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Jigidi Post

Jigidi is a highly value-driven social, online jigsaw puzzle company. 

Beyond making a positive difference for the individual, we wish to make a positive difference for the collective. And this entails making some intrinsic choices in framing the Jigidi community.

Jigidi Post is a blog on and is effectively Jigidi-culture explained

We call it our local paper ☺

So, what's in the paper, then?

On Jigidi Post, you'll find:

  • The section Jigidi Stories where you can some of your fellow Jigidi puzzle creators.
  • The News section where we announce significant changes or add-ons to Jigidi, so you know what's coming,
  • and last, but not least, we have our Social Minds section, where we post relevant insights about our human social and creative selves.

All sections are of great relevance to what Jigidi is about and what is current in the community. But notably, the Social Minds section hold the insights that lay the groundwork for both the aim we have for Jigidi and how we go about steering toward it every day along with every puzzler on Jigidi.

We hope you'll visit Jigidi Post and get a sense of the community you are part of ♥

Last revision: 28 May 2021