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The Non-Awaited Bugosilogue.....Page 2...

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Two down .........


roadie-with-numbers-and-letters....just click on lelabugosi - it's the one before this (the day before).........

Enjoyed doing puzzle, just slower than usual. Have somehow missed the first installment of catalogue; on what date may I find it?

The purse is a "must have," so trendy, so up-town!!


Have no milkman, don't speak German really, live in the country with no use of badges!! Sad - simply!!


I would love to Contribute to this worthy cause but atlas I have no coin to put in any purse but I will wait Patiently for the next installment.


It's coming soon, precious-pebble.....panic not!.....


Heck! You know that we're all waiting for the tadpole wine!


no-longer-chewing-furniture....I'm sure you'll find something of interest that you never thought you'd waste your money on......I mean, invest in.......


Well, as I don't speak German, I guess I'll have to pass on the biography or racy exposé as it were.......
And since I live 15 miles from the nearest town, the Milkman doesn't cometh, so no need for the Cane Toad coin purse...though it is the latest in accessory Haute Couture......
Therefore, I guess I'll have to forgo the free badge, and await in anticipation for the third installment of the Long Non-awaited Bugosi Catalogue............


Ah, but imagine when you are wearing your elegant smoking jacket with the kaleidoscope THAT will impress the milkman - if, of course, Jenny can keep her hands off you!.....


Yes I can see myself stepping outside to pay our milkman Lela, opening up my cuddly froggy purse to pay him!! I think I'll wait for the next page. Of course I will get my Bessie Bugosi badge, that will impress my mates!


I'm afraid it's not on Kindle just yet, only the German.......(the only parts in English are when granny swears - about one third of the book)....


PS my milkman is like that too


oh I must have the biography of SLOG, is it available on Kindle? I could have it to read when I go to bed in five minutes that way


More goodies!..................(sort of)......