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Downy Woodpecker: #1 (side view)

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Still out playing with the camera and long zoom lens but in a different location - this one forested. We could hear this little Downy Woodpecker but it was hard to spot him up in the tree - he kept moving around the back side of it, out of vision range. However, I was snap-happy and managed to get a few shots of him.


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Thank you, Hanne. I didn't even see his open mouth at the eyes just aren't what they used to be. What a surprise when I offloaded it into the computer and enlarged him to look at him closely! You'll just have to imagine the pecking noises, though. (Audio Jigidi...wouldn't that be interesting?)


Oh, what a fine photo!! Thanks so very much Michelle!!


Thanks, Dave...first time out trying to capture a few feathered friends. Still a ways to go with playing around to get my exposures right but I was thrilled just to be able to "see" him at all, given the distance! We have both Downy and Hairy here too (and I've also seen Red Headed and Northern Flickers) but for me, the size of the bird and the length of the bill is the easiest way to identify them. I didn't even realize that I had to look to the underside...or differentiate between ages/time of the new facts on Jigidi U. (Phew...good thing that I didn't get it wrong here! LOL) Thanks for the encouragement, my birder guru!


Nice photo, Michelle. Thanks. We have both Downy and Hairy woodpeckers here. About the only sure way to tell them apart is that Downy's have black stripes on the white feathers on the bottomside of the tail, which is surprisingly easy to see. You can see it a bit in this photo. Hairys don't. Size works this time of year pretty well although I have seen small hairy females, but when there are juveniles in spring and summer,...


He's not really blue, lyndee...that's an artifact of the (quite shadowed) lighting and my newbie skills with my new camera. However, he is still a pretty little fellow.


He's so pretty Michelle. I've never seen a blue one.


Thanks, Hester! These Downy Woodpeckers are the smallest of our North American ones (only about 15-18 cm from tip of bill to end of tail). They are such cuties and are the most common type in Eastern North America. They certainly will let you know if you have a bad tree (the heart of one of our flowering crabs was rotting and the Downy's let us know by pecking myriads of holes in its trunk.) The external tree was still in leaf but the bugs had found their way in and these little woodpeckers let us know it! Down came the tree before it went through the front window and we discovered that it would have happened sooner than later.

(Love that little avatar blowing raspberries!)


Good shot, Michelle! We sometimes get woodpeckers visiting our garden but I haven't seen any in a couple of weeks. They are amazing birds! :-)


*grin* Thanks, Suzy!




Thanks, Li! I didn't even realize I got his mouth open until I uploaded it on the computer at home. (My eyes just aren't what they used to be...*sigh*.) I'm glad that you like this one!


Great picture, Michelle! I love it!