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I am concerned about my privacy - what do I do?

Jigidi is an online jigsaw puzzle service with open access to the world as we believe in the power of worldwide interconnectivity. This is a fact of Jigidi; but what if you are concerned about your online privacy - what to do about this open access to the world?

This page is to give you some general guidance on that.

First, if you are curious about how we as a company, go about protecting your privacy, you can read more about the measures we take to protect your privacy in our Privacy Policy (In this policy you will also find a link you can follow to have your account on Jigidi deleted should you wish to).

Adding to this, we will, in the following, give some sound advice on how you, as an individual, can take action to protect your privacy when online.

Withhold your personal information

The most crucial advice for online activity is always to consider what personal information you publish or provide to a service. Whenever possible, it is best to avoid it. And this also applies in private forums and in unpublished puzzles on Jigidi (you can read more about published/unpublished later in this text)

So - what is personal information?

Personal Identifiable Information

The privacy laws focus on a specific term: "Personal Identifiable Information". Note the "Identifiable". The point to aim for is not to disclose information that could pinpoint who you are. Your last name, the name of the street you live on, your phone number is all pieces of information that will make it easier to identify you.

Understanding this, you can still share your thoughts, dreams, memories - your take on the world - while taking care not to give away any 'Personal Identifiable Information'.

Jigidi cannot entirely safeguard information

Another important perspective is that even if you trust the other part completely, we cannot ensure that the technical framework will never fail. For the sake of argument - suppose Jigidi gets targeted by hackers or one of our service providers experience a security breach. In that case, we cannot ensure complete safety of your personal data.

Although the scenario is unlikely to happen, it is worth to consider on any online platform.

Can you share your email?

Your email can be relatively safe to share, as it does not tell anything about you (unless your name is part of the email address). But if you feel unsafe sharing it, you can sign up for an additional one (for instance, on Google) for the purpose to give out to people you're not entirely sure about.

Published jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles that have been published are available on Jigidi to anyone online. That's how it has been since the very first online jigsaw puzzle was published back in 2007.

As anyone using the website can view the published online jigsaw puzzles and read the comments, Google can also do so; thus, published online jigsaw puzzles can be found searching on Google.

Unpublished jigsaw puzzles

Online jigsaw puzzles that haven't been published on Jigidi are just that: unpublished online jigsaw puzzles, meaning while you can solve them and invite others in for a chat, their existence is not known to the general audience of Jigidi and the world around us. But they are not protected safe spaces, as it is possible for those with access to the puzzle to let others know about it.

In many aspects, they resemble a private conversation. Suppose you tell secrets or personal information in a private conversation. In that case, you trust the other party to withhold that information from a broader audience. It's the same in an unpublished online jigsaw puzzle.

If none of you shares that online jigsaw puzzle, via the sharing options available to you on Jigidi or by copying the location (the URL) of the puzzle to somewhere then neither Google nor any social media platform will know its existence - as the link to the puzzle only is known to you, your friend (and the Jigidi platform, but away from the general audience).

How to remove all your data from Jigidi

If you wish to have all your data removed from Jigidi, you can make this happen by going to our Privacy Policy. At the bottom of the Privacy Policy, you'll find a link to start this process.

Last revision: 27 April 2021