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We also evaluate unpublished puzzles

The way each of us is present on Jigidi is steered by what state of mind we each are in while we are on Jigidi. Therefore, Jigidi guidelines apply to both published and unpublished puzzles as they all exist on Jigidi.

Even though we do not keep as close track of unpublished puzzles as we do of published puzzles, you can experience that both published and unpublished puzzles are removed.

Now, unpublished puzzles can come to our attention in the following ways.

Via reporting or monitoring

If one or more of your puzzles are reported for violating our guidelines, Jigidi staff always reviews reports to settle whether a puzzle can stay or must be removed. And we will, to some extent, monitor repeat offenders and certain activities with relevance to our guidelines and terms of service.

So, if you experience having an unpublished puzzle removed, it may not be because a fellow puzzler reported it.

Via a screening system

We have three systems that continuously screen all images uploaded to the Jigidi system.

The first system, PhotoDNA, is in connection with our partnership with Internet Watch Foundation. PhotoDNA is a Microsoft service, and we use it to identify CSAM based on data provided by Internet Watch Foundation. We always send such material to the proper authorities.

The second system aims to identify pornography in general and was implemented on Jigidi during fall 2021.

We review what that system flags as pornography and check the account on which it is found. However, we do not keep close track of everything, so some things will go unnoticed.

The third system screens for breaches of specific artists’ copyright. This system may issue warnings about potential copyright infringements based on image content or mentions of the artists’ names. Please note that this system only includes copyright holders who have reached out to us and stated that their work is not to be shared on Jigidi. This means that you cannot rely on this system to keep you on the right side of copyright law – to ensure this, you must do your due diligence. Please refer to our video guide on how to be copy-right on Jigidi for more information.

Last revision: 18 November 2021