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Using the jigsaw puzzle categories on Jigidi

Are you looking for a specific theme when you browse the pages on Jigidi for an online jigsaw puzzle to solve? 

No worries, we have a jigsaw puzzle category system that’s all set up to help you with just that!

Where do I find the selection of categories?

You’ll find the categories at the top of every ordinary puzzle selection page. It looks like this:

You’ll find there to be a selection of altogether 10 main categories. Each main category has a vast selection of subcategories for you to explore.

How are the categories created?

The subcategories are a balanced product of, what you have most searched for on Jigidi (when using the search function), and the keywords puzzle creators have added to their published puzzles.

The purpose of the category system on Jigidi is to offer easy access to your preferred categories but at the same time also inspire you to branch out in your puzzle selection (our brains thrive on novelty ♥).

Where can I find more information?

You can read more about the jigsaw puzzle category system for all puzzles on Jigidi in this blog post. There we also address how to use keywords when creating and sharing your puzzles with your fellow puzzlers.

Last revision: 28 May 2021