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Happy New Year 2013, Magnus and Stefan!

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What a terrific site you have created...and what a wonderful community therein!

I wish you all the best in your personal and professional lives for the coming year: may health, happiness and success be yours.

Thank you, from Michelle


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I echo your sentiments, Michelle, and offer a big thank you and a Happy New Year to Magnus and Stefan! :DDD


I usually start out with the frames myself but if I have a really appealing puzzle that draws my eye in, I sometimes find I work from that out. I even do that here on Jigidi too! (Probably why some of my times are much!)

You have a great New Year too, Pat!


I agree--thanks so much, Magnus and Stefan! Jigidi is such an important part of my life now, and it's hard to remember what my days were like before I joined this wonderful community!

Thanks for posting this, Michelle! But I don't think I've ever seen real puzzlers with all the middle done and mostly only the frame left! (Although it's a special shaped-pieces puzzle, so maybe that solves differently...)! It's a fun image!

Have a wonderful New Year!


Ah, but which one Sally? ;-D Happy New Year to you too ...we're still waiting on this side of the world!


Great puzzle, Michelle.....

Big D I T T O s ! ! ! ! !

Terrific site... All the best to you and Stefan in the coming New Year..... :) :)