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Create a Jigidi profile

If you enjoy solving online jigsaw puzzles on Jigidi, you can consider if a profile might be something for you; it requires no personal information and is free of charge.

But what are the benefits of a profile?

Benefits of a Jigidi profile

Once you've created a profile on Jigidi, you can bookmark the jigsaw puzzles you come across and are interested in saving so that you can solve them at your convenience. 

Also, when you create a profile on Jigidi, you can create and publish your own online jigsaw puzzles

Another benefit is that the jigsaw puzzles you solve are saved automatically. This means you can resume them after having picked up the phone or made that cup of coffee you are yearning for ☺

How do you create a profile?

You create a profile by filling out the form under 'JOIN' in the upper right corner.

As part of creating your profile, you get to customize it according to your preference. The text on your profile page will guide you along.

Give us a sense of you

We always encourage Jigidi puzzlers to add an image to their profile to give their fellow puzzlers a sense of who is behind the profile name. And if you include a profile description - even with just a few selected words - it will further help the community understand who they are lucky enough to have come across on Jigidi! ♥

Last revision: 28 May 2021