can leave a comment without fearing that the tone will be unpleasant.

You can find the community guidelines here.

In addition, our community rules ensure that the puzzles you encounter on Jigidi are not political, religious, or confrontational. This means that you can relax on Jigidi and will experience your time here as a free space where you can be present as yourselves and not get sucked into divisive discussions.

The comments on Jigidi typically center around memories, ideas, questions, thanks, reflections, and curiosities. All of which build on the puzzles and comments written by others

When you find a puzzle that makes you think or feel something special or that you appreciate having seen take a leap of faith and leave a comment on the puzzle ♥

Appreciating each other's contributions and sharing our thoughts and reflections is incredibly rewarding. And you'll quickly get a sense of who's on the other end ☺

  • Tip

    Some puzzles become small communities where you return to solve them and talk to the same group of people ♥

    If you're up for it, you can create such a community by making a puzzle and calling users to it that you've previously written with and felt a connection to ☺.

    You can read here how to call other users to a puzzle.

    Additionally, if you communicate on a puzzle with a user and are interested in communicating more with them, you can "follow" them. This means that if they publish a puzzle on Jigidi, you will receive a notification about it. You can find out how to follow other users on Jigidi here.

Find puzzles on Jigidi

You can select the puzzle categories you want to explore at the top of the Jigidi homepage - and there are many!

One of the best things about Jigidi is that you'll find user-created puzzles here. Our users share puzzles about what's on their minds and hearts. This means you'll find a wide variety of puzzles here.

  • Tip

    This tip is also described above in the section concerning communication with your fellow puzzlers on Jigidi. When you find puzzles you particularly like, you can click on the username that created them. Doing so will take you to their profile page, where all their published puzzles are located, and you will be able to see if their posting style suits you well.

    And if you click 'follow this user,' you'll get a notification every time they share a new puzzle ☺

Train your brain with Jigidi

Your Jigidi-time can give you a great brain workout because our environment cultivates positive and edifying interaction combined with scalable cognitive training.

This means that the more you spread out your participation on Jigidi (solving puzzles, creating puzzles, participating in social), the more brain training you'll get.

Add to that a scaling in depth, and you're reinforcing your brain training.

Scaling in depth could involve solving puzzles with more pieces than you're used to, delving into specific genres of puzzles and working on their descriptions, socializing more deeply with other users, etc.

  • Tip

    You can use your solving time on the puzzles to note your development in terms of how much faster you become at solving puzzles 💪

De-stress with Jigidi

If you have days when you want to use Jigidi to de-stress, solving a puzzle without timing is a real treat.

It's just you and the puzzle

To that end, we have a setting we call 'Zen mode.' You can turn this setting on when you create a user profile on Jigidi. Many users enjoy turning it on and making puzzle-solving a more mindful experience.

You can see how to enable "Zen mode" in your profile here.

Do you have any questions?

Jigidi is a place on earth with its own community rules, inhabitants, and a whole lot of wonderful puzzles that act as a gateway to new knowledge, wonderful puzzle-solving experiences, new relationships, and much more. We've been around since 2007.

Such a place will have developed many ways of doing things. We built a Guides and Help section that answers many of your questions—questions that you have now and questions that you will have later when you have used Jigidi more.

You can find Guides & Help here.

And remember, you are always very welcome to contact us in support with your questions, just as other users are always happy to help where they can if you ask them

Get in touch with us

Do you have questions or need guidance on how to get started? Our team is always ready to help you and happy to hear from you ☺

Write to us at:

You can also find us on Facebook, instagram and Twitter.

Last revision: 13 March 2024