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Why this advertisement?
15 July 2024
Why this advertisement?

What awaits you on Jigidi?

Well, roughly:

  • Hours and hours of fun relaxation and mental training through the experience of creating and solving puzzles while connecting with new friends from all over the world.
  • A remarkable level of new knowledge and gentle training of your cognitive skills.
  • The challenge and joy of creating puzzles from your heart and mind for people from all over the world to enjoy and respond to.
  • Puzzles that’ll let you travel the world from wherever you are.

And so much more ☺

So, are you ready to be curious, creative, and kind with us? Check the infoboxes to the right and join us in Jigidi-land!

Jigidi Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Make jigsaw puzzles part of your daily routine 💪 Every day, we curate a new jigsaw puzzle for you to solve and enjoy. Try out the daily jigsaw puzzles, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get our daily treats directly in your news flow.

Sudoku puzzles online

SudokuSome of us enjoy variety in the challenges we give ourselves. Do you also love numbers? Then you can try out our online sudoku puzzles ♥ They are such a satisfying challenge. And they are great when you only have your mobile device and find it too small for a jigsaw puzzle.

Greeting Card Jigsaw Puzzle Creator

Create beautiful, personal greeting cards and send them to friends and family as online jigsaw puzzles on social media or by email. It’s free, fun and easy to create jigsaw greeting cards and does not require an account.

How do I Join Jigidi?

When you join Jigidi, you can save your progress, create your own puzzles, and communicate with your fellow puzzlers from all over the world. It’s free, and no personal info is required.

Join Jigidi

How do I solve or create a puzzle?

You’ll find all you need to know to start using Jigidi here:

Get me the Jigidi basics, please

What are the rules for Jigidi?

Jigidi is a community that runs on curiousity, creativity and kindness, and we have guidelines we steer by. In the guidelines we write ‘we celebrate what connects us’:

Give me the do’s and don’t’s on Jigidi