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A Beautiful Bird

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It really is a sweetie marturia.....


Delightful little bird.

Hi gingerpeachy - I knew it was a roller, but had to google African Rollers and scan through the photos to determine the species. Those Rollers are all gorgeous! Glad to help. It's sad to know how many species are threatened by loss of habitat, captured for sale as pets, loss of habitat, etc., even in the U.S. I always love a good story of any animal recovered or recovering from possible extinction., e.g., eagles, peregrines, Kirtland's Warblers, etc.


stormysmom....I absolutely love this little bird.... are is a Racket-Tailed Roller...thanks so much for identifying it...I hunted and hunted but could not find out what it was.....reading about it now it saddens me to learn that it is in a very precarious position because of vanishing habitat.....

As far as I can determine this is a Racket Tailed Roller. If anyone else knows more, please post.

Very pretty little bird. Never seen one quite like it.