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Arial View Toronto with CN Tower and Roger's Centre (small)

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In going through some old photos, I found some that I had taken on Nov 1, 2008. My youngest son had arranged for a helicopter ride for my daughter and myself over downtown Toronto.

This photo shows the Rogers Centre (the stadium aka Skydome, home of the Toronto Blue Jays), the CN Tower (which was the tallest free-standing structure in the world from 1975 until 2007 and is still the tallest in the western hemisphere) and the John Street Roundhouse (at the base, in front of the CN Tower).

The Roundhouse is the last remaining one in downtown Toronto and has been designated as a National Historical Site. It and Roundhouse Park now house The Toronto Railway Museum. Other tenants of the Roundhouse include Steam Whistle Brewery, the Roundhouse Theatre and a retailer. See information about the museum at this site at

(Yes, the metropolitan area does stretch up to the horizon.)


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Saw it and really enjoyed it, Francine! Thanks so much for sharing it with me: it brought a big smile to my face!


Dave, you have got to make a point to take a heli ride! Many places have short tourist flights and while it seems expensive for 20 minutes or so, it is well worth it! Bring your camera. Note that I am very nervous about heights (I've never been up the CN Tower!) but was not bothered at all in the helicopter. It is such a marvelous feeling to be up there and the views are fantastic (especially if you get to sit up front, as I did!). Also note that anything that you say in the microphone to the pilot can be heard by the if you sing Happy Birthday to him at 2000 feet (because he's a friend) and aren't aware that the tower can hear...LOL ;-D


Hello again, Cathy. You've certainly lived on both sides of the country! While I've been to Montreal a couple of times (and driven through it en route to the east coast a few more), I've never been out west. I'd love to get out to your area of the son works in the far north of BC but has described some of the beauty of the south and mountain areas.


Michelle, when you have the time check out this long YT video of dancing border collies, especially around the 5:34 area.


Cool photo, Michelle. I've never been in a helicopter-it would be fun. That tower is bigger than I thought before solving. Thanks for the view and the words.


Hi Michelle. I was born and grew up in Montreal but I have lived in North Vancouver for about 36 years!!! And I'm Cathy.


Hello, Ank! It was a wonderful flight and too soon over for me! I've been up in one now three times and I understand why my son loves it so much. (He's now a heli pilot.) Thank you!

Hi, Edie! I suspected that you lived in the area when I read your mention of the Upper Canada Mall in another puzzle (re the bath bombs, I think). I've been there too. (Family in Aurora.) Good on you for going up the CN Tower: I haven't been up since I'm not good with heights. (However, I really should do it...perhaps this year!) The helicopter ride was totally different, for me. It didn't bother me at all and we flew around that upper deck. We also got to enjoy being tourists in our own city during that awful summer after the SARS scare when you got those wonderful hotel/meal/theatre/ball game deals. We decided to take advantage of it and did a stay-cation. When else could we stay in the Royal York and the Harbourfront Weston (lake view room)? It was a terrific adventure!

I'm glad that you enjoyed it, Jan! It took me a while to get to be able to do it but it was well worth it. I'd go up again in a flash!

I'm glad that you enjoyed it, Suzy! I hope that it brought back another memory or two... ;-D

Hi, cevas! Glad that you like the picture and our city too. Would you mind if I asked where you live? (I'm Michelle, btw.)

Hanne, I so enjoyed the trips that I've had flying over Toronto in the helicopter (the second one was impromptu and I didn't have a camera...drat!). It is such a marvelous experience to be above the landscape and yet feel it to be all so immediate and not static like looking out a window in a tall building is. Familiar sites and routes from a different perspective.


Thanks so very much Michelle, indeed it's interesting!!


Wonderful picture of a great city!! Thank you puzzadled. I've been to Toronto a couple of times.


A fine view of a great city!


Another great one! Thanks!


I lived in and around Toronto for 50 years and the only went to the top of the tower 3 times and it was always when we had overseas visitors. Thanks for showing everyone.


Wow, a beauty. How spectacular, a helicopter ride. I like it, thanks.