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Artistic: Bok Gardens Greenery (small)

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I manipulated this from an original photo years ago at Bok Tower Gardens, Lake Wales, Florida. I claim artistic license and so have edited out signs, etc. which identified the plantings and have changed them to reflect my own vision.


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Glad you had an aww moment out of it, Monica! I meant what I said! :-)

The mix-up is understandable since Adriana is writing in a different language, for her. (She lives in the Netherlands.) I think she does wonderfully well (I wish I could speak Dutch!) and her photography is superb. Have you checked out her puzzles? Wonderful...she has a very creative eye for composition!


Thank you too, Gary! We loved visiting the Ethel Mars cactus garden while we were in your neck of the woods and Red Rock Canyon too. To see such different vegetation than we are used to seeing here was a treat. I keep hoping that I'll find a disc with the photos that I took there (several ended up being corrupted and couldn't be read...note to self...back up your back ups!). ;-D


Thanks, Suzy! I do a lot of work...this one took quite a bit since the edges were very defined (especially the agaves!). I use a couple of add-on filters to my Photoshop Elements software. I run it through one of them first to get the first painted stage (and choose at what "strength") but this effect appears flat to my eye. I then use the next filter package which allows me to do a lot of customization re brushing, lighting, contrast, colour, etc, etc. It usually takes me a couple of hours to complete one before "framing". I'm glad that you are enjoying them. It's been a wonderful learning process for me!


AAAWWW! What a sweet compliment Michelle! Don't know how Adrianna confused us as she's been to my profile many times, but I'm glad she did as I ended up with a very big smile on my face! Thanks for that Michelle!...Hugs!


This is quite lovely Michelle! Looks almost like it could be a back yard garden in Vegas! Very nice indeed, thanks so much for sharing this with us!...Gary


I have absolutely NO IDEA how you get that soft, watercolor look to these creations.....this is just beautiful, Michelle!


Hi, Adriana (btw ... it's Michelle...but Monica (mhughes69) is a nice person so it's a compliment!). I'm glad that you liked this one too. I've been having fun playing with the imaging software to try to create my own "paintings". ;-D


Gorgeous picture monica


I've been to those gardens in Vegas, Monica...they are truly wonderful! I wish that I still had the photos but I think that they may have been on one of the corrupted discs. I had sooo many photos of various trips that were lost. I haven't been through all my discs so I might get a surprise one can be ever hopeful! I'm glad that you liked this scene too. ;-D


Thank you very much, Hanne! They were very beautiful - as is all the gardens at this very special place.


Very, very beautiful! I too love the Agaves, their so pretty! This almost reminds me of the gardens at the Ethal M's Chocolate Factory here in Vegas! Very nice job Michelle!


Gorgeous agaves, very lovely picture!! Thanks so very much Michelle!!


Thank you, cheetahsgirl!

Well done.