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Posting puzzles behind the filter

In the Jigidi guidelines, we state that we steer by the value of 'growing the common ground' at Jigidi, steering away from divisive content. Some content balances on the line of our guidelines but remain within them – and when you post such content, you may experience, they become filtered or removed.

What is the filter for?

When we review puzzles, we follow our review criteria to help settle the matter of whether the puzzle:

  • is a clear breach of Jigidi guidelines (thus has to go)
  • is not a clear breach but apparently too challenging for all moral codes to agree upon (can stay but with a filter) or
  • is within our guidelines (stays unfiltered).

So, the filter is for material within our guidelines, but still material many who expect the more commonly used way of doing things will take great offence of – like, for instance, paintings that are not sexually objectifying and yet show the body.

Who can see my filtered puzzle?

The default setting for all profiles on Jigidi is that their content filter is activated.

But Jigidi puzzlers can manage their settings to see content that is (also) posted behind the filter.

You find the option by:

  1. Going to your profile settings in the upper right corner of the screen where your username is.

  2. Find 'Settings' and enable or disable filter content, depending on your wish.


Who can put a filter on my puzzles?

A puzzle can become filtered:

  • by the hands of your fellow puzzlers who report your puzzle. Jigidi staff always reviews reports to settle whether the puzzle must be filtered.
  • at the hands of Jigidi staff who deem the puzzle to be dancing on the boundaries of our guidelines but not in clear breach of
  • at your own hands, if you deem the puzzle to be dancing on the boundaries of our guidelines.

How can I put a filter on my puzzle?

When you upload an online jigsaw puzzle to Jigidi, you see a box that says:

If the image you're posting on Jigidi is within our guidelines – yet border lining them, then you must uncheck the box.

…What if I find that silly?

It is more demanding to take part in Jigidi when you post puzzles that push the limit of our guidelines.

The reason for the much communication about what we are seeking to accomplish with Jigidi (like our guidelines and blog) is that to comply with the guidelines, you must understand the purpose we are looking to achieve and act accordingly.

When you are looking to grow the common ground (have people connect without angering, saddening, intimidating each other) and enjoy good times with your fellow puzzlers while building each other up and not leave each with a sore chin from a noticeable or an almost unnoticeable blow from divisive content - then you must do the work and question what you upload as per our guidelines.

And be gentle with your fellow puzzlers.

Last revision: 11 June 2021