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[ Aug 24, 2014 Update: My family and I are all fine - healthy and happy. My employment situation changed suddenly in March and I'm exploring retiring now instead of 10 years from now. I'm currently very busy creating (writing, recording and producing) a series to teach children programming (details when I have something for people to look at) - perfect opportunity to make this happen. I'm making a YouTube channel, website and TV Series (I have the "Okay" from two cable TV stations in the San Diego area to broadcast the series based on my pilot episode (which I'm reworking). I'm very busy learning about all the things I didn't know I needed to know (video engineering, audio engineering, audio/video editing, getting equipment and good enough audio/video quality). It's a lot of fun learning but progress is slow!)

Please excuse my absence from Jigidi - this project is consuming all the time I can give it (and then some). I do peek in at DYR on occasion. I do miss the Jigidi community and will see if I can squeeze in a puzzle or two to say "Hi" - like I can only do a puzzle or two?) ]

I'm a San Diegan and live in San Diego. I've been married for over 30 years now to my college sweetheart. We have four grown kids - two boys and two girls - and we have 1 granddaughter.

I enjoy the outdoors and as you can tell I like hiking - the photo is from Angel's Landing in Zion National Park.

I enjoy puzzles as you can tell by my stats and really enjoy non-digital puzzles. I have a large collection of puzzles - up to 24,000 piece puzzles - though I will admit that the largest I've completed is the 8000 piece puzzle of the Sistine Chapel ceiling (11' x 3').

Granddaughter, family, computers, reading and work keep me very busy.

I enjoy this website, especially because of the community's atmosphere with the wide variety of fun puzzles of art, landscape, humor and life. I enjoy the sharing and am very happy to support it.

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