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Sharing options on Jigidi

Jigidi is an online jigsaw puzzle service with open access to the world.

The foundation of Jigidi is sharing our creativity and connecting across the world in kindness and curiosity. This is very important for the community and us. Without anyone noticing our existence, Jigidi would diminish over time.

We believe the world is richer and better when we build upon each other's creations. Thus, we operate, supporting worldwide interconnectivity and encourage sharing jigsaw puzzles online on and via Jigidi. One of the ways we do this is by presenting different options to share jigsaw puzzles on either selected social media or via email on the puzzle page.

You can share a jigsaw puzzle from Jigidi with friends and family either on email, social media or on your website via an 'embed’-feature.

Why allow for sharing?

When you publish an online jigsaw puzzle on Jigidi, your fellow puzzlers will see, solve, and maybe they will also comment on them.

Every day, tens of thousands of people from all over the world come together on Jigidi to share their passions, experiences and outlooks via comments and jigsaw puzzles.

Here we build on each other's outputs and expand both our individual and our shared horizon. We see and get seen in the process - and we grow with each new connection we make over the many different creative outputs.

This is human creativity at work on Jigidi.

To further this - reaching out online to more people via your jigsaw puzzles - using social media platforms works quite well.

Potential for new connections

By allowing your fellow puzzlers on Jigidi to share your puzzle, they can tell their friends and family, "Hey, look at this great online jigsaw puzzle someone on Jigidi created. I connected with that puzzle, and maybe you will too".

When your jigsaw puzzle is linked to, more people will visit and solve your puzzle.

Now, here you may pause and think that you only publish for your Jigidi-friends to see. But consider how you became friends with them initially on Jigidi ☺

Not stealing

Think of a painting in a gallery. Sharing the URL (web address) for an online jigsaw puzzle equals letting your friends know about a fantastic painting you saw at a gallery and giving them the route to find it. Only the URL is copied to another website - not the creation.

Following through on your habits

Reading this, also consider how often you share content from other websites on Jigidi – or solve jigsaw puzzles created by fellow puzzlers who have done the same.

Allowing the social media buttons on your puzzles is to follow through in that spirit.

Alright, with this fact in place, that concludes our appraisal for allowing for sharing your puzzles ☺

And we can now move on to how you can disable the sharing buttons on Jigidi because we do appreciate that some feel better - for any number of reasons -, making sharing their puzzles more difficult for their fellow puzzlers. And this is possible. You do it by disabling the sharing buttons in your profile settings.

But before we get to the step-by-step for how you can disable to social media sharing buttons (at the bottom of this page, if you are getting a little impatient), it is essential to note that this will only make it somewhat more challenging to share your puzzles, not impossible. And also, it will not make any difference to your privacy online.

If you have concerns regarding your privacy, we encourage you to read our general advice about privacy online instead.

We cannot wholly prevent any sharing of your puzzle

As a rule of thumb, any publicly accessible page on any website can be shared with anyone (or any social media platform). So if this is vital to you, then know that the only way to go about it is not to make it available on the internet (including on Jigidi).

A page on a website is represented by a URL. You can always see the URL of the current page at the top of your browser (it usually starts with "https://www"). The URL is just text and can be copied and shared like any other text piece. It can be written on paper, sent in an email or text message – or posted on a social media website, which will fetch that page and show it to people using that platform.

Suppose you share a puzzle - either by publishing it on Jigidi or sharing an unpublished puzzle with others (for instance, by calling them to the puzzle with @name). In that case, others have access to the URL and can share it via the URL or the sharing options available on the puzzle.

That's how sharing works, and this can be done with any page - with or without social media buttons.

Disabling the sharing buttons

To disable the sharing buttons on your puzzles you:

  1. Go to your profile settings (you find your profile settings in the upper right corner - click on your name there).
  2. Choose 'My profile.'
  3. Go to the bottom and click on 'Social media sharing'. There you find the option to disable the social media buttons on your puzzles.

Now, we hope this was helpful. And we really must apologize for dragging you through our emotional appraisal for sharing your puzzles. But we are such firm believers in global interconnectivity and what it can do for us both individually and as a species that we had to share that perspective before offering the how-to guide for disabling the sharing option.

Last revision: 17 June 2021