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The notifications system on Jigidi is a means for you to stay on top of what interests you on Jigidi.

It is also a social tool that enables your fellow puzzlers to call you to puzzles they think might interest you ♥

Where do I find my notifications?

The number to the far right in the menu bar shows if you have any notifications. 

It’s blue with “0” when you have no notifications waiting for you and red with any number higher than 0 when you have one or more notification waiting for you.

Please note that you must have an account on Jigidi and be logged into it to receive notifications.

If you do not have one already you can create an account on Jigidi.

Of what will I be notified?

When someone tags you

If someone has tagged you on a puzzle – thus inviting you to drop by a particular jigsaw puzzle – you’ll receive a notification on this. The notifications include a link that will take you directly to the puzzle.

See here how you can invite someone to an online jigsaw puzzle on Jigidi.

Upon new comments on a puzzle you follow

When you ‘follow’ a puzzle, you’ll receive a notification when someone leaves a comment on that particular puzzle.

See here how you can follow an online jigsaw puzzle on Jigidi.

Upon new jigsaw puzzles from a puzzler you follow on Jigidi

When you ’follow’ a fellow puzzler on Jigidi, you’ll receive a notification when the puzzler posts a new jigsaw puzzle on Jigidi.

See here how you can follow a fellow puzzler on Jigidi.

Last revision: 4 June 2021