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Change the number of puzzle pieces

If you're keen on working on a jigsaw puzzle, but it's either too small or too big for your liking, you can change the number of pieces our jigsaw puzzles have on Jigidi.

How do I change the number of pieces?

You find the option available in the side panel:

  1. Open the puzzle for solving as you usually do. 
  2. Click "Change number of pieces" to restart your puzzle with the desired number of pieces.
Please note that the number of pieces a puzzle can be split into depends on the pixel resolution of the image. It follows that you may find some puzzles (usually with fewer pieces) that cannot be restarted with a high number of pieces.

But, before you dive into using this cool (we really, really like it) resizing feature, we want to share with you what it means as opposed to solving the original sized puzzle.

First, let’s address what is different.

The completion message and time tracking follow the original size

If you wish to access a completion message or have your solve time recorded (and therein be part of the race for a position on the leaderboard), you must solve the puzzle in its original size.

Now, for good measure let’s address what is the same as solving the original sized puzzle.

Your solve counts as a regular solve

When you have completed a puzzle that you have resized, it still contributes to the puzzle's "Solves" statistics. Just as you have full access to the commentary section of the puzzle and can leave comments for your fellow puzzlers on the puzzle

Also, these puzzles will be listed on your "Completed Puzzles" page, and if you have unfinished resized puzzles, you can resume them from the "In Progress" page.

Sharing just got more fun!

Now, all this also means that if you want to share a Jigidi puzzle with someone you think might like it, you can send the link without worrying about whether it is too small or big for their preference. They can resize it to fit their preference ♥


Last revision: 10 June 2023