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Write a Caption! squirrel on a wire

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This zip lining isn't what it's cracked up to be.


Wonderful captions today! Thanks so much!

(and a great story, Rebecca!)


All right! Who greased the damn wire??!!


A squirrel story - the weekend before my sister got married, squirrels chewed through the phone lines near our house, we found out later. The phone would ring, but no connection when we picked up - in fact it continued to ring after the receiver was picked up. No cell phones back then, the family had ONE phone number. EVERYONE was calling regarding the wedding - flowers, cake, gowns, church all wanting to confirm arrangements, relatives coming into town, etc. etc. - and all wondering where the heck we were right before the big event, with so many things to take care of! Did our lack of availability mean the wedding was off?? The constant ringing nearly drove us crazy.


Patient Zero - squirrel flu.


Whoopsie daisy - had a bit to many fermented berries yesterday...


Oooh! I do like the way the electric current tickles my tummy!


Do you ever feel all strung out?


The latest applicant for the Flying Wallendas wasn't quite as secure on the high wire as the troupe would have wanted. Instead of doing gymnastics, he just clung on for dear life. His trapeze work was even worse. He was utterly incapable of catching his partner.


'' Mmmmmm fresh treats in the feeder! I need to sneak out to it before the humans figure out how to keep me away.''

Oh Lordy, all this for a photo shoot ?.....I must have been nuts !


So,Mr.Cruise - you think you can beat me? You must be nuts! ; )


When i said I wanted to be a pole dancer - this isn't quite what I had in mind . . . ; )



Gotta take a break - that birdfeeder is too far away!


Man, what the heck am I doin' out here? I'm tired, I'll probably fall and if I do get there the seeds will be dry and tasteless. The birds have it easy! Just fly right to the feeder, take the juiciest seeds, and fly away. I'm tellin' ya' it's a rat race.


OK, so I'm a little wired!


The Wallenda's pet squirrel, Wally, pretending he's crossing Niagara Falls.....