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Robbie can name this one

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Because Robbie has an ace imagination :-)


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Thanks, Francine. Don't you admire people like Mandy and leet who have these great imaginations!


My preference is Mandy's vision. Whatever, this little lovely was fun. Thanks Chrissie. (1:39)


Kirsten, leet certainly picked that one right! Thanks, mate :-)

Thanks, Shirley - you are a sweetheart!

Mandy, that was kind of you to give him some thinking time :-) I can see your medieval keep too! Probably more knights in shining armour in the keep and more knaves in Legislative Chambers LOL.


I studied this hard yesterday and refrained from commenting until Robbie had his chance... I was thinking it looked like the design for a round medieval keep with sturdy outside walls and viewpoints from the upper rooms!!! It's a gorgeous image, thanks Chrissie :~)


Thank you Chrissie for a lovely puzzle, very well created. :):)


Gosh, I LOVE leet's interpretation!! And the legislative chambers seem to have a stained glass centre. Da house on da hill never looked so good!! Thanks Chrissie. And leet!! :)))


Thanks, Patti... we may have to wait a while :-)

Mimi AKA Ms Wowie Zowie - ditto the above :-)

Thanks, Snooker dear... I really loved that stained glass bit. Thought about adding more but it might have been OTT as it's such a strong vibrant effect.

Robbie old chap, you don't really have to name it! I was just having a lend of you :-) Maybe "Pieces of eight" for an old pirate like you?? :-))

Michelle - no comment of the former and thank you for the latter! Clown :-))

leet - forget Robbie - you're the new puzzle title champion! Very clever! I didn't realise you lived in Oz as that sounds like Canberra :-) (Sorry, Robbie - you're out of a job this time LOL)

This reminds me of legislative chambers: I see beautiful rooms, unstable elements, various orientations, well centered but great varieties in the options.


Great Chrissie, now you've given Robbie performance anxiety! He has lost his eightfold path! Eight is not enough... his octo is gone! The poor poor man....

I love this unfolding puzzle box, by the way. ;-D


Hi foxy, I solved this a while ago, have been wracking my brain, this is hard!! The number 8 should be in the title, there are 8 of everything here, sides outside, inside, middle, brown squares, green Ts, triangles. I am getting vexed because when I scroll out I lose my comment, so I will leave this and come back in the morning. Sorry but tonight I am a BLANK!!


Looks like it has a stained glass center. Lovely.


Another Wow and Zowie! I too can't wait to see it named by Robbie!


Can't wait to see what Robbie names this one! Nice puzzle!


Thanks, Katie :-)


Very pretty Chrissie!