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Happy Birthday, Abraham Lincoln

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I saw the movie the other night. Daniel Day-Lewis was great as Lincoln. Unfortunately, I have trouble understanding dialogue in movie theaters so will have to rent the DVD when it comes out and click on the subtitles to pick up what I missed. The photography was spectacular, and the movie was pretty good, in general. Worth seeing, anyway. I had hoped that it covered the span of his life, but the main focus was the passage of the 13th Amendment.

Nice find, Mr. O, a nice photo of a gentle giant. Have you or anyone seen the movie yet? Just curious about what folks think about it!


I remember seeing a relief of he and Washington on our school walls.


Me too, Jayhawk. It's kind of like Einstein's unkempt hair. :)

I think it is neat that his tie is kind of crooked!


"Now he belongs to the ages".


My favorite! Thanks, Oddio, nice remembrance.


Now THERE was an honorable man. Thanks, Mr. O.
It's a good thing for all of us that there was no TV in those days. He would not be pretty enough to be elected today!


Happy Birthday, Abe...and my big brother Bobby!


good pic LOL patsquire that icon u wear is so funny LOL hahahahaha


He looks a little like he might be your ancestor, maybe?


Thanks, wilddog and chickiemama. I guess we're all within the same state boundaries!


Yep a great man and I'm proud to be from the land of Lincoln.


Thank you for the puzzle. I am from the Land of Lincoln and respect him and Mary.


Thanks, PLG and Bookish. Some writers have brought up actions Lincoln took that they considered mistakes, but in all he did, he did it with moral character and real love for country and its people.


Mine too, thanks Oddio.


My hero since I was a little girl. Thank you, Oddio.