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Harlaxton Manor Drive, Stroxton, Lincolnshire. Photo by Richard Croft

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Hi Phyllis, Spring has arrived, beautiful blue skies and a warm wind but all change on Wednesday so we are told to heavy rain and gales.
What an amazing looking house and such a grand entrance. I could be wrong but it looks like a wheat field to me...Sue


What a grand avenue! I wonder what that is planted on the right side of the avenue?
very cold here today, rain around most of NZ, just not here yet:-(


Thanks for the info kevin. I read that the last owner lost her money so sold the manor to an American University. The expense of maintaining the manor must be huge but must get a good bit of income from visitors.
I shall check the website out 48, sounds colourful and interesting.
It's a very long driveway Denise and impressive too.
Thanks everyone...Sue


Beautiful driveway, I would love to see this:-) Thanks Sue:-))


I'm sure there is almost a perpetual upkeep involved for something that was built in the 1830's, but not as much as the structures that have even a longer history ... According to the webpage "A straight mile long drive across a bridge, under a gatehouse, past 'the pyrotechnic display of the forecourt gates and screen' to Salvin's towering facade whether by day or night when the building is floodlit, is in itself a memorable, experience."


Interesting location, Sue. From the web: "Presently, Harlaxton Manor is known as "The British Campus of the University of Evansville." It is an American owned and operated college which is home to students and professors seeking a global education each academic semester." At least someone is paying for what must be significant upkeep - kevin