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1 person = 1 account

Do you remember back when pink unicorns wandered our pastures - and the chance to hide behind different personas brought out the very best in you?

Ok. Let’s not do that then ☺

Safe online interaction on Jigidi

The obvious problem is trolling. A whole other matter is that we cannot comfortably connect with someone we do not know who is. On a good day, the guessing game is fun, on an average day it’s tiring and a bit too disconcerting.

Be curious, be creative, be kind. Be generously human. And be it all on one account.

Our aim is ensuring safe interaction between all puzzlers on Jigidi - not to create barriers to your creativity. Therefore, if you have distinct artistic reasons for having 2 accounts, get in touch and let us know.

But remember, transparency is King; you must write the names of the associated accounts in the description of both accounts.

What to do if you have several accounts

If you have more than one account and gasp at the prospect of having to figure out what to do from here – read along.

You can choose one of two options.

  • Option A: still public but ‘sealed’ accounts with 1 main account left and full disclosure in the description of all associated accounts.
  • Option B: removal of accounts with 1 account left of your choice.

‘Sealed’ accounts

Sealing your excess accounts considers the history and makes sure, that you do not loose puzzles or communication of value to you.

A sealed account means that while you cannot use it for posting, commenting or solving it will remain on Jigidi with all puzzles and communication on the puzzles.

In the description of this account you include:

  • That this account is not active.
  • The names of all associated accounts.
  • A reference to your chosen main and active account.

This ensures transparency and lets your fellow puzzlers know on which account they can reach you going forward.

Removal of accounts

If you wish to remove entirely all but 1 account simply let us know which account, you want to keep, and we’ll make sure to remove the rest of your accounts.


Last revision: 12 March 2019