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Cooper Hawk Watchng Me Watching HIm Watching My Bird Feeder!

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TeeHee, I just realized how many typing mistakes I made in my caption!!!!


One never knows who is watching whom. Good photo, Lyndee!


Thanks warbler and gnt for your comments. Glad you took time to stop by.


I see him sitting there waiting his time and turn.......good pic lyndee


Thats alot of watching going on. We have a Coopers in our close area, too. It gets very few birds from my feeder, though, at least not many feathers.


You're welcome PLG. It used to be exciting to see them, but now I think they are getting to be so many of them, it is beginning to get kinda old.
Well Fodus at least that is one good thing about them, they do catch mice, and moles, and gophers. I just wish birds were not a part of their diet! LOL


We've had many hawks this winter. They sit on top of the power poles and wait for a mouse. There must have been a lot of mice out there.


So fun to spot these guys! Thanks, Lyndee!


Yes Sireee Chickie. That's why I don't have many birds.
I guess I am providing fast food for him Rose. LOL
I think he's eaten many birds Tex......and most of them my feather friends.
I did see him catch one Annjax and I was not a very happy camper!
Morris, glad you were able to see him up there.


That's why you don't have any birds. They're all askared!


One has frequented our yard for the last three winters.

What do they think anyway, that we are providing fast food? ; )


He's a big one, too. Think maybe he's eaten lots of birds? Thanks, Lyndee.


Hawhaw, lyndee. I've had this same experience with a red tail that lives in our neighborhood. Luckily I've never seen it catch one, though I'm sure it has---but not at the feeders. The birds fly into the bushes by the feeders & wait until it's gone. Smart birds! LOL..................


there he is!!