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Artistic: Bok Gardens Greenery (larger)

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I manipulated this from an original photo years ago at Bok Tower Gardens, Lake Wales, Florida. I claim artistic license and so have edited out signs, etc. which identified the plantings and have changed them to reflect my own vision.


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Glad everything is "normal" it can be. We had a beautiful sunny day on Monday...even had the glass door open it was so warm. Yesterday was dampish but today is just overcast.

Have you tried the corn/wheat/sand bags that you zap in the microwave to support/warm Bonnie's back when she lies down...that is if she's not moving around a lot? Glad you're spending extra cuddle time with her.

I just exchanged e-mails with sueswan and we're hoping to meet up at the end of May in East Anglia. So, one day when we're both on jigidi at the same time we could do that.

Take care. Don't overdo it. Faye :)


Hi, Faye...I've been a bit busy with various things so have only been able to pop in a bit here and there. I haven't even been playing with my photoshop this past week. Nothing wrong, just able to get out and about more now that I'm finally healing. I've got to start trying to get my (pole) walking time in (I am soooo ready for spring!!) so that I can register for a 5K marathon in April (hopefully). (I'm only up to 3k right now and I've got to do it daily yet... the cold weather doesn't help.) I really got out of shape this winter with all the sickness and broken toes!

I've also got to spend more time with Bonnie when I go out more...she really misses me and needs me to spend as much time cuddling her when I come back home. It means less time playing on the computer but I can never begrudge her that! She's having a bit of a rough go with the colder weather. I've managed to get her to a couple of acupuncture appointments, since it helps her, but haven't been able to take her as often as prior to her seizure. She has to be well enough to handle the car ride downtown. (She has aged quite a bit post-seizure.)

If you're okay with it, I could exchange an email address with you. I'm touched that you cared to leave me a comment here. *hugs*


I see you've been on line but haven't seen you everything okay?


Oh, Faye...thank you. I haven't been on line much lately so didn't know. I'll do so now. The poor girl.


Michelle...I thought you might like to offer Healer/Jeannie a message of comfort as her husband died on February 25th. So heart breaks for her. Faye