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How to invite others to an online jigsaw puzzle on Jigidi

Did you know you can invite a friend or a fellow puzzler to an online jigsaw puzzle?

When you come across a puzzle and think that one of your fellow puzzlers or friends would enjoy that puzzle as much as you, you can actively draw their attention to the puzzle ☺

Here is the how-to:

If your friend has a profile on Jigidi, you can tag them in a comment under the puzzle of choice. You tag someone by adding ‘@’ in front of their profile name. The puzzler will then receive a notification that says that you mentioned them in a comment. When they follow the link in the notification, they’ll arrive at the puzzle.

If your friend doesn’t have an account on Jigidi, you do either of the following:

  • Use the share button to send a link by email or other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, or
  • pass on the link (the URL) to the puzzle to them by copying it from the address bar of your browser
Last revision: 1 June 2021