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Happy Birthday, Ank (puzzlejac)!

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Thanks Pat.


That's good news! I know what it's like having them keep coming back for more pictures, then having to have the echo, so I'm glad you didn't have that worry! Take care, Ank--I'm so happy both days have been lovely!


Thanks Pat, I had a lovely day.
And today I have a lovely day too. I just have been to the hospital for my mom photo, It was not necessary to make an echo, so I assume everything is ok. So Wednesday I have to visit the doctor for half year control. But I don't have to worry.


I'm so glad you found it and liked it, Ank! Thanks so much, and I hope your birthday was as wonderful as you are! :-)))


So sorry Pat, I missed this one. I just found out that this profil of you is not in my favorites. So stupid. I will make the correction.
Thanks for this beauty, it is realy very nice. Thanks for your lovely wishes, and also to the other friends sorry I did not respond more soon. Thank you all for making my day more special.


Hope you had a wonderful birthday Ank.

Nice one PD (0:37)


Thanks, Ardy and Jan--and thanks also to all the people who stopped by to solve it, magnifying the good wishes!


Ank, I am so glad you shared this beautiful puzzle with us! Happy Birthday!

Thanks so much, Pat! It was fun!


Nice one, Pat. Hope you are having a good afternoon, Ank and celebrating the beginning of another year of life.


Thanks, Francine--now if only I had spelled it "puzzeljac" instead..... Darn!

Sorry, Ank--but the wishes are absolutely correct and heart-felt! :-)))


Very nice Pat.


I hope you have a wonderful birthday!