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How to follow an online jigsaw puzzle

When you “follow” a puzzle, it means that you receive notifications about new comments on the puzzle.

Please note that to have the option to follow a puzzle available to you, you must leave one or more comments on the puzzle. 

How to follow a puzzle

When you leave a comment on a puzzle, a box at the top of the comments section will appear. The box will say "Notify me on new comments" and will already be checked if you have "Follow puzzles I comment on" enabled in your profile settings.

How to unfollow a puzzle

If you do not wish to receive notifications on new comments (on a puzzle you are following), then you need to un-check the box that says “Notify me on new comments”. If you find that you often receive irrelevant notifications about other comments on a puzzle, consider disabling “Follow puzzles I comment on” in your profile settings.

If you want to know more, we have written about the reasoning behind the follow-system in a blog entry on Jigidi Post. 

Last revision: 4 June 2021