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For JiggyBelle! View of the restored Gerstein Reading Room, U of T

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Hi, Jan! Actually, the lights (I saw 2 in person) in the front windows are hanging globes. This reading room is behind the front part of the building. You can see part of it behind the front tower, to the left side, with the rounded roof (behind the more modern addition), in the other pic I took. Yes, I adore the woodwork...I could never live without some natural looking woodwork in my home.


And, you know, on the puzzle I posted, you can see one of these lights through the window. This is just so funny that you found it..... you are a wonder, Michelle!!


The very first thing I noticed was the ceiling. It is amazing. I am so glad it was restored. Don't you just love the woodwork? Thank you so much!!


Ok, I cheated on this one. I 'borrowed' it from one posted online. However, it is lovely to see the old ceiling of the library restored to former glory. (See details on other puzzles.)