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Copyright - a video guide

Do you know when you are allowed to share an image as an online jigsaw puzzle on Jigidi? No? Maybe?

Alright - now is the time to fetch a bowl of popcorn ☺

Because for the next 10 minutes, you'll be in the very best company of our friend, who in this video guide embarks on a journey to find out how to be copy-right ♥ on Jigidi:


Transcript of the video guide

Would you like to go over the points from the video guide at your own pace and comfort?

We have a transcript of the text from the copyright video guide for you here. 

Links mentioned in the video guide

In the video guide, we mention some websites on which they claim to share images under the Public Domain, Custom License or a Creative Commons License.

These are the websites mentioned in the video guide:

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Last revision: 28 May 2021