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WEEKLY THEME: Round and oval things - A Guessing Game

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Care to guess the various sports, games or activities associated with these round and oval things? Some are obvious as the name has been left on them but some may challenge you. Answers will be posted here after three days. No prizes, by the way ;-)


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Don't despair, Snooker dearest. I wouldn't have known some of them either unless I'd researched them :-)


Isn't it wonderful how the oddest things can spark a memory, Rebecca. Who would have thought a Whiffle ball would!


My apologies, Jill dearest! Punkin Chunkin was far from my mind when I was thinking of sports, games and activities. Whatever was I thinking :-)
Here's an idea! Perhaps you can contact the Olympics Committee and suggest Punkin Chunkin be included? Makes more sense than synchronised swimming :-)
True, there are three footballs included - you couldn't be expected to recognise an Aussie footy, now could you? :-)


Didn't get many of them. :(


Here are the answers -

1. Table tennis 2. Netball 3. Squash 4. Shot put 5. Volleyball
6. Whiffle ball 7. Tennis 8. Lacrosse 9. Beach 10. Hockey
11. Tenpin bowls 12. Water polo 13. Baseball 14. Croquet 15. Golf
16. AFL 17. NFL 18. Lawn bowls 19. Softball 20. Jai alai
21. Pool 22. Rounders 23. Cricket 24. Rugby 25. Bocce

AFL is the Australian Football League BTW :-)


Good old Wiffle ball! I got glasses when I was 6, and got several "lectures" about being so careful of them (as they were very expensive). So, I was afraid to have a ball thrown at me, like a softball. Wiffle ball was one ball I didn't have to be afraid of (NERF balls weren't invented yet!). Hadn't thought of these in years, thanks.


A fine collection of rounds and ovals for our jigidi athletes. Not being very athletic, I did not recognize some of these, T. I did notice a blatant omission......where is the punkin? Around these parts Punkin Chunkin is a highly recognized sport! I will be most interested in seeing what some of these are. I see 3 footballs, so, that can't be right. Thanks, dear one!


Tailor made for you, Snooker dear and you didn't disappoint :-)


Thanks, Rosie. I didn't expect anyone to write 25 answers. I'd thought most interested folks would make a mental list and check it off when the answers are posted :-)


I know a few for sure but others have me snookered. :)


No one has taken your challenge? I'm surprised. I can name thirteen without a problem but the other twelve I'm not sure of. And a few of the ones that should be there in their most seen form aren't and I think you've substituted a different brand than what is seen in international play. I'll just have to wait and see. Thanks for the fun. Hope more join in. Rosie