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Sorry Kat, but I don't think they are Sweet William. I had something like that last year and they didn't do too well for me. I forgot what their name was. Glad to inspire you to remember 'the good old days' and especially glad you remembered your Mom's favorites ! For me those memories still come bitter-sweet, after almost nine years I still miss my Mom and yes, certain things make me remember her favorites, too. You are very welcome, like always !


Really like the incorporation of the African Daisies and it appears to be purple Sweet William (?) in this arrangement, plus the overall color scheme. This is truly lovely. In fact, it caused me to remember family road trips up to B.C. from California and in going through Victoria, seeing the hanging baskets of lovely flowers. I don't know why I suddenly remembered that but my Mother used to love those, too. Thank you for yet another lovely one, Puzzles! Kat