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How do I save my progress?

The first thing to do to save your progress on your online jigsaw puzzle on Jigidi is to make sure you're signed in - or create an account if you don't have a profile yet. 

Automatic save

Once you've made sure that you logged into your account and connected to the internet, your progress is saved automatically.

Under normal circumstances, every jigsaw puzzle piece that is moved is saved instantly. Thus, you can close your browser at any time without any further ado.

But for this to work, a stable live connection to our server is required.

What happens if you lose connection to the internet?

Unfortunately, not all internet connections are created equal.

Sometimes you may be outside the range of your wireless internet, or the connection gets interrupted when going through a railroad tunnel. Also, some older browsers do not support the technology to establish a live connection. The reasons are many.

To mitigate the consequence of the different scenarios, we've developed a backup solution for saving. Instead of saving instantly, it saves

  • periodically,
  • when the jigsaw puzzle is paused, and
  • when the browser is closed.

The tricky part here is that if there is no internet connection present when the browser is closed, the jigsaw puzzle is not saved. While Jigidi is a website for online jigsaw puzzles, we are aware that this can be very frustrating, so we continue to work to find ways to mitigate this specific scenario.

Last revision: 28 May 2021