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Jigidi guidelines

This is Jigidi

We are all social, creative minds. That's how we're wired, and that's the premise Jigidi is built on.

At Jigidi we innately choose to celebrate what connects us. We believe that by doing this, we all keep growing the common ground that 'happens' when we share and reflect on each other's perspectives, interests, and knowledge.

In this philosophy also lies that we choose not to feed what distances us from each other.

Divisive content makes us not want to listen. And thereby we miss a chance to get inspired by each other and expand both our individual and shared horizon. And that is what we're here for.

These guidelines reflect this stand.

Do not post political content

A (political) puzzle is perceived much like a question: Do you agree with me on this? What do you think about this?

We should only ask that question if we feel inclined to respectfully receive an answer from all sides.

In the current climate around politics, many of us hold very strong opinions. And more often than not, it seems, we find it too strenuous to be respectful - because we're so filled with conviction and frustrated about the fact that others don't see what we see.

These exchanges from the trenches make no-one wiser and definitely does not make for enjoyable content.

Be kind when commenting

So, now you may think "who on this planet is gonna be kind when commenting just because they read here that they have to be - if they don't want to be kind. And, also relevant, do unkind commentators read guidelines?".

Probably not. But the point is, that it is required to be respectful to participate in comments sections at Jigidi. We all stop listening in the face of 'not nice' - and feel lousy. So, no thanks.

Always be respectful, and if you've got a funny bone, that's wonderful too. But if irony and sarcasm is your native tongue always be ready to follow up with an explanation when needed. Because with just textual communication that's like a perfect recipe for misunderstandings.

Comments may be removed without notice if these guidelines are not met.

Do not post religious content

Jigidi puzzlers come from all over the world. This means that many religions are represented here as well as non-religious people.

Please respect that others who do not share your conviction may feel 'preached' to when, for example, religious images are posted with writings attached to them or when religious symbols are presented in the images.

How to (and not to) use puzzles as personal messages

Public puzzles are for everyone.

If you wish to create a puzzle for specific users, refrain from publishing it, and simply tag the users in a comment after you've created the puzzle. You tag somebody by adding a @ in front of their username.

Do not use Jigidi for any commercial purpose

We do not allow images for advertising purposes on Jigidi with the intent of driving traffic to your website. Creative publishers, though, is somewhat of an exception to this rule.

We'll explain: If you are a creative publisher you may, for instance, leave a link to your website in credits, and thereby draw attention to your work and where we all can see more of it if we're interested. But never mention prices or advertisements of this sorts. Think of Jigidi as a place to show off your work, not as a marketplace. Your own website would be a platform for this.

If you or your company wishes to advertise on Jigidi or use a Jigidi puzzle in some way, please contact us with your request.

Do not upload illegal material

Illegal material includes racial hatred, hate speech and child pornography. Jigidi is a member of Internet Watch Foundation, and any illegal material will be reported to the proper authorities with all available information (e.g., IP address).

Profiles associated with such activity will be removed without notice. Also, profiles that show an interest in such topics (whether illegal or not) will be removed without notice.

1 person = 1 account

Do you remember back when pink unicorns wandered our pastures - and the chance to hide behind different personas brought out the very best in you?

Ok. Let’s not do that then.

The obvious problem is trolling. A whole other matter is that we cannot comfortably connect with someone we do not know who is. On a good day, the guessing game is fun, on an average day it’s tiring and a bit too disconcerting.

Be curious, be creative, be kind. Be generously human. And be it all on one account.

Our aim is ensuring safe interaction between all puzzlers on Jigidi - not to create barriers to your creativity. Therefore, if you have distinct artistic reasons for having 2 accounts, get in touch and let us know. But remember, transparency is King; you must write the names of the associated accounts in the description of both accounts.

"I have several accounts – what do I do now?"

Do not upload ridiculing puzzles

Think (and then stop) before sharing images of people you find look somehow wrong or foolish - with the intent of ridiculing them.

We all know, it's heartbreaking to be the object of ridicule.

And we definitely also know that ridiculing others won't bring you any closer to sainthood. Or a nice pat on the back from yourself when looking in the mirror (if your aspirations in this regard are of more mundane sorts).

Do not upload obscene or disturbing material

Images of violence, weapons, abuse, dead bodies and the like intended to shock or disgust are not permitted on Jigidi.

Why? We're glad you asked that question: Because no one likes it. It's precisely as enjoyable as sticking your head in the toilet.

Any puzzle that is reported as being inappropriate may be removed without further notice. Because no one likes obscene puzzles (yup, we said it again. We must mean it).

Do not post blatantly sexually objectifying images

We are humans. And humans love eroticism – it is one of our primary drivers. But we know from neuroscience (and from the pleasant experience of being human beings ourselves) that erotic desires create a state of tunnel vision in the mind. When - in the zone - we make choices that seek to optimize our erotic pleasure.

And because something always has to give, these choices will be at some expense of other concerns like for instance empathy, respect, consideration, and curiosity in matters outside the zone of erotica.

Therefore, blatant sexual objectification rhymes miserably with the goals of Jigidi and are not allowed here.

You’ll find our review criteria for erotica here along with a more in-depth rundown on our stand on blatant sexual objectification on Jigidi.

Respect copyright

Copyright has an alarming ring to it but is in its essence a quite simple concept to abide by:

  • You are only allowed to upload images you actually own or are allowed to share on Jigidi.
  • If you do not own the image, you must make sure that you're allowed to use it, for example, by asking the copyright holder for permission before using the image. Not knowing will not suffice.
  • Some works of art are no longer owned by anyone. They are public domain. This is true for most work where the artist passed away at least 70 years ago, but the law may vary from country to country.

No matter which of the above may apply, you must make sure that you are in your right to use an image. You are responsible for the material you upload on this and any other website.

If you are unsure of how to abide by copyright law while on Jigidi, we have created a video guide on copyright for online content for you. Also, you can read more about copyright on Wikipedia.

Ok, so this was a whole lot of don'ts. Back to the dos:

Be curious, be creative, be kind. Be generously human ♥

Last revision: 12 March 2019