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Write a Caption! men's clothes

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Hi all - Over the next week, I will be posting puzzles quite often, but not necessarily every day. However, I will not be able to make comments or solve any of your puzzles on a regular basis! Darn it!
We will be enjoying the delightful presence of our visiting daughter! Jan


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These men did not receive a rose from "The Bachelorette"


The guy at the end says I wouldn't be caught dead in a shirt like that!




Hey who has been in my closet


Hey, if you can't wear what you want on your vacation, when can you?


Gulliver.... look at these guys. Do you REALLY have to ask?


The middle one reminds me of Colin Mochrie. Except Colin would never wear shorts so tight that they show off all of his inadequacies.


I thought so too, Rebecca.


To me the man in the middle looks a bit like Jack Nicholson - but not enough hair I guess.

Why are there no women on this cruise?


All I can say is OMG!!!!!!!! Skyhawk, please tell me your kidding.


I thought it might be an untied bow tie (one end is flapping to the side), but it's hard to imagine the circumstances leading up to this clothing combination--unless he's a Chippendale dancer?! A trach tube, on the other hand?! LOL!


I believe it's a bow tie, Pat. Either that or it's a strap holding in a trach tube.


Have a wonderful time with your daughter, Jan!
The man on the left bears (bares?!) a strong resemblance to Kaleidoboy--he even seems to have a cape tied around his neck! What ARE those/is that around his neck?


I think the guy in the middle gets the reward for the best (dressed). wink wink LOL

Living proof that the fashionisttas back then smoked a lot of


You're all wrong folks. These are the Shipendale dancers hired for JiggyBelle and her daughter Jan's reunion party. Whoo Whoo! Get those dimes and quarters ready gals.


The Cruise Director's idea for a Mister America Tourist competition turned out to be hugely popular.


Have a GREAT visit with your daughter, Jan. Family is more important than anything, when there is love.


The five Runners-Up in the Worst Dressed Man competition gloating over the others in the competition who didn't make it. The Winner is not pictured, since the photographer is afraid about breaking his camera.
I am married to the winner, unfortunately. I wish he dressed this well.


Bad clothes but nice legs!


Have a wonderful time with your daughter and don't worry about us--we'll be waiting to hear about all your new adventures. Rosie


I'd rather see there ankles than there A&$E^(


The new singing group "The Cruise People". They were inspired by the Village People.


OOH, ill advised!

I believe that I owned all of these at one time or another.

The Motley Crew


I really hope we don't see you often the next 12 days. That means that you are too busy with enjoying your daughhter. I hope you will have a beautiful time, have fun, be happy.


The Five most wanted by the Fashion Police! If seen, wash your eyes immediately and run, don't walk for help! Do not apprehend! Avoid contamination! And try not to laugh!