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Create and publish an online jigsaw puzzle


When you join Jigidi you can create your own jigsaw puzzles and contribute to the community.

  1. Choose an image from your computer
  2. Adjust difficulty with the number of pieces
  3. Create your jigsaw puzzle

Now your jigsaw puzzle has been created, and you can solve it yourself if you like. But we would encourage you to contribute to the community and publish it on Jigidi


Start by giving your jigsaw puzzle a title and make use of the description to help our interpretation along. Consider also providing a few keywords to make your jigsaw puzzle easier to find.

  1. To publish your jigsaw puzzle on Jigidi toggle the ‘Publish button’
  2. Choose a category for your jigsaw puzzle
  3. You must also choose how you are allowed to publish this image concerning copyright. Now, why is that you may ask yourself. The point is that all images on the Internet are owned by someone. And to prevent copyright infringements, we need to make sure you are aware of the owner’s rights


Last revision: 17 June 2021