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Jigidi review criteria

Our review criteria deal with what the image is most

When we review puzzles, we do it through all of the following four lenses:


  1. Does the title of the puzzle substantiate a breach of guidelines?

For instance, a sexually objectifying or ridiculing title or description is a tell-tell about both the intention and the most common interpretation of the puzzle.

  1. Does the image bring anything other to the table than the subject, making it a breach of Jigidi guidelines? And in a manner so substantial that the puzzle gets another overall focus?

Art, history, comedy or something else?

  1. What are the reactions from fellow puzzlers? How do they respond to the puzzle?

For instance, are the comments sexually objectifying someone – thus substantiating a breach of guidelines?

4.  Is the creator uploading many images that are seemingly seeking to test the line?

Does the creator beyond that have a profile that seems focused on either political conflict, ridiculing content, sexual objectification or anything of the sorts presenting breach of Jigidi guidelines?


Context of and intend with a jigsaw puzzle are key parameters when we review jigsaw puzzles.


Let's take a puzzle showing the White House in the United States of America.

Is that puzzle political? It could also be historical, personal from a trip or sheer appreciation of architecture. It all depends on the context – and when it comes to political material, timing has much to do with what it is most.

Another example is nudity in puzzles.

When you read the guidelines and our review criteria, you see that nudity per se is not at the heart of the issue of sexually objectifying jigsaw puzzles.

A binary nudity/non-nudity guideline deals in very rough measures that will (also) have the content removed that was not mostly sexually objectifying, and it will make room for content that is indeed sexually objectifying.

How we meet each other matters

When we are looking to connect with our fellow puzzlers - without angering, saddening, intimidating each other from noticeable or almost unnoticeable blows - we must do the work and question what we upload per our guidelines.

How we meet each other forms us.

It shapes our expectations of what the universe has in store for us, and it has much to do with whether we choose to arm or disarm ourselves, leaving room for learning, caring, and trust.

The more intuitive transgressions on Jigidi (as per our guidelines) are more reported and thus more removed. For instance, blatant sexually objectifying material, jigsaw puzzles with political references or aggressive behaviour in the comments sections.

The less generally intuitive transgressions on Jigidi are like ridiculing material and "fun" sexually objectifying content. If you are not in some manner 'feeling' part of or for the group that takes a hit of some sort, you are much less likely to stop and take action. But these remain transgressions on Jigidi.

Last revision: 1 May 2020