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Peonies in Max's Kingdom

20 pieces
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neighbor's garden


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Ahojky, tak to jsem si myslela, jaké krásné pivoně mám, ale tomuto se to nevyrovná ani náhodou. Mooooooc krásné. Hezký den. št.


Thank you so much dear sis, hugs and love ♥ ☺ ♥

Jájinko, ty jsou u sousedů, mně taky ještě nekvetou ♥ ☺ ♥


Jani, tobě vše kvete dřív. Mně kvetou čínské pivoňky bílé a poupata růžových ještě ani nepukla. Jsi holt na jihu. Pa J.


WOOOOOOOOOW, and so many. This is beautiful sis, love it. Hugs♥♥♥♥


Thank you sooo very much Ardy and Lynn, I am glad you like peonies. Have a wonderful day :-)))
many hugs


Jana, these are magnificent. You and Max sure know how to garden :) hugs


Gorgeous peonies, Jana. My favorite color, too. Thanks to you. Max, glad to hear you are a mouse catcher. All winter Fluffy let a mouse live in the house.


Nev, thanks for my laugh out loud. Max loves to go there (photo 3 days ago, before the jump, it's the garden). I think he will forgive taxes altogether. He catches the mouse at the neighbors and the neighbors love him. Have a great weekend you, Marge and Barry Koala :-)))))

Thanks so much dear Marlene, I wish you that you enjoyed a wonderful weekend. Max sends a big kiss :-))))


Hello JANA, Very Pretty, What A Beautiful Colour. MAX Sure Has A Great Kingdom. Thanks JANA My DEAR FRIEND For Sharing With Us, [[MEOWS]] to MAX. MUCH LOVE To You JANA, Auntie Marlene. X X X X .


That's a lovely display, Jana. I hope Max will give this neighbour a discount on her annual Kingdom Tax :-)))