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Jigidi is a free online community where user-created puzzles act as catalysts for rewarding, positive, and educational connections between people from all over the world ♥

How Jigidi supports your clients

Jigidi is a member of the People's Movement against Loneliness (Folkebevægelsen mod Ensomhed) with DaneAge Association, and Danish Red Cross, among others.

As a community guide and link worker, Jigidi gives you a unique opportunity to help your clients fight loneliness and improve their cognitive skills through our prosocial and very active community.

At Jigidi, solving and creating puzzles is more than just a hobby - it's a bridge that connects people across cultures and borders.

A little over 10 years ago, I had a brain injury, and I had trouble speaking. I used to speak and teach English fluently, and suddenly I couldn't anymore. And when I spoke English, I only spoke staccato. So I was pretty bad.

I couldn't concentrate either, and when I started Jigidi, it took me 5 minutes to put a puzzle with 9 pieces. Fortunately, I could also see that I was getting better at it when I practiced. Now I can do a small puzzle in 6 seconds or less, and sometimes I do puzzles with 2-300 pieces.

My language has also improved a lot, and I have made friends all over the world. Some of them I have seen in real life. Luckily, it's a global sport to have fun with puzzles.

I usually put 4 puzzles on in the morning and spend a little hour writing with those who have commented on my puzzles from the day before. And if I'm gone for a few days, they ask for me.

It's also nice that I'm making a difference. Also, to those who are very lonely or not so well. So I am grateful to Jigidi for a lot in my life.


The Jigidi community is inclusive, empathetic, and active

Every day, we welcome around 40,000 people from all around the world to Jigidi. Here, they share the joy of solving and creating puzzles - and a curiosity about other people and what they share.

They experience how user-created puzzles create new learning, positive social relationships, and bridges between people worldwide.

Our community rules are designed with a deep knowledge of the science of human psychology, social dynamics, and digital interaction. Together with our active and personalized moderation with individual approaches, they ensure a unique environment where positivity and mutual respect are paramount, and the content is free from the typically divisive topics and behavior often seen online.

You can find our community guidelines here.

Franny and Irene share their experience of the Jigidi community here:

A cousin introduced me to jigidi in the fall. Wish I had known about it when I was home for months. The other Puzzlers are kind, friendly, talented, unique people. I appreciate them very much! There's a vast variety of puzzles, including humor. Comments are at times fun & at others caring & supportive. Am grateful for this puzzling community OXO


Jigidi is one of my most enjoyed sites. As well as a huge variety of puzzles there are so many users who share bits of our lives and support each other by sending good wishes, commiserations and condolances across the world. I value this.

I also find the Jigidi team are very happy to respond to any input from puzzlers. Jigidi is much more than just jigsaw puzzles.

Irene (Tuppence)

Our users are great at spotting and warmly welcoming newcomers.

You can socialize as much as you like at your own pace, and it's normal for users to first slowly dip their toes in the water and see how it feels ☺.

What are the specific activities at Jigidi?

Our users come to Jigidi to create their own online puzzles and share them with the rest of the world on the platform, to solve puzzles, and to communicate with each other in the comment threads below the puzzles.

And they talk about how they experience gaining new knowledge from the puzzles, as Bubba1943 does here:

This is the best puzzle site I have ever came across. I love to do puzzles and there are a ton of puzzles on here and they are free. you can post your on puzzles or look in the categories for puzzles.

Also a very large amount of people and I have not seen any that have been rude. 99.9% of the people will talk to you. I have learned a few new things I did not know. Puzzles come from all over the world so you will find things that you do not know but someone will tell you or give you the URL so you can Google it for information.

I love Jigidi. Thank you for making this site possible.


The puzzles typically come with a description of what we see in the image, and many of the comments below the puzzles will explore the context and facts surrounding the image. But they will also largely be reflections and memories that other users have about the subject of the puzzle ☺

All users' puzzles appear on Jigidi. This means there is a great diversity in what you are presented with on Jigidi. It's excellent for widening one's outlook and gaining perspective - and our users, like Susan here, really appreciate the variety:

I absolutely love Jigidi and scrolling through all the fantastic pictures people around the world want to share with me! I also love the aspect of creating my own pictures into puzzles to share with the world! It is also very relaxing to put together a 600 piece puzzles, and not think of anything else. The quality time I spend in Jigidi is worth the benefits I gain. Totally recommend everyone make Jigidi their "therapy" time.


Coupled with our community rules and moderation that ensure a positive and respectful environment, it all adds up to a great way to connect with each other in a positive and edifying way.

And you experience being seen and you experience seeing others, as Cathy expresses here:

Jigidi is a wonderful place. I can solve jigsaw puzzles and send and receive messages to and from people all over the world ! I have found some dear friends in the ten years I have been on this site and happily I was able to meet a few of them in person. Jigidi is making my world a better place!


Meet our users

If you're not sure if it's for your clients, here you can read stories from our users who have found friendships, learned new things and improved their cognitive abilities through Jigidi.

Jigidi has changed the way our family solves puzzles. After retiring and downsizing, I had no way to do large puzzles. In 2012, I found Jigidi and have been at ever since. I even graduated to making puzzles and posting them on Jigidi.

My grandson loves working puzzles on Jidigi. But for us the biggest benefit was for my husband. In 2020 he was diagnosed with Dementia. His doctor was very clear that he had to find things that would challenge his mind. He started with card games, etc but became bored doing the same thing. He saw me doing a puzzle and wanted to try. So we signed him up and he has done over 500 puzzles. Now that may not sound like a lot but the progress that he has made is amazing. He started out at 60 pieces and now is up to 120 - 150 pieces. He is very proud of himself for his accomplishments on Jigidi. I'm thankful.


Whatever the reason for coming to Jigidi, everyone can find a community here that welcomes them with open arms and a genuine interest in who they are and what interests them.

You'll find many more testimonials from our lovely users here.

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And if we've missed anything, we're always very happy to hear from you ☺

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